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The Sirius Star System

The Sirius Star System

"Sirius is a triunal stellar system, which consists of three Solar Deities: Sothis, Satais and Anu (identified by your astronomers, respectively, as: Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C.)

In the universe of matter, Sothis shines brighter than any star in your night sky, dominating the celestial canopy during the winter of your Northern hemisphere. It is the fifth nearest star to your sun, a mere eight light years from yours, and is inextricably connected to your Solar Deity, RA.

At a point in the space-time continuum so distant from your reality as to be undefinable in your terms, a great cosmic exchange occurred in our stellar system. At the time of this cataclysmic change in our complex stellar body, the Deity, Satais, collapsed, passing through her own astral chords and onto higher dimensional planes. What was left behind in the world of matter was, in stellar terms, a minuscule dwarf star of super dense matter, which was eventually pulled into an elliptical orbit around the dominant sister star, Sothis - as was the distant cousin, Anu.

The collapse of Satais (Sirius B) - its ascension beyond material space - caused a monumental chain reaction through the entire Sirian system, out across the constellation of stars known to you as Canis Major and, indirectly, your solar system became involved in the dynamics of our evolution.

This is one of the most significant reasons why we are so linked to you and why we are so focused upon your evolutionary process."

The Sirian Revelations

This is the most unusual body of metaphysical and cosmological teachings to have emerged in recent times. Its source is a group of discarnate six-dimensional beings who identify themselves as The Speakers of the Sirian High Council. Joined with other Light Beings of the higher realms, they have embraced the role of guardians in Earth's evolution, serving humankind at this most critical time of revolutionary change on Planet Earth.

What is remarkable about the material is its immediacy to our troubled times and its empowering message for the human race. Most spiritual traditions have predicted that humanity is due for an evolutionary leap and many feel that the established order of society will resist this change. Now, during these troubled times of shifting political design, increasing military aggression and diminishing civil liberties, the material brought forth in The Sirian Revelations helps us cope with our fear, move past our feelings of helplessness and into the power zone. The teachings provide us with a more profound understanding of the current shift in consciousness that is sweeping our world - a reflection of Earth's ascension from its material existence into a higher dimension.

From their six-dimensional perspective, The Speakers' teachings bring a startlingly clear vision of the three-dimensional reality as it is upon earth and throughout our galaxy, helping us to perceive how we are limited by the illusions of matter and how we will achieve true liberation as we achieve multidimensional awareness.

The Revelations consist in transmissions which will be regularly provided free to you on this site, teachings (lectures and courses) received through the channel, Patricia Cori and the trilogy of books, The Sirian Revelations. In the first publication, THE COSMOS OF SOUL: A Wake-up Call for Humanity, we are shown the process of our solar system’s ascension from physical reality and are projected out onto the fourth dimension, which, say the Sirians, we are soon to know in light body. Their second effort, ATLANTIS RISING: The Struggle of Darkness and Light, is dedicated to facilitating the release of some of our most difficult memories of Atlantis, while empowering us with the knowledge that they believe is needed now … if humanity is to be freed from the power structures that rule the earth and then go on to affect the positive changes that they believe will heal our world. The third book, NO MORE SECRETS, NO MORE LIES: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening, has been completed and is now available for direct purchase from this site and should reach the bookstores in summer of 2003. It walks us through the unfolding global events that are monopolizing our lives, showing us the way to release ourselves from the holds of darkness and lift off the veil, providing the keys to activating the DNA and light body awakening.

These thought-provoking and inspired teachings, dedicated to empowering us with the light of our own godliness, provide us with an understanding of the All-That-Is - the god force that underlies all consciousness - and teach us how to be responsible units of the divine that is within us all. We are told how earth, one of the richest and most beautiful of all planetary beings in the material universe, was chosen to be the birthplace of a super race of human beings, and how that choice played out throughout the universe. Here on Earth, say the Sirians, the most incredible expressions of darkness and light have known the perfect arena in which the clashing of polar forces have involved races and beings from many worlds and many dimensions.

