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The Saturn/Neptune Paradox and The Christ Consciousness

The Saturn/Neptune Paradox and The Christ Consciousness

Astrologers delineate life scenarios and personalities by interpreting the geometric configurations of planetary positions against the backdrop of galactic reference. But as human beings move into space, a new perspective of astrology must emerge(beyond Pluto). We now have virtual and other "types" of realities that are emerging. It is our expansion of perspective that moves us out to greater levels of reality and to greater depths of the psyche.

It seems consistent with astrological thinking, that the consciousness and symbology of our solar system and its corresponding geometric configuration with respect to other systems must also reflect an astrological configuration within our own galaxy. What would the glyph for our solar system reflect? What would other civilizations say of the nature and vibration of our system? Most would agree that the Christ (the anointed one) or Buddha (the awakened one) represent accurate models of a mastering of this system. Incarnation and re-incarnation as a form of belief exploration and experience seems to be the format for the soul's sojourn through this system. We experience our beliefs in concretized form, in crystallized form, and explore a long feedback loop through successive incarnations, only to come full circle in our understanding that it was our own manifested projections.

In the Bible in revelations 3:12 it states:

"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down from heaven from my God..."

But what is to be overcome? The limiting idea itself that the physical self that we perceive ourselves to be, is all that we are, and all that we focus on (Saturn/Satan). In Matthew: 21 Christ tells the disciples how he must go into Jerusalem and suffer and be killed. "Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, be it far from thee, lord: this shall not be unto thee. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God" (Neptune), "but those that be of men." (Saturn). What is implied is the trust of the higher self intention and is connected to Neptune, while Saturn reflects the discounting of it through fear and invalidation.

In Astronomy the idea of a black hole provides a good scientific model for the metaphysical concept of level and parameter changes. The "fabric" of space/time outside of the hole, with its normal gravitational effects, would not be experienced any differently than here on Earth, or in space around the Earth. But as we approached the event horizon, the parameter where space and time begin to warp because of gravitational effects, time and space experiences would begin to change and be unrecognizable by the "time" we entered the black hole. As the identity changes perspective from Saturn to Neptune, what seems to be reality dissolves into illusion. Saturn tests our ability to consciously perceive what our beliefs about reality create (see Saturn Opposition Saturn), even if these beliefs are not consciously accessible to the self. Neptune directs the unfolding drama from the higher self non-physical world. Saturn says if we do not strategize our plan for success, failure will result. Neptune says, what does a man have if he gains the world and loses his soul? The sword that we live by, must be the one we die by.

Uranus is the planet that falls between these two planets that resolves this paradox--the awakener, that dissolves (Neptune) our focus (Saturn) and through the recognition of choice transforms perspective (Pluto)to prepare us for interaction with other systems. This is what is meant by "born again": "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" John 3:3. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh;"(Saturn) and that which is born of Spirit is spirit." John 3:6 (Neptune).

Saturn deceives us into thinking the physical is real, and Neptune reflects the elusiveness and apparent unreal nature of spirit. Saturn represents the illusion of the material world within a spiritual manifestation (the experience of living in this world), and Neptune reflects the illusion of spirit within the material world. Where Saturn is found, the material world deceives us, and where Neptune is found spirit is sacrificed as an illusion; unobtainable. They are both real, and both illusions. Time and space are illusions (Saturn), real while you experience them, but illusions none the less. Realism and idealism are not diametrically opposed, a realistic manifestation of the ideal in the physical world is the issue. By giving our power away to physicality we sacrifice a part of our spirit (Neptune) to the material world (Saturn), this is where we over-strategize and overindulge materially without regard for spirit. By giving our power away to the ideal (Neptune) we lose sight of practical requirements necessary to efficient functioning in physical reality. Both planets reflect the illusion of dis-empowerment.

When Saturn and Neptune are in harmonious aspect (sextile, trine) realism and idealism work hand in hand and dreams come true because of the belief in their natural integration, spirit supports the physical and trust in the ideal manifesting is high.

In developmental aspects in a horoscope (opposition, square), the ideal and the real are believed worlds apart. The person may be given to fears about inadequacy, and believe in the impossibility of dreams being true. Faith is lacking. Spirit interferes with matter and vice-versa. The early Christian movement was based on this mistrust and belief. Hence, judgment was rampant.

When these planets are conjunct, one planet can overwhelm or invalidate the other. The identity can develop an inferiority complex through the inability to balance these different worlds of alternatives. If the conjunction is well aspected, there are high ethical standards, and a logical or practical approach to religion. Self-empowerment comes through the balancing of these two realities. The earth is also a spiritual experience. If "ALL THAT IS" is everything, everywhere, all at once, what part of it is not spiritual? We create the illusion of this separateness because we create ourselves and reality with the concept of doubt.

All of experience is a spiritual experience. There is no other way it can be--unless of course you choose to create the illusion that this is so. Why would one choose such a limiting reality? Perhaps to explore that idea and remove all doubt.

