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Symbolisms of the Great Pyramid

Symbolisms of the Great Pyramid

The Pyramid's Entrance is Symbolic of Birth.

Lower Right corner, the Zero Point means Creation and the Fall of Man. Does it predict the future?

The corridor- and chamber system inside the Great Pyramid is in itself a symbolic map of the history and future of man, even pinpointing important dates!
Yet it also symbolises LIFE and illustrates BIRTH as well as other spiritual experiences and concepts, like being lost in sin, religion and Salvation, as well as Heaven and Hell!


The Zero Point is found by prolonging the face of the pyramid downwards to where it crosses with the prolongation of the ascending Grand Gallery! When counting the distance from the ZERO POINT to the beginning of the upward corridor in inches, and applying these inches as numbers of years, we come up with 2518 inches or 2518 years from Adam until the Corridor!


Counting the inches from the Zero Point as the creation date, until the entrance of the upward corridor symbolising the Exodus, we find the exact year of 1484 BC, when the Exodus took place. That’s when Moses received the 10 commandments.
At that entrance there are 3 big stones, also called the 3 plugs, that make for a very narrow entrance into the upward corridor! Counting the inches from the entrance until where the Grand Gallery begins and the split-off to the Queens Chamber is, we find 1516 inches or years, that leads to 31 AD! That is almost the very year when Jesus got crucified and was resurrected!
Then the Grand gallery begins, which ends with what is called the GREAT STEP! This step lies 1813 inches from 31 AD, leading us to the year 1844.
That date lies around the time when Marx formulated the Communist Manifesto, which was the beginning of the end, when the Antichrists started to make real headway in the world! The beginnings of the new One World Order which we are going to see realised in our lifetimes!


Egyptologists come up with very interesting but complicated calculations, that lead them to believe that the great step ends at 2004 AD, when according to them the "Great Tribulation" might begin. The "Great Tribulation" is a time predicted by Jesus in Matthew 24:15-29, a time of great trouble in the world such as history has never known, as it will be a worldwide and greatest persecution of God’s children!


The entrance up on the steep side of the Pyramid, that was so well hidden for many centuries, is symbolic of human birth!—Our entry into life. Entering the Pyramid, we go down a broad way, BROADWAY! A descending passageway illustrating how because of sin and cosmic radiation, our life instead of getting better and our bodies younger, just gets gradually worse and we grow older and more decrepit! As the popular song says: "life goes down... down... down…down!" or as Jesus said:
"Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many go in there at!"
And where does that downward passage lead to?—Down towards a subterranean PIT! A collecting place for the dregs of humanity, a reservoir for millions of departed lost souls!—Hades, or the "unseen state" of Hell! What a sad story! BUT WAIT! Don’t give up! There is a way out!


Just BEFORE this descending passageway hits bottom and goes through the floor level towards the PIT, there is one little way upwards! It leads out of that broadway into a narrow passage way out of that downward trend of degradation and corruption. It is very reminiscent of what Jesus said:
"Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leads unto life,
But this passageway is virtually blocked by three huge granite stones, which the Egyptologists believe to symbolize the 2 stone tablets of the 10 commandments received from God by Moses! THE LAW! Remember the date of that gateway? 1484 BC! The date of Moses and the 10 commandments! The Exodus, meaning the EXIT! From where? From Egypt!! Awesome!
From there life goes upward, although through the blockheaded stones of the LAW! A narrow passage way, symbolic of narrow law-abiding religion. Our salvation began with the formulation of the Ten Commandments during the Exodus. The LAW, which Paul calls
"The schoolmaster that brings us unto Christ,"
It only made us aware of the bare facts that we are sinners, as without realising that you're lost, it is impossible to get saved! You only have fun wondering through the jungle, until you realise that you don't know how to get home anymore! Until the law came by Moses, the ancient tribes didn't know that murder for example, was a BAD THING!
Yet the Law cannot save us, it only makes us aware that we lack the love of God! That's why the ascending passageway isn't wider, except it goes upwards now, instead of down...down...down! as Paul said…
"The letter of the law kills, but the spirit [of love] gives life!"

So we climb up through the ascending passage, which ended in 30 AD! Jesus was crucified for our sins and set us FREE from the bondage of the OLD LAW! Now we are justified by faith in His love! 30 AD, after the point of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the passageway upwards becomes much wider!—The Grand Gallery, that leads to the King's Chamber! As Jesus promised:
"…I give unto them life more abundantly!"
Then and there we pass the point where we call on Jesus for salvation! Nobody can keep the law, so He liberates us by His Spirit! We are liberated into "the liberty of the children of God!" There also opens a level passage to the Queen's chamber, a rest from the steep climb for the Bride of Christ!
"There remains a rest for the children of God!"
But to get closer to the BRIDEGROOM, the wise "virgins" desire to keep on climbing UP towards the King's Chamber, for intimate intercourse with their beloved! The Grand Gallery is still steep! But there is more to that Queens Chamber! As Jesus said before he died:
"I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also!"
He is the way into His Bride's chamber, a Heavenly place that reserves us until the resurrection! New Jerusalem, the Heavenly City or Paradise of God, has been the resting place for all the souls who died in the Lord eversince that time! But even for those souls who had landed in the PIT even from the time of Noah, there is hope! That's why you can see a thin passage way from the PIT leading to the point of crucifixion, and the entrance of the way to the Queens Chamber!

Many souls got saved, when Jesus went into the spirit-prisons under the Earth, during the three days that He was dead! What amazing symbolisms! Jesus preached to the spirits there, and got many to believe in Him, who as a result were also saved and admitted into the Heavenly City. NOT in resurrected bodies as Christ himself and the Old Testament Saints, who were resurrected right along with Jesus and who came out of the graves after His resurrection, and were seen of many in Jerusalem! But in their spiritual bodies!

The rest of the way into the Kings chamber is symbolic of a growing into a closer relationship with Him of a cadre of His followers, as there are classes in closeness, measured by how much love one has for Him! The relationship is not decided by Him, but by how much we give of ourselves to Him and others! Like the polished 144.000 coverstones, these are 144.000 special lovers of Jesus, "standing on mount ZION" or Heaven, "having the seal of God in their foreheads!" An elite group of children of God, who give their all in service and love! You perhaps? See you there!


The Great Pyramid is definitely a very spiritual monument and a symbol of Eternal Life. It is most likely a memorial in stone of the Eternal Heavenly City New Jerusalem, which is a 5 dimensional Golden Crystal City somewhere out there in our infinite Universe of Space, as seen by many people who had a Near Death Experience!

In these experiences many of them actually saw and even visited this City, and after their return made various statements about what it looked like and what goes on there, and who lives there!—The many billions of departed human souls of many millennia hence of human history! Don't kid yourself! They are still around and many of them live up There in this wondrous Celestial City and probably also Beyond! Beyond the Stars! The Creator of the Universe is of course not limited to one City, or even 5 dimensions! He has a lot more up His wide divine sleeve!

Are you ready for a peek in this City? Come away with us for a visit to God’s Eternal Golden Pyramid! "The Jerusalem which is above!" Come to think of it—You probably have relatives and certainly ancestors living There, who are praying for you! And might even be very involved in your life, without you even realising it, as guardian angels and or ministering spirits!


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