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The eventual goal for Humanity is to function naturally through the Second Plane of pure consciousness, above the level on which angles can exist. Until then we should learn to relate to ideas, situations and people on a purely conscious level, using our Human Second Ray qualities of Love and Wisdom, irrespective of our own soul Ray, and learn to see through their angular structures and recognise their true essence that exists above the level of angles. This is conscious bonding.

To enlarge on this idea, let us use the example of a meeting between two people. Unless the meeting is very casual, it usually occurs because certain angles common to both individuals match for a short period, enabling them to interact with each other. This will often show as a common aspect between the people's horoscopes, which will signify the angle of connection. Conscious bonding does not require angles of any kind to function, although the initial meeting may be angular. The developing relationship will be above the earthly angle set, and will have its connection on the Second Plane or a second sub-plane of consciousness, above the level of angles.

However, we are alive in separate bodies and so have to allow for separate existences. This gives us a natural division to the flow of consciousness, and this natural division should provide us with enough capacity for life, at the same time as allowing for the particular qualities required for our development. Such guidelines exist which do give us natural boundaries in order to develop our qualities of separateness and objectivity, and which adequately provide all our needs. We are potentially part of all creation so we do have to have a certain ‘form’ which allows us to operate as separate beings of consciousness, separate not as we know it, still linked to the rest of creation but linked as a raindrop is to a shower of rain, and this natural division of the flow of total consciousness is the zodiac signs at our present stage of evolution, and in the next stage of our evolution which we are now preparing for, it will be through a division into our Seven Ray types.

The reason for the earthly existence of Humans is to experience life on behalf of the Absolute, to develop the qualities He requires to further His own existence, because we are Him. This must not be understood as though we are working on behalf of someone else: every one of us is an essential part of the Absolute. All Humans contain the essence of the Absolute within themselves; in a similar way that holograms can be separated into numerous pieces and still retain the same identity and attributes of the original because they are no different to the original. There is no distinction between any part of the Absolute and His Kingdom and Creation, seen from His perspective, because all of His parts have the ability to act as though they were the only part, which in one sense they are.

Between Earthly lives we exist in a variety of higher dimensions that are not only subject to different realities and with different time scales, so that four hundred years between lives might seem to the incarnating soul as no longer than a day, but also that we are less separate from each other. Part of the trauma of birth and earthly existence is due to the fact that we exist in separate bodies, where in higher non-physical existences we are connected in a very real sense to other beings who are working along similar lines to us, sometimes on the same Ray, but just as often on different Rays. This joining of non-physical soul entities works through a higher type of angular connection above the level where angles are able to exist, and so the connection between souls is through what is known as conscious bonding. The nearest condition we have to this on Earth is telepathy, but conscious bonding is much more than this, and nearer to a kind of council of minds with equal use of whatever form or appearance the soul is ‘wearing’, a true case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The relevance of this is that when these same souls are born into earthly life, which usually happens so that they are destined to be involved with each other during each life, this conscious bonding is translated into angles, which connect through the Heart Centre as this is the centre through which angles operate on a personal basis through its links with the Fourth Ray.

From this we can see that all Humans are actually part of the same unit of consciousness, we are all connected and function on the higher Planes as different facets or limbs if you like of the same body of consciousness which we know as Humanity: there is no division into me, you and her, we are all the same. And the connection between these facets of the same conscious being which includes all Humanity is actually a Second Primary equivalent of angles, which is called conscious bonding. When these conscious bonds between individual units of consciousness are brought down through the levels to experience Human life, they are copied into a similar form of existence and become personal angles, which being of Devic rather than Human conception, make us aware of our separateness rather than our connection. This is why we cannot appreciate that we are all part of the same collective identity known as the Human race, because instead of being aware through our conscious bonds which would allow us to understand this connection, these bonds have been replaced with angles, which develop the idea of separateness instead of unification.

This is not due to fault in the creation process. This is a very necessary part of our evolution and development. Without this feeling of separateness, we would not have the ability to interact with other life through our senses, and so gain the understanding and wisdom that can only be learnt from experience. The only way we can learn from our experience of life is through the interconnection only angles can give us. Angles allow the interaction between apparently different forms that are in fact all powered by a common source of conscious energy. The only way this can work with a maximum amount of freedom is to set infinite restrictions, which at present are the angular restraints of zodiac signs, and at a later stage when the true self is functioning with more conviction, these same infinite restrictions become the Seven Rays. So although we believe ourselves to be separate from other souls because we wear the mask of a particular zodiac sign or Ray, this is the only way we can give the Absolute or ourselves the ability to grow through such experiences, even though we, as the Absolute, are already perfect: we are divided into Rays so we can assimilate the unity of the Absolute.


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