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Shamballa! The very name itself invoke feelings of awe and spiritual nostalgia in those who "remember" their visits to this special place. It was the home of Sanat Kumara when he served as Lord of the World, and is presently the home of Gautama Siddhartha, the former Buddha and current Lord of the World. It is far more, however, than just the home of the spiritual leader of this planet. It is home to the Great White Brotherhood and the Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as home for all those free souls who have gained their mastery through the ascension. But more importantly it is the core, or nexus, for those spiritual impulses that go forth for the enlightenment of every being upon the planet.

The Spiritual Hierarchy at Shamballa is administrated by a council of seven, headed by the Lord of the World. It consists of three Kumaras (known as the Buddhas of Activity) and three department heads: the Manu, the Christ and the Maha Chohan. The duties and goals of the Hierarchy is to interest, teach, guide and protect the children of earth, and eventually attract them into the Spiritual Brotherhood/Sisterhood where they can be trained to assume the offices and responsibilities held by current members. The Hierarchy of this planet is a miniature replica of the greater organization found within the governing body of the solar system.

At one time the actual physical city of Shamballa existed on an island in what was then the Gobi Sea, which is now the Gobi Desert. It has long since, however, sunk below the shifting sands of this remote place. The Shamballa of today is the beautiful City of Light located above the Gobi desert upon the etheric plane. It is identical to what the physical city was except it is now in a higher dimension, shining with the celestial light of the purest love. This holy city, with it golden domes and towering spires, emits a light of other realms even more brilliant than our beloved sun. With the inner eye one can plainly see the brilliant aureole of colors which, like a cosmic rainbow, illuminates the upper atmosphere for many miles in every direction, the intensity of the colors diffusing into the gossamer blues of the surrounding sky.

As one approaches Shamballa, the first thing that catches the attention is the deep sea of pure blue fire surrounding it. The city itself, with its golden domed temples and white minarets pointing heavenward, gives the impression of a white lotus suspended in a sea of blue fire. The only entrance is via a beautiful carved marble bridge over the "sapphire sea" connecting it with the etheric "mainland." Shoes are not worn in the city and all that approach it do so without shoes, or wearing sandals.

Many visitors and "Beings of Light" can be seen making their way into and out of the city, intent upon various errands. Some bearing messages to the Chief, others hoping to secure a dispensation conferring upon them the authority to pursue a chosen path of service to mankind. Occasionally magnificent Beings, with auras radiant beyond description, make their way out of the city. We are told that they carry the radiation and spiritual blessings from Shamballa to the far corners of the earth.

As visitors place their feet upon the bridge, the powerful radiation from the sea of blue fire underneath is so intense that it is only by supreme effort of will that they are able to proceed. A guide informs them that the ability to control this energy is their "passport" into the city. Crossing the bridge, one's first experience is the presence of a powerful love-force that envelops all like a mantle. All are overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude, which becomes the motive power that carries them forward in anticipation of the joy that pervades this City of Light.

After crossing the bridge, travelers find themselves walking along a magnificent tree-lined boulevard with a center island interspersed with rainbow color fountains. At the end of the boulevard, and directly facing visitors, are the central temples, which make up the sacred home of the Lord of the World, head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and supreme authority for the evolution for all its people, both in and out of physical bodies.

The temple itself sits upon a high elevation, and is approached by marble steps. Grassy terraces, situated about every dozen steps, break the ascent. Each terrace is a verdant garden of gorgeous rainbow-hued fountains, with crystal clear water dancing through the air and playfully cascading down the sides. Gaily colored flowers adorn the sides and borders. The peace and beauty of the whole scene emits a radiation that portends of paradise. The silent going in and coming out of visitors bear witness to the activity going on in the heart of this temple of love.

Approaching the temple, one stands before a great door of tremendous height with golden filigree works reflecting the light of the spiritual sun. To the right of the door stands a golden vase, and as each approaches, a bouquet of his/her favorite flowers appear in the vase as if by magic. Adorned with a bouquet of their favorite flowers, visitors enter the great hall. The first thing observed upon entering is an enormous golden bowl sitting upon a beautiful ornamental table with some kind of heavenly elixir in it. Each is kindly offered a crystal cup of the elixir. Feeling refreshed and strengthened they await, with joyful expectancy, an audience with the Lord of the World.

After a short wait, the great doors of the inner chamber swings open and visitors are ushered in. The presence of love permeates every atom of one's being, and the peace of this holy place enfolds everyone like a warm and comforting blanket. The main temple is several hundred feet in length. From the vaulted ceiling over the altar is suspended the banner of Lord Gautama. The great Three-fold Flame is focused upon the altar, which is approached by marble steps in several tiers, so that the flame itself is a good twenty feet, or so, above the eye level of the audience. The entire chamber is a huge bower of the most exquisite flowers, which are even suspended from the ceiling and positioned around the long, exquisitely carved, windows. Sitting upon his throne is the Lord Himself, a beautiful, gentle, smile upon his face, the embodiment of what each of us must one day become.

Without any words being spoken we absorb the grace of His great presence. It is given to us to know that for this came He into the world, that we, seeing his Godliness, might become like him and manifest the will of the Father, who created all His children in love according to the one divine pattern. Bowing before him, each take their leave from these hallowed chambers, their feet hardly touching the ground, so exalted are they in feeling.


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