We are shown how, from the birthing of the human race, extraterrestrial beings have interfered and assisted in earth's natural process, and how their involvement in our evolution has not always served to enhance our experience or teach us of the wonders beyond human awareness. There are those from other star systems whose obsession with Earth for their own agendas of power and survival have accentuated the forces of limitation that we know as beings of this realm. Indeed, we are told, such intervention has led, in some ways, to the very enslavement of the human race - from which we are now ready to release and be free: the New Aquarians.

The story of this alien involvement in Earth's affairs, which echoes the Earth Chronicles of Zecharia Sitchin, is a compelling thread that runs through all three books.

These remarkable teachings have been channeled by an Italian/American clairvoyant and healer who came to them through a fascinating experience. In 1996, Patricia Cori was attending an advanced color therapy course in England when she had a powerfully telepathic dream, in which she was shown a complex series of circles imprinted in a crop field next to the dramatic Neolithic monument, Stonehenge. She recalls flying over the image and being told that it was “a lock-in point for extraterrestrial intelligence." Days later, during a brief visit to Glastonbury, she chanced upon an enlarged photo of the exact image in a bookstore, which was revealed to her by the shop staff as the 'Julia Set Crop Circle', one of the most intricate and beautiful crop formations ever created. Having never heard of the circles before then, she was convinced that the precise image in the dream had called her to the crop circles as part of her awakening.

Drawn physically into the Julia Set formation, Patricia entered almost immediately into an altered state of consciousness, which she describes as being ‘the most powerful initiation’ of her life experience. Months later, the forces that she believes contacted her in that sacred space, The Speakers of the Sirian High Council, began to come through to her in long, early morning sessions, which they described as the ‘violet hour’, when communication between the dimensions is most easily facilitated.

The Speakers have been working through Patricia ever since, bringing ever more profound and intriguing revelations regarding the challenges facing humanity and the Great Planet Earth. Never has their message been more important than now, as we rally against the tremendous forces of darkness that are clutching at humanity and destroying Gaia.

Their messages serve to empower and stimulate us, while rousing us from our sleep and calling us to action as the true caretakers of our world. They are, indeed, a wake up call for the human race.

The Sirian Seal

The Cosmometry of Superconsciousness
Accelerating the Ascension Process Through
Multidimensional Geometric Patterning:

“As you seek to release yourselves from the extreme polarity of the holograph in which you find yourselves at this moment – the 3D polar fields of Earth ascending – you are learning a great deal of how your dense, physical being is beginning the process of transcendence into a higher, lighter, more luminous body – the awakening light body.

This process we have defined in The Sirian Revelations. It begins with your focused intention to raise and refine your conscious awareness, rearranging the substance of your material reality to reflect your heightened vibrations and so altering your physical being. This is the true alchemical magic – the spiritualization of matter – that for so long has eluded all but your most learned masters, as you walk in the filtered light of your veiled reality.

Paramount to the activation of your new light bodies is the repair of your existing DNA bio-data and the activation of dormant DNA codes within you – genetic information that has been rendered inactive and fragmented due to the manipulation of the electromagnetic frequencies of inner and outer Earth. These genetic snippets of disassembled DNA must be replicated to RNA and then interpreted, to become manifest as the amino acids that serve as the building blocks of a new and highly complex hyperstructure of human DNA, which will eventually restructure as the full 12-stranded complex your race held at its inception and which has lain dormant in you from that moment forward.

This, in simplistic terms, is a biological overview of what must occur for you to reactive all the light filaments of your complex beings, as you prepare for full light body ascension out of the matrix of your earthly existence.

