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The three aspects of our Personality which correspond to the Primary Rays work into our everyday realities in this way: our own opinion of ourselves ~ the Second Primary ~ pushes us in one direction through the medium of our awareness via our personal internal angles, whilst our cultural, environmental and other social opinions, what we feel we should be or the emotions impressed upon us via our impersonal external angles ~ the Third Primary ~ pushes us in the opposite direction.

These two are balanced so that neither takes us too far from our original angle by the First Primary, which is the archetype of what a Human being looks like, behaves like and lives like.

However, because all Humans correspond to the archetype does not mean the archetype is constant, because if enough people change their archetypal characteristic, this new characteristic will become the standard normality and so become absorbed into the Human archetype. This can be seen in everyday life, when outrageous fashion, music and art become accepted as conventional in the space of only a few years.

There are many types of archetypes but their relevance to Humanity, and Humanity’s changing opinion of them, will adjust their characteristics by applying different energy to their angles. In this way, the balance between the form and the consciousness is maintained through the archetype, although the archetype itself is never a fixed ideal, but a fluid one.

In astrology our normal condition of awareness is shown by the position of the Sun, Ascendant and Moon relative to the zodiac signs. This is finely tuned by the angles made by the natal planets that also affect our normal consciousness. This fine-tuning will alter as each planet moves around the chart and passes through different signs, because the zodiac signs are directly related to the twelve divisions of Human consciousness.

We all need planetary energy to live. But we do not need every inconsequential angle that exists as one of the minor aspects between planets: these represent superfluous karmic energy we have taken on board by becoming too involved with the endless thread of life events that planets weave between them.

The method of working with angles is to make them objective, re-evaluate them, and then return them to their natural subjective condition. We have to learn how to use the planets as efficient pure angles by re-balancing their unnatural karmic effects.

This only applies to the planets, as they are Devic. The Sun, Moon, Ascendant and other points on the horoscope are not Devic, and their own mutual aspects are different because they are not affected by karma.

Before the consciousness of our Higher Self ~ the Second Primary ~ can use the natural angles of the planets ~ Third Primary ~ to accomplish the life purpose of the Monad ~ First Primary, we first have to learn how to cope with the karmic energies of the planetary aspects in our horoscope.

The trine aspect is a perfect example of how the three Primaries work into manifestation through each planet, because this divides a circular horoscope into three equal segments of 120 degrees, and each aspect point will operate through a zodiac sign of the same element. Each point will act as one of the Primary Rays, but this is a constantly changing arrangement.

All active angles, including Human angles, continually spin through all three of their aspects, of consciousness, intention and form, because the three conditions for life are subtly interchangeable, and the difference between which part of the three aspects of an angle is associated with which part of their manifestation is only dependant on time.

This is because angles normally form part of a complex spiral, but when they become active they take on a separate circular existence: which shows they closely resemble chakras.

The Primaries can also be demonstrated by a study of the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

The astrological relationship between the Sun and Moon equates with the balance maintained between a person’s solar individuality and their lunar feelings or desires connected to their form. The feelings involved here are those that are important to the well-being of the individual’s physical body, which are astral influences, associated with water on this Physical Plane, because the Moon affects the fluids in Humans as well as the tides on our planet.

It is through the Ascendant that these energies actually connect with the angles that make up our character and general conditions of life, because the Ascendant signifies the Human angles that are natural to each individual, and through which we project ourselves towards the angles of others and our surroundings in general. The Ascendant is directly connected to the Head Centre, and the Ascendant degree indicates the personal angle that makes us what we are.

The Ascendant is the earthing point of the Personality, and the subjective framework through which we experiences life. It is impossible to hold an objective opinion of the energies working through the Ascendant and the conscious Head Centre it represents. No matter how hard you try to stand back from these conscious energies, the part that remains subjective is still signified by the Ascendant.

It is the Sun which represents our objective viewpoint, the ‘I’ that can take a step back from life and make judgements and decisions based on past experience and future probabilities; and the Ascendant is the subjective vehicle which the Sun uses to accomplish its aims without being aware that this vehicle exists as a separate function: it assumes the Ascendant is a mere extension of itself, its body, feelings and mind.

Finally, the Moon exists between these two conditions: it represents our feelings and our moods, and our emotional response to the variety of life situations. As such, it can over-ride the decisions made by the Sun, but usually not without the Sun noticing!

Following on from this, we can say that the angle that represents the individual is composed of the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Ascendant sign. In most people, these three energies are the only form of the three Primaries we can be aware of, the Sun equating with the First Primary, the Ascendant with the Second Primary, and the Moon with the Third Primary. These three form the Personality angle.

The Ascendant represents the subjective angular framework of our earthly form. These are the actual angles which are responsible for our body in general, including our bodily organs, our features, our nervous system, our appearance, the colour of our skin, of our hair and eyes: every physical angle is represented by or connected to our Ascendant. Many of these particular angles are mirrored in the physical world through our genes and genetic make-up.

In addition, the Ascendant is the main indicator of our usual condition of consciousness, our actual everyday awareness. It is the most important set of angles we have because they form the whole physical vehicle that ‘interfaces’ with life, not just the small part we are generally aware of.

