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Speeding through a black hole

Speeding through a black hole into a parallel universe – bending time and space can provide clues to life after death

The ultimate space travel at least as much as we can perceive, will be traveling out of this Universe into a parallel Universe though a black hole. Black holes are dense and absorb even light. According to scientists and engineers, black holes cannot stop objects traveling much faster than light. At that speed, time and space are manipulated and travel can become all on a sudden immediate.

The biggest challenge is going near a black hole, surviving there and finally accelerate heavily into a black hole to another universe. None human being will ever dare it for the first time since we do not know how to come back.

But a probe can be sent that can continuously send us back information on its position, photos and mass spectrometer data. What may happen is that all on a sudden it will send data that will never reach us because of disappearance of current time and space.

Some researchers believe that parallel universe exists even in our immediate vicinity. And the extraterrestrial UFOs travel from one parallel universe to another without traveling through a black hole.

According to these scientists, the biggest problem is finding these parallel universe entry points in out vicinity. According to them we are literally “blind” and need special vision devices that can reveal parallel dimensions.

Human mind has multidimensional viewing power that is not just our superficial vision system. It can communicate, locate and realize parallel universes in our vicinity. But that happens in a way that we cannot control the same. Some of us have more of that and in that case it is called extraordinary psychic power.

Based on this theory, it is possible that after death we move into one of these parallel universes through an opening in the immediate vicinity. Some also believe that there are seven parallel universes including our own. And the soul recycles into the same universe till it can “qualify” to move to the higher-level parallel universe.


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