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Tarot, The Basics4

Tarot, The Basics4

Tarot, The Basics- Glossary

ABOVE: Pineal gland

ABYSS: Pitfall, womb of the earth, subconscious

ADAM: Humanity, earth life

AIR: Spirit, mind

AKASHA: Record of experiences, karma

ANGEL: Messengers
Raphael - key #6, super conscious, angel of air, God as healer, charity
Michael - key#14, angel of fire and sun, Son of God, Holiness
Gabriel - key #20, angel of water, calls to God, strength

ANIMALS: Five senses, emotions, desires

ANKH: Union of heaven and earth, life symbol, masculine and feminine union.
With eagle - freedom of bondage (accurately represented in the Live Psychic Network logo)

ANUBIS: Egyptian jackal-headed god representing evolution of conscious from lower to higher levels, equivalent of Hermes or Mercury signifying self consciousness

APPLE TREE: The temptation, taken from the Garden of Eden

ARBOR: A shelter constructed from nature

ARCANA: Means secret or hidden

ARROW: Direct will, phallic, vengeance

AURA: Electricity, colors designate health, force field around the body

AURABORA: Enlightenment, purity of thought, promise of peace

BABEL: House built on words, lost word of God, language

BANNER: White banner with red cross - innocence and bloodRed banner - action and vibration
With Red Five Petaled Rose - symbol of Mars and the life force
Held in right hand - conscious awareness, self-consciousness
Held in left hand - automatic reactions, sub-consciousness, has become automatic
Betokens freedom from material bonds, vibration, action

BATTLEMENTS: Not the final boundary, gateway to beyond

BEASTS: In four corners, the fixed signs of the zodiac, the four elements

BEE: Order, sociability, industry, royalty

BELT: Limitation, time

BIRD: Messengers, telepathy, freedom, the element of air, Ideas, messages

BLACK: Unknown, shadow, mysterious, protection

BLINDFOLD: Not focused on materialism, inner vision

BLUE: Faith, peace, serenity, patience

BODY: Tabernacle, temple or kingdom of God

BOOK: Record of truth, measure of time, memories, akasha, Torah

BREAD: Flesh, the body, life substance

BREATH: Ego, solar and lunar energies, inspiration, spirit, life

BULL: Sign of Taurus, the element of Earth

BUTTERFLY: Soul, rebirth, immortality, element of air

CADUCEUS: Moral balance, healing energies, two entwined serpents indicate sickness and health, kundalini

CANDLESTICK: Seven candles, chakras, spine

CANOPY: Protection, mind, celestial influence

CAT: Power of darkness, astral world, nine lives, good eyesight, the sinister aspect of Venus

CAVE: Dante's journey into the underworld, the Mystic's dark night of the soul

CHAIN: Largely self-imposed, restriction

CHAIN OF ROSES: Union of desires so strong that the wild unconscious forces bow before it

CHARIOT: human personality, which can be a vehicle for the expression of self

CHERUBIM: Sacred wisdom

CHILD: The regenerated personality

CHOSEN PEOPLE: Humanity, spiritually enlightened

CHRIST: Higher self, cosmic truth, spirit, the heart

CIRCLE: Spirit, eternity, circles of manifestation, perfection

CIRCLE in a SQUARE: The unity within the Quaternary of elements, the Freemasonry concept of "Squaring the Circle."

CITY: Thought centers

CLOAK: The mantel of discretion.

CLOUDS: Storm clouds indicate unwise thinking, human thoughts in discord

COFFIN: The tombs of world belief

COLORS: Black - negative, ignorance, passive, female
Blue - peace, life, intuition
Gold - enlightenment, soul power
Green - healing, growth, desire
Grey - balance of opposites, harmony
Indigo - peace, devotion
Red - courage, vitality, passion, action, energy
Silver - magnetic, mystical
White - truth, perfection, purity
Yellow - knowledge, intellect

COMBINED ANIMAL PARTS: Bat Wings, Goat Legs, Horns, Bird FeetAn animalistic, instinctive nature

COSMIC LEMNISCATE: Shaped like a figure eight on it's side, it is a symbol of eternal life and dominion It indicates the harmonious
interaction of the conscious and subconscious, idea and feeling, desire and emotion