In Example

Example number one is the horoscope of Marilyn Monroe. The element count shows only the Midheaven in Earth.

A strong disbelief in the "spirituality" of physical experience, and difficulty with day-to-day reality experience because of that negative definition. Insight and social sense is shown through the Sun/moon blend, along with intuition and a humanitarian perspective. The reigning need (moon) is to be acknowledged and appreciated by others for her uniqueness (Aquarius) which is not believed manifestable (opposes Neptune and squares Saturn). Neptune in 1 is the antithesis of identity development. The definition of the self alone is elusive (unless spirituality is trusted as a valid and feasible identity definition). There was evidently great tension about being a sex symbol (Leo ascendant, Saturn in Scorpio) instead of being recognized for the intellect and perception (Air references). Neptune in the sign of dramatic ego recognition (Leo) is square Saturn in Scorpio the sign of emotional significance, a significance it seems that was denied by the early environment (4th house reference). Emotional self-sufficiency as a defense against a strong fear of being taken advantage of is shown by the grand trine in water signs in the unconscious houses (4th, 8th, and 12th) between Saturn, Pluto (ruler of 4) and Mars.

Marilyn had a tremendous identity (1st and 7th houses) status (4th and 10th houses) crisis. The physical reality of her sense of doom and emotional insecurity (Saturn in 4 in Scorpio) was in conflict with her sense of spirit (Neptune in Leo), sex symbol vs creative spirit. Saturn rules 6. Giving love unconditionally is unobtainable (Leo) and sex is the "trap" of the physical world that disrupts security (4th). The Moon is in 7. Her fears about relationship were great. She could not trust the real or ideal. A vacillation between strategy (Saturn) and gullibility (Neptune). There were unrealistic fears about the adequacy of identity presentation (Neptune in 1). A very strong difficulty with trusting the manifestation of the ideal in love giving and creative extension. She was known for being late for rehearsal or not showing up at all.

Chart number 2 is the reported explosion and downing of a extraterrestrial craft in the desert of New Mexico known as the Roswell UFO crash (corrected, researched and rectified by this author).

Three degrees away from a full moon (full illumination) between Cancer (inner) and Capricorn (outer physical manifestation), we can sense a conflict between emotions (Cancer) and physicality (Capricorn) between the aspects of creative extension (5th) and the extension of others (reception 11th). "Status" in awareness and illumination. This illumination would be in developmental tension with spirit and other world relationship (Neptune in 8 in Libra) and would reflect a new beginning of introspection and co-fusion (ruling the 0 Pisces ascendant). Venus (relationship) is conjunct Uranus (the avant garde unconscious awakening) in Gemini (travel, conscious mind, duality and polarity). A lightning strike is the likely cause of the crash. Chiron (transition) is inconjunct the node/Mars conjunction from Scorpio (accidental death) and Jupiter is in the 9th in the perspective altering sign as well. Finally, Saturn (physical manifestation) in the sign of Leo is 10 minutes of arc past exact sextile with Neptune (the ascendant ruler) in the sign of relationship reflection Libra (and is disposed of by Venus). The implication is that these travelers move and relocate through dimensions as well as time and space. Mercury stationary retrograde at 27 Cancer would definitely be a sign of reassessing our security and mode of travel.

It would be more an illusion (a delusion of grandeur) to assume that other life does not exist within the infinite reaches of outer space, than to assume it must by statistics alone. Astronomers now recognize the fact that our solar system (and hence consciousness) is common and average, not special and unique. Statistically, at best, our planet is a very small planet, one of the smaller in orbit around a minor star, at the furthest edge of a common and inconsiderable galaxy. Neptune's demonstrated reflection dictates that as we dissolve and transform the barriers of ego importance associated with inflated self-importance collectively (Mars), we will allow (create the potential for) more interaction with these other worlds.

The fact that Saturn was sextiling Neptune exactly at the time of this "story" lends strong credence to it, in and of itself.

Saturn represents the "dream" of physical reality. Neptune encompasses that physical dream within it. The sense of sacrifice associated with Neptune is the unconscious recognition that "he that overcomes" the illusion of the physical dream, can blend his personal consciousness with the consciousness of the solar system (the Christ consciousness), other systems, and ultimately "All That Is" (God) with the recognition that one is as real as the other.

If we create our reality by what we believe, then everything must be in our lives for a reason and a positive reason, it is all a part of us, it is not outside of us and we can trust it, because it is there for our reason. We could say that the greater reality of Neptune co-fuses (as opposed to confuses) us with God and a more encompassing reality. We realize that we are just one of the ways the "All That Is" has of expressing itself. This realization allows us to be born again into a new reality where miracles are commonplace, natural, that will fulfill the meaning behind the prayer that God's will is done "on Earth (Saturn) as it is in Heaven" (Neptune), Matthew 6:10.


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