As your planet adjusts to the mutating electromagnetic energies now permeating Earth fields, this dormant genetic information is indeed beginning to reorganize itself: from scattered fragments and disconnected bits into the highly articulated cosmometrical designs of multidimensional consciousness. This process is being facilitated by the incredible transmutation of your Sun and all the planetary bodies comprising your Solar Logos, but as always – you hold the keys to your personal evolution. Every aspect of your reality is determined by your karmic contracts and, moreover, your focused will. Above all … it is your focused intent that alters what you perceive as the past, creates your projection of the future, designs your inner universe and prevails over every layer of reality – whether you understand these worlds … or not.

As you accelerate your awareness of the cosmometry that defines Universal Intelligence, you lay down the blueprints of higher dimensional awareness upon which the awakening DNA can utilize the building blocks of light to reconstruct the DNA codes of your fully activated light bodies.

In essence, your perception of cosmometrical proportion and design allows you to create the electromagnetic signature needed by your evolving DNA codes to begin replicating, creating triangulation in every cell of your body, every molecule and every subatomic particle.

The Sacred Geometry of the Sirian Seal

The simple design of the Sirian Seal™ contains within it the fundamental architecture of Creation – archetypal laws of number and form imprinting upon the consciousness of all that which comprises the essence of your being: the DNA. It is a simple two-dimensional blueprint from which supraconsciousness creates the holographic design of multidimensional cosmometry – transcending the limitations of limited 3D geometry.

Consider the make-up of your existing DNA helix – the double stranded spiral of two light-coded strands of DNA. Understand how it reflects the hidden nature of duality – that aspect of polarity that recognizes a relationship between two opposing or end points and allow yourself to visualize how all geometric form rises from this dynamic tension: the straight line.

In geometric terminology, the adding of a third element – a third ‘point’ – creates triangulation, the principle upon which Trinity of Spirit and matter is based and when that point is of equal distance to both end points it is the perfected triangle – the equilateral triangle, which holds the highest frequency of any potential triangular configuration. It is the resolution of that duality, bringing balance and substance to all polarity. This is the essence of all geometric structure – the basis from which all future form, deriving from the creative force of its structure, builds into the many complex designs of creation.

The equilateral triangle’s three-dimensional form is the tetrahedron, the quintessential Platonic solid, which contains four faces, all perfectly equal, embodying the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) that are represented in all life in the Cosmos.

The Platonic solids are those three-dimensional bodies whose surfaces consist of identical
polygons which meet in equal angles at the corners. There are five such polyhedrons, the Tetrahedron, the Octahedron, the Cube, the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron. They were first identified by the great philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras (although prehistoric examples of carved and sculpted solids have been found and exist in modern museums to this day) and later elaborated by Plato.

In the Seal’s two-dimensional design is represented the form of the tetrahedron and the vibrational frequencies whereby all polar forces resolve and new form is birthed. The tetrahedron and the star tetrahedron embody the harmonics of the higher frequencies coursing through your quadrant of the material universe, serving as the vibrational blueprints for the re-patterning of your 12 DNA filaments. With the third strand, the positive and negative charges of the electro-magnetic form are slowly being replaced by neutrally charged particles – the reflection of your transmutation into light body.

This vibrational information is transmitted through the cellular waters of your being - this Wisdom is being brought to the foreground of your awareness as the crystal patterns of water – now being discovered by those bringing forward the idea of ‘clustered’water. Understanding how the liquid light of spirit carries the cosmometrical patterns of your heightened awareness provides you with the basics of alchemy of personal ascension.

Within the Seal are also represented three logarithmic spirals, embodiments of the growth pattern of most biological forms of life in the Universe – the depiction of the Golden Mean ratio of the Pythagoreans: the Fibonacci sequence.

Indeed, the logarithmic spiral appears as the macrocosmic galaxy, to the atom and countless representations of life and consciousness in between – for it is the ultimate universal measure of which Creation is formed:

Your conscious application of these Universal energy patterns, represented in the simple geometric form of the Sirian Seal™, helps you reach resonance, at the cellular level, with the archetypal patterns of higher vibrational frequencies: the blueprint of your awakening DNA.

When you meditate with your Seal, remember to travel the waves of possibility of all that lies just beyond the illusion of the matrix.


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