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Cosmic Law - Soul Mind

Cosmic Law - Soul Mind

The immortal Soul, which is a body of energy located just above the
crown chakra, literally has a mind of its own. This is the Higher
Consciousness, or Self, that the human intellect is to integrate for
greater understanding of Spirit reality.

The Soul mind knows of the natural subtle Cosmic Laws of the universe
and the oneness of all things, as well as the great diversity of
Creation. It's what makes human beings a co-creative part of
All-That-Is and the Source.

Just as a human being is an individualized aspect of Earth parents, the
Soul is an individualized aspect of the Source-Of-All That-Is, a "child
of God". While a human being gains knowledge of material reality on
Earth through the five physical senses, the Soul mind has "knowing" of
nonmaterial reality by means of its oneness with what may be termed the
Cosmic Consciousness. Humans have described this awareness as
"intuition" , or the knowing of something without rational processes,
but in any case it is wisdom. Attunement with it is made through
focused desire and meditation.

The overall purpose of the Soul that incarnates with a physical body is
to ground its wisdom on the planet and thereby create Heaven on Earth,
which is "peace and goodwill" springing from the truth of the unity of
all diversity.

The Souls who wrote the U.S. Constitution in the late 1700's were an
important part of this process, especially in terms of the Bill of
Rights which was their best effort toward attunement with Cosmic Laws.
But the Soul knows much more is to be done.

The bottom line is, with the electronic age, the opportunity is at hand
to upgrade ALL institutions and bring them into FULL harmony with the
Higher Laws. For these reasons, an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony
with the natural Cosmic Laws of the universe, and producing High Moral
Values and Democratic Ideals, is being advanced.


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