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Tacoma Sea Monster

Tacoma Sea Monster 1893

This fish story allegedly happened on July 2, 1893, and was reported in the July 3 issue of the Tacoma Daily Ledger.

The fisherman who told the tale preferred to nameless, and confided only that he and his friend were from the East. The other three men who had been part of the three-day fishing excursion around Puget sound were from Tacoma.

"The party was supplied with the necessaries of life as well as an abundance of its luxuries, though it must not be inferred from this fact the luxuries played any part in creating the sights seen on that memorable morning."

"We left Tacoma July 1, Saturday, about 4:30 P.M, and as the wind was from the southeast we shaped our course for Point Defiance."
He said fishing was fair until a change of wind forced them to try a trout stream which emptied into Black Fish Bay on Henderson Island. There they made camp for the night.

Sometime after midnight, the sleeping campers were startled by a terrifying noise. A stinging sensation like thousands of electrified needle points suddenly stabbed through their clothing.

The Easterner related, "The air was filled with a strong current of electricity that caused every nerve in the body to sting with pain, and a light as bright as that created by the concentrate on of many arc lights kept constantly flashing.

"I turned my head in that direction,, and if it is possible for fright to turn one's hair white, then mine ought to be snow white" (the reporter taking notes indicated the Easterner's hair was still black) "for right before my eyes was a most horrible looking monster.

"The monster slowly drew in toward shore and as it approached, its head poured out a stream of water that looked like blue flame."
Hesitantly, the stranger described the creature as 150 feet long and thirty feet in circumference. He confided, "Its shape was somewhat out of the ordinary insofar that the body was neither round or flat but oval. It had coarse hair on the upper part of the body.

At about every eight feet fran its heat to its tall a substance that had the appearance of a copper band encircled its body. Blue flames came from two horn-like structures near the center of the head. The tail was shaped like a propeller. "Sir, I tell you, in the electrically charged atmosphere birds and insects died. Two of my fellow fisherman became paralyzed when licked by the blue flame. They lay on the beach until eventually recovering.. At last, the monster submerged into the dark waters and a telltale luminous light betrayed its course.

"I hardly need tell you we were not long in getting underway for Tacoma, declared the Easterner, and I can assure you I have no further desire to fish any more in the waters of this bay. There are too many peculiar inhabitants in them.

The reporter wrote the human interest feature, much to the delight of the Daily Ledger readership.

Was the hairy sea monster the result of ample libation among fishermen, a drunken dream enlarging the ordinary sea dwelling creature teasingly swimming in the dark beyond the campfire and the deeper dark of imagination? or did they really see something?


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