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Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path

Message from Maitreya:

Many of you wonder why you are on the Earth plane, what your purpose is, why you are here. You are on a journey, a journey which began before you were born. However, many of you do not realize you are on a journey. The Self and the material world keep you on a treadmill, which prevents many of you from realizing you are on such a journey. It is not until you have a crisis or when you reach mid life, or very rarely when you are a child, that you begin to be aware of the journey. This then starts the search to find the answers to who you are, why you are here, and what you are here for. It is actually then that the true journey begins.
The spiritual path is not easy. Many think because they are becoming spiritual, they will have the answers to winning lots of money or having a close relationship they need. Some people do this because it is their destiny to do so, they had chosen it before they were born. Many think this is a wonderful thing to happen, but for many it can be their deepest learning. Money does not buy happiness, and many soon find this out through their destiny. Once one starts on the path - which Margaret my channel has nicknamed "The Yellow Brick Road" - the true learning begins. Only then can you really make progress on your spiritual journey. It is then that the Self begins its battle to keep you where you are, where you have to face your darkest fears. You are often on this path alone, at least psychologically, and you had chosen to do so before you were born. Only when you have no distractions, can you really learn and grow on your journey.
The journey can take many Earth years, and many souls give up because they cannot fight the Self. For those souls who do go on, who do fight the Self and finish the journey, the rewards are so big. Their rewards are not having to return to the Earth plane, and of being able to immediately manifest their desires and needs. Nothing stands in their way, it is as if they have a magic wand and can create all they require without hindrance. There are no more mirrors to face, and each day they wake up feeling incredibly happy. It is true bliss or nirvana. Many souls think they have died and are back in the spiritual realms. It takes some Earth time to adjust to this energy, this state of consciousness, but it is truly the end of the spiritual journey!
In the beginning, the journey can be as hard as you make it, or as easy as you make it. We give you opportunities to grow which are very easy - on a shorter path. However, very often, because of your fear, you choose the hard path - the longer journey! It saddens us to see you do this, but it is your choice. Do not be afraid to take the journey; it is as difficult or as easy as you make it. The reward for beginning and finishing the journey is to return home, never to return to the Earth plane. You are the judge of your own actions, nobody else. We are here to assist you if you wish, but we cannot make the decisions for you, only you can do that.


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