Ascendant angles are the hardware that our Sun sign software has to use in the best way it can. Ascendant angles form the connection point between the internal Personality and the external interactive angles of existence. This is another way of saying that they are responsible for how we relate in every way to the real world, and to everyone we meet in life. In fact, our Ascendant angles are the limit of what we can achieve through the connection of our angles to external angles.

The Sun and its zodiac sign, our sun-sign, represent our true selves, the part of us we think of as ‘I’, and so this gives us the ability to adjust the energy which goes through the Ascendant angles to change our appearance through dress, mannerisms and general behaviour. But it cannot actually change or alter the physical angles of the Ascendant in any way.

Similarly the Moon, and the sign it occupies, condition the emotional response to angular situations, for example when we think to ourselves “I feel happy”, and this again can adjust the angular energy of our Ascendant, through moods and emotional reactions which can have an effect on our appearance without actually changing the Ascendant angles. Like the Sun sign it can only affect the way the angles are used, and therefore the type, strength and quality of the energy they are using.

This is how the three parts of the Personality angle work, by the Sun and Moon acting as agents for the First and Third Primaries, and applying various types of mental and emotional energy through the subjective angles which make up the Second Primary Ascendant form of the Personality. Our response to planetary influences in general will also be coloured by this Personality angle.

Once a person begins to become aware of the energies originating from the Higher Self, the Personality angle becomes superseded by the soul angle.

The triangle representing the Primaries will now be composed of the energies coming from the soul Ray as the First Primary, which is not shown on the horoscope, the Ascendant sign still representing the Second Primary, and the Sun sign now representing the Third Primary.

In this case, the Ascendant still remains completely subjective even though it will be conditioned by different energies. The reason for this is that the Ascendant represents the Head Centre in both the Personality angle and the soul angle, and so like the brain it will continue working throughout normal life, even though the person’s mentality will develop and mature through age.

Therefore, the Ascendant can be equated with the word ‘conscious’, not consciousness, but conscious. If a person is conscious of something, he is using his Head Centre and Ascendant angles. Every experience, whether in true physical life or in a subjective condition of reflection, will use the Ascendant and Head Centre, because for us to be aware of an experience means we have to be conscious of it.

It is important to realise that the Ascendant represents the angles we have naturally available to use during our life on Earth, whether we are acting under instruction from the Personality or Higher Self.

Our Ascendant angles are us, our name, whereas our Sun’s position is our individuality, which can either be the Personality in control through the Personality angle, or the Personality as an instrument of our Higher Self through the soul angle working through our soul Ray. In every case, the Ascendant represents our conscious experience of life.

Our Ascendant is our physical vehicle that can be used to achieve the wishes of its controlling Personality or Higher Self, and it is also the true vehicle for the Monad. This is because ultimately our life will have some effect on our Monadic spirit, which is the very reason we are here in the first place. Therefore it acts as the necessary earthing point of our Monad by energising the conscious energy in our Head Centre, and interacting with the Devic energy stimulated by the senses to rise up from the Base Centre, in order to produce a change in consciousness. This process is known as the raising of the kundalini serpent.

The essence of the individual which relates to his sense of identity is the sum of the planetary influences earthed at the moment of his birth through his Ascendant angles as explained above, but it also includes numerous sub-personalities who all assume they are the real ‘I’ of the individual, when in fact they are separate and different angles within the subject’s angular structure. These angles are the twelve zodiac signs, which progress across the Ascendant sign everyday as the Earth turns on its axis.

So although an individual could be seen as a single angle represented by the Ascendant, in reality this personal angle is actually composed of many others all trying to take control. These alternative angles are the various zodiac signs that move across the Ascendant position every few hours.

Each zodiac sign will imprint its own peculiar influence on the Ascendant as it transits through this position, and with the extra influences from the planets contained in the signs which also appear to move, this will vary a person’s subjective perception of the environment, even though this altered perception will still retain the character of the Ascendant sign angles.

These extra angles act as sub-personalities, which we identify with and do not recognise as being different to our normal ‘I’. This is why we have no perception of their effect on our angular energies. The sub-personality angles are not alien influences, but form part of our personal archetype because they originate in other areas of our horoscope: and so form essential parts of our individuality. Therefore, they will naturally assume our characteristics, mannerisms and preferences, taking onboard the complete Personality with all its traits, memories and habits.

However, they will still have a certain identity of their own, which is different to our natural Ascendant sign energies, and so they will colour our reactions in unobtrusive ways. Often it will be other people, those close to us, who will notice these subtle Personality changes before we do!

The other personal point on the horoscope that is of major importance is the M.C. The position of the M.C. symbolises the point through which we are able to access the energy of our soul Ray, from the stars above our heads. As this is only symbolic it does not have any practical importance, and is definitely not an indication of a person’s Ray type.

The fact is your Ray works through you to accomplish certain life motives, and because the Ray is tied in with your role in the world in general, it has a definite relationship to the M.C.

The M.C. works with Ray energy subjectively, as Ray energy is generally employed to aid in the evolution of the Human species, and the Ascendant works subjectively with life energy, which may or may not be Ray energy, to accomplish the individual’s destiny.

This demonstrates the two main motives behind life, evolution of the individual through the Ascendant and evolution of the species through the M.C.


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