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The superstring theory in contemporary physics

The superstring theory in contemporary physics proves the existence of parallel universe with many higher dimensions where advanced alien civilizations prosper

Rich spectroscopy at the Large Hadron Collider is proving something unique. Scientists are getting early indication that there are many higher dimensions and they exist in parallel to the physical universe. The spatial dimensions are infinite and are modeled with something called superstring theory in new Physics.

The string theory detects ten spatial dimensions. Six of these dimensions have no relevance to the physical universe. They form the parallel universe and each of these dimensions is infinite.

The parallel universe may contain many more spatial dimensions. But the superstring theory can only deal with ten. In this model the fundamental particles are not point-like. They are closed conceptual strings in the compact space. The existence of these strings first become apparent in a blackhole the gateways to the parallel universe.

According to computer models and complex numerical analysis, in the parallel universe, the higher spatial dimensions are laid in parallel. The electromagnetic flux or change of fields forms the fundamental block of existence in these infinite dimensions. The electromagnetic energy sources can elevate from one spatial dimension to the next.

The higher parallel dimensions have access to further parallel universes. The energy sources or alien beings traverse from the parallel universe to the physical universe to gain more electromagnetic flux so that it can elevate to higher parallel dimensions. Interestingly, the superstring theory finds existence of six levels of parallel higher dimensions.

According to researchers, the alien civilization prospers in the parallel universe and is constantly elevating them from one parallel infinite dimension to the other. For that they need elevated level of electromagnetic energy.

The parallel spatial dimensions of infinity do not provide means of elevating electromagnetic energy sources of these alien lives (souls). They travel to the physical universe to gain the energy levels required to elevate from one parallel dimension to the other. Things are not that easy. One can also fail to gather energy is the physical universe. In that case they have to come back again and again.

Some researchers also believe that it is possible that we after death with our soul or electromagnetic source of energy move to the parallel universe with elevated energy gathered in the physical universe. This helps us from moving from one parallel higher dimension to the other till we reach sixth one. No one can predict what is after the sixth one. But lack of time as a dimension in these spatial structural building blocks makes energy levels of electromagnetic sources fixed.

The alien civilizations are able to traverse in and out to the physical universe as needed. But their existence is primarily in the parallel universe, which makes them totally undetectable in the physical universe.


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