CRAYFISH: Unconscious mind, the early stages of unfolding, primordial and primitive


CROSS: Solar cross - with equal arms indicates union of male (positive) and female (negative), union with God, balanced energy
Triple cross - intellectual and physical worlds, divine, generative power

CROSSED CIRCLES: The Golden Dawn used the crossed circle to represent CHOKMAH

CROSSED KEYS: Silver and gold representing the lunar and solar currents of energy

CROWN: Mastery, attainment, represents creativity, formative and material word, may be set against the cosmic purpose, Kether

CUBE: Earth, sometimes a square, order and measurement, that which was, is and shall be, material manifestation, physical world
Half Cube - only the visual sensory side of reality is being seen

CUPID: Choice

CUPS: Symbol of knowledge and preservation, love, pleasure and enjoyment, associated with water
Silver - the subconscious
Gold - the conscious

CYPRESS TREE: Sacred to Venus

DANCER: Rhythm, attainment, victory over the elements

DESERT: Lack of substance or life, barren thoughts

DESOLATE PEAK: the Rosicrucian mystical journey

DEVIL: Sensation divorced from understanding by spiritual blindness, false concepts of the physical world, bound by material, slave to necessity and blind chance

DIADEM: Dominion

DOG: Guardian, fidelity, companion to man, helper, friend, all non human forms of life are elevated and improved by the advance of human consciousness, domestication, the superconscious

DOLPHIN: Ancient friend of man

DONKEY EARS: Stubbornness

DOOR: Portal, entrance to the temple, threshold

DOVE: Peace, Holy Spirit, bird of Venus

EAGLE: Higher thought power, aspiration, hope, denoting the four seasons or four suits of the Minor Acrana, associated with the Scorpion sign of the Zodiac, symbol of power
"To dream of an eagle in a high place ...is good for those who are starting on some great undertaking.

EAGLE (Two Headed): Omnipotence

EARTH: Concrete physical manifestation

EAST: Within, hidden, interior

EDEN: Paradise, solar plexus

EGG: Ideas, seed forms

ELEMENTS: Fire, air, earth and water

ELLIPSE: Super conscious

ETHER: Fifth element, quintessence, life substance

EVE: Feminine principle, receptivity, soul, feeling

EYE: Meaning third, organ of true spiritual vision

EVIL: Errors in thinking, missing the mark

FEATHER: Eagle, scorpio, Wind, air and freedom

FEET: Support, progress, comprehension, One in water, the other on land - equally at home in the conscious or subconscious

FEMALE: The subconscious mind

FENCE: Limitation

FIELD: Substance, body

FIGURE EIGHT ON ITS SIDE: Cosmic lemniscates, harmonious interaction between conscious and subconscious, between life and feeling, desire and emotion, dominion over the material, eternal life

FISH: symbol of ordination of dedication to spiritual service, creativity, pregnancy, Increase, ideas
King of Cups - the fish comes from the sea of universal subconscious
Page of Cups - arising from one's own subconscious, idea or thought

FIXED SIGNS: Fixed conditions in the mind or on earth

FLAME: Spirit

FLOWERS: Vegetable kingdom, reproductive organs
White - spiritual thoughts, love, happiness
Red - human desires

FLYING CREATURES: Telepathy, messengers, mental thoughts

FRANKINCENSE: Consecration, spirituality, love

FRUIT: Fertility

GABRIEL: Strength of God
The archangel of water (spirit and emotions)

GARDEN: Solar plexus, substance, Earth, sub-consciousness

GARLAND: Festivities, fruitfulness

GENTILES: Worldly thoughts

GIRDLE: Spiritual force, time

GLOBE: Cosmic egg, universe
Winged Globe - transcendence, knowledge, exultation, symbol of dominion

GNOSIS: Knowledge

GOAT: Bestiality and overindulgence in sex, depicted as fertility when in the arms of the Queen of Pentacles

