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Robert Morning Sky is a native American Indian with a interesting story, this story is supposedly the hidden history of Earth and man. Robert has connected Babylonian and Greek mythological legend to extraterrestrial intervention that is still part of our planet today. I met Robert after his presentation at a UFO convention few years ago. His presentation was very entertaining he danced in full Native American Indian headdress as he told us a story. His composure was light and funny but not diluting the seriousness of his story.

What he told us about a personal experience of his Grandfather. The story begins when his Grandfather went on a vision quest with five other men. One night a streak of light crossed the horizon hitting the ground and releasing a large flash. Baffled by this the men decided to investigate. What they discovered and found out wilder than most sci-fi novels. Robert has self published 2 books called Terra I and Terra II. Which he claims is the hidden history of Earth American Indian leaders do not want Robert to speak of this incident publicly. Oddly enough and there seem to be other forces with the same idea. Since Robert has released his books and gone out on the lecture circuit he has had threats and one attempt on his life, Why?

On August 13, 1947 in the New Mexico Desert, little more than a month after the infamous Roswell New Mexico UFO crash incident. Six young men including Roberts grandfather that evening witness a streak of light come from the sky and a large flash at its impact. The men decided to investigate and discovered the wreckage of twisted metal and charred desert brush. Within the wreckage they found a silvery unconscious alien being injured but alive. The youths decided to take the being back to there their camp before the military would inevitably arrive. They spent a long time nursing their visitor back to health, which they named 'Star Elder'. Using soups and fruits they eventually revived the being. The being came to trust the men and using a small crystal the being began to communicate. The being let the men know that what he was about to tell them would hurt their pride.

According to Robert the being pointed out that their involvement with Earth was not always benevolent. And that man has been guided and misled, and they have been our gods and our devils. The being said there was a war in the skies above and enemy forces had downed his ship. The being claimed that a galactic war of conquest rages over our heads wherein Earth and man is the prize.

He said they call our galaxy Eridanus and claimed that kingdoms have risen and fallen here. Series of wars have engulfed the galaxy civilizations have prospered and fallen, no single empire has endured for long. There is a group of intergalactic conquerors who took over a crucial star lane. This passageway being a main thoroughfare for intergalactic travelers. As this regime concord new star systems, their power grew and heavy tolls and embargoes were charged to all who passed. The weapons used were described as light beam (laser) and sound waves powerful enough to disintegrate solid objects. This sound wave technology is also used to transport objects from one place to another. Part of their fleet included giant space crafts, these are planet size globes with full armaments much like the Death Star from star wars. Coincidentally this giant craft brought death and destruction everywhere it went.

Within Eridanus new solar system was being formed and the potential for untapped precious ores started a colonization effort. Independent settlements on many moons began thriving. Facilities to extract ores were constructed. The task of transforming the atmosphere to a more suitable environment was a tedious one. The production of heavy metals and the abundance of gold made the new solar system indispensable.

There was a short war and the original settlers were wiped out. Robert refers this battle to an ancient legend written on Babylonian clay tablet which describes a battle in the skies. It describes a battle in which a prince defeats a king and before the battle is over the prince bites the kings genitals. This I hope is symbolic for the kings sake.

The conquering regime began developing and building on new planets in this solar system. A genesis scientific center was built on one of the planets and terraforming efforts began with atmospheric conditioning to help reduce the poisonous levels of nitrogen in the air. And the release of carefully engineered plants and animals in to the environment. The most significant project undertaken by the regime at the center was the creation of hybrid creatures. The hybrids created here would forever change the things to come.

According to the story the hybrids were created in secrete at the center but the word got out that something significance had been created. These hybrids were created and bred for use in the labor fields. These creatures were strong and intelligence. The regime decided to breed these beasts to use. Careful planning and precise breeding schedules permitted certain beasts to mate, but only under the strictest supervision. It was part of the charter of how they would allow the creation and usage of these new animals. The creator of these beasts had his own ideas. And he secretly began his own alternative training program. Part of this program was to let them experience the pleasure of unsupervised sex, letting the beasts react from basic instincts and engage in the pleasure of intimacy. Soon the beasts behavior began to change, a disregard of established commands became clear. Any and all renegade creatures were severally punished and instantly thrown out into the wild. A new rule was imposed that every beast must attend an obedience lesson every seventh period. Strangely enough that sounds like our concept of Sabbath.

The beasts creator went on journeys locating pockets of rejected beasts in the wild. He helped them learn to speak and taught them how to use fire, build shelter and make clothing. In time several beasts exhibited exceptional ability to learn. The genetic manipulation had purposely limited the beast to minimal communication and understanding. This was done in order to keep the beasts docile and servile. The beasts in the wild, with uncontrolled sexual activity grew quickly in number. A couple of scientists from the center who we not supposed to have any contact with the beasts would go out into the wild and help the beasts develop a sense of belonging to a family, and a sense of shaping and choosing their own destiny.

These beasts gained their independence and eventually became semi integrated back into the system, but were on a clearly different path than their environmentally controlled kin. Their kin from the controlled environment became valuable creatures and were used on many other planets in the administration of small kingdoms. They became part of an interplanetary chess game and the beasts learned about war.

A underground rebel group of reptilian beings overthrew the regime forcing them out of the solar system. The genesis scientist left taking many of his followers and some of the beasts with him to the Pleaides star system. Once the takeover was complete the reptoids using mind altering techniques ordered the systematic alteration of the remaining beasts minds reprogramming them to hide to recollection of the takeover. The reptoids constructed huge towers which transmitted a cloud of electronic signals designed to keep the beasts in a fogged and docile state. Sounds much like the proven results that (ELF) extremely low frequency exhibit. The beasts continued every seventh day visits for obedience lessons. Doctrines which would support the new empire became dogma.

We are these beasts! Robert believes we have been deceived for the last at least four thousand years. The reptilians are still here, Native American who know of them call them 'CHET-C' Lizard Men. Emerging from their lairs to torment and use humans for their own agendas. Abductees also speak of reptoid type aliens in their experiences.

This is a very rough summary of Roberts Morning Sky's Terra Papers. The details of the story he tells are quite astounding. Intergalactic monarchies and how the forces of greed, manipulation and vengeance are very much like our own. Our micro cosmic society is a reflection of the macro cosmic universe. One of Roberts closing remarks was "So long as man seeks salvation 'out there' he paves the way for beings vying to become his overlords.


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