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Secret Moon and Mars missions

Secret Moon and Mars missions in collaboration with extraterrestrial UFOs using much advanced technologies

A lot of rumors are floating all around the world about secret Moon and Mars missions in the last twenty years. According to these reports, countries have traveled to Moon and Mars in the past twenty years secretly using extraterrestrial UFO technologies.

The validity of these rumors and gossips is very difficult to assess. But those who believe that such things happened put the stories as follows:

United States and Russia had the capabilities of landing on Moon in late sixties. US did land on Moon in 1969. Since then, US and Russia both have abandoned all plans to go to Moon and Mars. Recently, US revealed that it plans to revisit moon but that will take twenty years. How can that be possible? If US landed on the Moon with all ease in 1969, then what is really holding NASA up to go again for the next fifty-seven years from 1969?

When Russia and America acquired the technologies to somehow go to Moon; both the countries understood that they couldn’t travel so easily (though possible) due to severe effects of the radiation belts. The biggest problem came after Apollo 13 episode. The extraterrestrials, according to these rumors, informed all the countries involved in space exploration that they cannot travel beyond a few thousand miles from earth’s atmosphere unless they use more advanced non-polluting technologies. Spreading earth’s diseases into the Universe was another issue.

According to these rumors, the extraterrestrials offered escorted joint exploration to mars and Moon and other exterritorial bodies.

Unmanned missions are allowed through out the Universe while being closely watched by the extraterrestrials.

The rumor world also says, US never went to Moon. The extraterrestrials stopped America from going to Moon and Russians after that never tried. But those rumors are doubtful though possible.


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