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Smitten, Battered, Beaten, Torn

Smitten, Battered, Beaten, Torn

A VOODOO Spell of torment and pain affliction

Light two black candles on the alter you have worked up the negative energy and your anger has built... take the Voodoo doll and visualize with intensity that it is your enemy before you. You may even cut out the face on a picture of your victim and glue it to the head of the Voodoo doll. If you have any nail clippings or hair follicles or any small item that has the victims vibration on it, you can place it inside the Voodoo doll. That will make it a much stronger connection and all the more powerful.

Once you have worked up the negative energy and your anger has drawn near its boiling point... slam it to the alter and stab one time at the doll in the place where you wish to afflict pain. Then take another pin if you so desire and prick the doll once again in a place where you wish to afflict more pain. Each time you stab at the Voodoo doll make sure you are visualizing that you are actually inflicting pain on your enemy. Do not touch the pins after you have placed them. While doing this, recite the following incantation

“Smitten, battered, beaten, torn
I prick at thee as if a thorn
Suffer now I will not wait
With this pin I seal your fate
Pins so sharp and made of steel
I strike at thee, these pins you'll feel
Smitten, battered, beaten, torn
I curse you now, your pain is born!”

You may repeat this again for a few days if you wish... adding more pins and leaving the pins that are already there alone. Do not touch the pins after you have placed them. Once again, if you touch any of the pins after they have been placed, the Curse will come back on you. Backfire!


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