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In this essay, we shall try to focus our attention on the Soul using some simple examples.
As we know, we live and develop self-consciousness with the help of our five physical senses. In turn self-consciousness gradually develops an ego. From childhood the ego is the part in man that learns and separates itself from others. It teaches him to discriminate between this and that, putting limits around himself and others, develops traits of character, expresses the impulses coming from the Soul in creative and unique ways. However as part of his human inheritance there exists in him two more subtle senses. In some people these two senses are awakening and in a process of development. We shall call them the intuitive and spiritual sixth and seventh senses. Their role is to let our level of consciousness be influenced by the impulses coming from the Soul and Spirit levels of man. Nonetheless, these two germinal centers within man will one day in the future manifest their qualities perfectly when the sixth and seventh sub-races in humanity will have arisen.

The two subtle senses in man reveal a new and unique knowledge that influences and unfold in him corresponding qualities.

Trying to activate these two spiritual senses in us depends entirely on our level of purification and of mastering the functions and impulses coming from the ego. This means that we must first learn to master and transmute our animalistic instincts and stop over rationalizing with our cerebral intelligence so that these two spiritual senses unfold their spiritual attributes and qualities in us.. The true sages of all epochs have based their teaching on the seventh sense. This sense is based on the innate knowledge that belongs to the Spirit of man in which dwells the sublime knowledge of the creation of the universe and of its Source. Moreover, it also includes the knowledge and processes of the mystery of incarnation and of reintegration into the Absolute Uncreated Light. We therefore, understand that for us, this knowledge is still incomprehensible, since, to be able to enter in its dimension, we must have first perfected the seventh sense and its corresponding level of consciousness in our being.

The sixth and seventh senses function properly in man only when the Intelligence of the Heart is open in his psyche and is in harmony with his two Divine Witnesses (Soul/Spirit) What is the Intelligence of the Heart? It is the awakened functions of the Soul in man. The qualities which evolve gradually through intuition, and reveal the Soulís divine gifts of an awe-inspiring quality. The seventh sense is of a much higher spiritual nature and is not based on ordinary human understanding and logic. This is so, because its target is not the five physical senses, nor the rational emotional and mental faculties of man, but rather the AWAKENING AND MERGING FACULTIES OF THE SOUL AND SPIRIT IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN HIMSELF. This is indeed the target and goal of the sixth and seventh senses. Moreover, the aim of the sixth and seventh senses is to awaken two higher functions, which are for the time being still dormant in most men. The mission of these spiritual functions cannot be revealed since they belong to the spiritual part in each one of us. The sixth sense allows the Soulís impulses to filter into the consciousness of man. As for the seventh sense it performs perfectly well when the Spirit and the Soul blend and harmonize within the transfigured self-consciousness of man.

The manner in which one enters these very subtle levels of intuition cannot be explained or shown, since these refined senses are in themselves levels of consciousness and inner Paths of knowledge and enlightenment. The only way we could describe and comprehend their subtleties is through the development of our own personal and individual intuitive faculties. We get in touch with our Ideal Model and learn to unfold our personal goals and ideals through the impulses and intuition received and under their direction and guidance look out, and discover our personal goals and ideals in life.

Who, and what is this Ideal Model? It is an expression of our Soul. It is if you will, an appearance and the emergence in our consciousness, of one of the Images and reflections of the Divine Presence and it is our Soul that selects it so as to attract us towards Itself. Thus, the Soul selects a divine guise according to our karmic needs and attunements. At the beginning of this spiritual process, the Soul needs to take a certain appearance so as to attract our ego, and harmonize it to a specific spiritual level. And since the ego and the five physical senses belong to the same physical world in which we live, they must first be magnetically attracted to something more ethereal and spiritual than themselves in order to be purified. Consequently, the Ideal Modelís "Holy Face" must be attractive to our ego, and should move us to the core of our being, so that it reverberates and energizes in all our subtle bodies. This means that our Ideal Model takes on the aspect of our ego's spiritual complementary. We should understand that this Ideal Model or "Holy Face" is a symbolic expression chosen to explain how the Soul attracts its shadow and unconscious counterpart, the ego. First, the Soul attracts and operates within our etheric, astral and mental bodies whilst purifying and refining the limiting characteristics of the ego. It also takes the personal boundaries and limitations of each person into account.

