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Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversals

Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversals can cause super volcano in 2012 -Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia, Iceland and Yellowstone probable hot spots

Volcano Explosivity Index (VEI) scale runs from zero to eight. The higher the VEI number, the bigger — and less frequent — the eruptions. Similar to Richter Scale, VEI of 8.0 is 10 times for violent that 7.0 VEI. There are four major hotspots of massive magma chambers close to the earth’s crust - Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia, Iceland and Yellowstone.

According to conventional geologists these hot spots are dormant and possibilities of eruption within a few years is remote. But according to some forward-looking physicists and geologists, some thing is being overlooked. In 2012, the sun and earth will both simultaneously reverse the polarity. Some say this last happened 74,000 years back. Before that it happened 640,000 years back. One before that happened 1.3 million years ago and one before that was 2.1 million years back. The years when these Terrestrial and Solar polar reversal happened can only be guessed from complex mathematical computation. There is no guarantee they really happened in that interval. But if the hypothesis is true then there is something else in a pattern we can see.

2.1 million years back, there was a massive mega volcanic eruption in Yellowstone of 8.0 VEI. If that happens today, our civilization will come to an end. 1.3 million years ago, Yellowstone erupted again with 7.0 VEI. Approximately, 640,000 years back Yellowstone last massive volcanic eruption took place with VEI between 6.0 and 7.0. About 64,000 years back, a massive volcano erupted in Indonesia.

In all these massive eruptions, the earth got cooled for a while. What is the possibility of a mega volcano now in the next ten years? The answer lies in seismic activities of the earth. Underwater volcanoes, earthquakes have progressively increased many folds in the last few years. That can be a precursor to some very serious coming. Think about this the three most sever earthquakes in last 150 years happened in the last four months.

The traditional geologists say: super volcanoes are likely to give decades — even centuries — of warning signs before they erupt. The scientists think those signs would include lots of earthquakes, massive bulging of the land, an increase in small eruptions, "swarms" of earthquakes in specific areas, changes in the chemical composition of lavas from smaller eruptions, changes in gasses escaping the ground and, possibly, large-scale cracking of the land.

But there is no guarantee of that. No one was there 64,000 years back or 640,000 years back. It is true that seismic studies have found that the magma column under Yellowstone extends like a pipe 400 miles deep into the earth in an angle. The pipe is become active. Indonesian underwater ridges near Sumatra have become extremely active with multiple mega-quakes in the last four months. Sumatra Island is on the other side of the earth from the Yellowstone. Are Sumatra mega-quakes trying to tell us something about Yellowstone – the biggest hotspot on the earth?


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