The sixth senses is the spiritual faculty of the Intelligence of the Heart. Basically, it is the part in us that gives us a sudden "hunch", an inspiration, an intuition and our creative and artistic faculties. It makes us care, nurture and sympathize with people. Example, it helps us to interpret our dreams. The language of the Soul is a spiritual faculty that can be developed only through the Intelligence of the Heart. The seventh sense is something different. It activates, awakens and harmonizes all man's subtle bodies through the action of the HOLY SPIRIT. It means that the Soul and Spirit of man have finally united and reintegrated their Pure Essence. This means that there are three major processes in the complete transformation of man. The first phase consists of the PURIFICATION of the old process that involves and uses our sixth sense of intuition with the help of our Permanent Witness. The second phase involves the process of RESURRECTION. The Permanent Witness, having purified the mental and emotional bodies, ascend together with the regenerated conscious self of man. Together they blend with the Soul's complementary partner: the Spiritual Witness. Finally, the third phase brings about REINTEGRATION of the whole Essence of Being meaning that the three aspects have reintegrated back into the Source. Consequently each of the three parts of man embody their unique SACRED NUMBER. Hence, they reintegrate back into the Source which is the Uncreated Light or the Absolute Unknown God.

However, before all these stages can unfold their spiritual procedures in us, the sixth sense of the Soul must integrate and function properly in man's ego. But even before this stage, the ego must have reached a very high level of purification. More explanations on these very delicate operations are futile, as they do not help. What counts is the beginning of this sublime Quest. And what is relevant to this Quest is how determined we are to follow it through. So the most important question that we should ask ourselves is this: are we ready to open up the energy and impulses coming from our Ideal Model? If the answer is yes, then we have nothing to fear, since all these inner phases and planes of discovery will open up their secrets to us in their own time. As we said, this sublime transmutation of our lower energies into their spiritual counterparts can only happen through the development of our sixth and seventh senses. Knowledge received through the seventh sense makes us participate instantly and fully with what is being received. In other words, the knowledge and the one receiving the knowledge unite, and become one and the same thing. By the reaction of their union they become something altogether new. In this case, it is the Intelligence of the Heart that is functioning as an instrument totally of the Soul and Spirit in man, since the seventh senses operates only through the energy of Divine Love and Knowledge. When do we become aware of Divine Love and Knowledge? This occurs when the ego, the Soul and Spirit of man unite in the acceptance of the enlightening Wisdom.

We hope that this is clear. The sixth sense allows the ego to take part in receiving a slice of pure knowledge and therefore it is knowledge still tinted with the expression of the ego and Soul Personality of a person. Example an inspired artist like Leonard De Vinci. An extraordinary genius like Einstein, or Jung the psychologist who brought changes in the ways we understand the psyche, or Soul Personality of man. Or, we could take the example of a perfect athlete. Why take an athlete as an example? Because it is actually a good one. An athlete focuses and concentrates himself on an IDEAL MODEL, and learns how to transform himself, gradually into this Ideal Model. His talent resides in his trying to SURPASS his own limited possibilities, always attempting to better himself in his skills, patiently devoting himself to his sport. Pleasurable habits take a second place for him, and this might look from the outside as if he is making a great sacrifice. But to the athlete, it is not so. Through his athletic skills and performance his ego transcends its human limitations and conditions, and during such moments his perfect model and his conscious self merge making them become a whole new Soul Expression. Thus, our athlete becomes the physical expression, and the manifestation on this plane of the DESTINY that his Soul had prepared for him. We could go as far as to say that " during his athletic performance" he totally incarnates the Ideal Model engraved in his Soul. What does this example teach us? It shows us, two important things: firstly, that through the faculty of our sixth sense we can open our sensitivity to the vibrations of the Soul and receive the necessary impulses to overcome our weaknesses, and transcend our limitations. Through this process, we discover to our amazement, a world of new possibilities. Secondly, what we learn from this example is the fact that in the process of discovering our Ideal Model we are on the verge of discovering our real QUEST and GOAL in our life, and, even perhaps the meaning of our incarnation.

Thus, by following our intuition, we end up discovering our Ideal Model. However, this happens only if we choose to do so. It is therefore up to us to act now. Hence, the sixth sense takes us behind the veils of the illusions of the five senses and of the ego, helping us unfold within the subtle planes of intuition that brings CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION. However, the path of those changes and transformations entirely depends on our ego wanting to recognize its true Ideal Model. Thus, from the Ideal Model or Archetype of the perfect athlete to the inspired scientist or the illuminated prophet, it is most crucial and important to allow the process of our sixth sense to unveil for us whatever the Soul or Permanent Witness wants us to become. This is our destiny... Through the channel of our sixth sense of intuition our spiritual development unfolds more subtle qualities in our ego. This process is based on the purification and transmutation of the lower energies of our Soul Personality to their higher counterparts, so that the pure Knowledge and Divine Love of the Absolute can flow freely and filter its intense and radiant Light through our transformed ego.

Recommended Exercises

It is recommended that you become the observer of your own actions and reactions.
That you keep a personal diary in which you write your personal observations and your dreams.

Find your personal way of COMMUNION with your Inner Self; that sacred space within, in which Silence reigns.
It is in that Silent Place that your Ideal Model will appear whenever you are attuned to your Soul or Permanent Witness.

The Intelligence of the Heart and its attributes begin to function from within this Silent Space...


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