GOLD: Metal of the sun

GRAPES: Pleasure, abundance, life, fertility

GRAPEVINES: Growth and continuation in abundance and pleasure, nervous system

GREEN: Balance, harmony, healing, prosperity

GREY: Reconciliation of opposites, neutral, uncertainty

HALO: Auric egg, spiritual force, the path of the saint

HAND: Right - positive, masculine; Left - negative, feminine

HEAD: Crown, place of intellect

HEART: Any symbol in the shape of a heart represents sub conscious, emotions and seat of judgment

HEART PIERCED: Pain, wounded love or emotions

HEIGHTS: Spiritual ascendancy

HERMIT: Inner teacher, higher self

HOLLY: Christmas, birth

HORNS: Penetrating, strength

HORSE: Vitality, five senses, fertility, controlled, subdued life force, solar energy

HORSE WINGED: Solar power, intellect

IBIS: Vigilance, immortal life, thought, the mind

ICE: Frozen mental attitude

IDEAS: Love, healing

IRIS: Greek goddess of the rainbow, A flower sacred to the sun

JACKAL: Sharp eyes, keen sense of smell, animal kingdom

JEWELS: Love and wisdom

JEW: Religious thoughts

KEYS: Open the mysteries

KEYS CROSSED: Hidden doctrine, one silver and one gold meaning solar and lunar current in radiant energy

KING: Will

KUNDALINI: Seven chakras rising up the spine, serpent fire

LADDER: Leading to perfection, kundalini, roadway to the gods

LAMB: Intellect, loving, obedience

LAME: Lacking understanding or progress, disabled thoughts

LAMP: Intelligence, spiritual light, light center in the heart

LANTERN: Light of intellect, search for truth

LAUREL WREATH: Symbol of Victory, the journey is circular, the Fool begins again after completing a previous cycle

LEAD: Labour, responsibility, metal of Saturn

LEAFLESS TREE: Trefoil flames of the 12 sings of the zodiac, each divided into three decans, The tree of life

LEAVES: Vitality, growth

LEFT SIDE OF THE BODY: Female, receptive, past, subconscious mind

LIGHTING: Masculine, positive

LIGHTING FLASH: Truth, reality, inspiration, life power descends down the Kabalistic Tree of Life, breaks down the existing forms

LILY: Purified thoughts and spiritual unfoldment

LINGAN and YONI: Male/female, sexual symbol, procreation

LION: Fire element, action, desire body, Leo sign of the Zodiac, all powerful sub human force, Mars planet

LION GREEN: Animal nature, impure

LION RED: Force, passion, animal reproduction

LOTUS: Divine knowledge, mystic centre, crown chakra, purity

MALE: The conscious mind

MAYA: Illusion regarding the world

METALS: Gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper, tin, iron, also refers to the planets

MIRROR: Judgment, reflection

MIRROR of VENUS: Solar cross surmounted by a circle, symbol of planet Venus, indicates fertility

MITERED HAT: The Piscean age (when shaped like a fish)

MOON: Feminine astrological symbol of personality, subconscious mind, reflected light of subconscious
All three phases at once - body, mind and spirit

MOON CENTRE: Cycles, memory, pituitary gland

MOUNTAINS: Attainment, realization, path leading to the heights, abstract thought, the long mystical journey is through the stark mountains; The aspirations of man

(Snow Capped): Abstract principles of mathematics behind and above all warm, colorful and vital activities of cosmic manifestation, indicates cold; God's ambitions for man

NATURAL MAN: Seeds of what man can become spiritually

NORTH: Darkness, unknown, ignorance, hidden

NORTHEAST: The direction of the unknown

NUDE: Truth, free of dogma, innocence

OIL: Love, vital fluid, illumination, prana

OLIVE: Peace, mercy

OLIVE OIL: Peace, love, Holy Spirit

ORANGE: Strength, energy, social

OWL: A familiar of Merlin the magician, wisdom

OX BULL: Strong, patient, self-sacrificing, forever toiling, generative force

ORB OF THE WORLD: The Earth dominated by the Lord of Spirit

PALM: Victory over death and the male aspect of life, active force shown on the veil behind the High Priestess, Easter, resurrection, severity

PAPAL TRIPLE CROWN: The lower trefoil design represents the lower material world. The middle represents the formative world. The top tier represents the creative world

PATH: States of becoming, steps to the heights, spiritual attainments, esoteric knowledge

PEARLS: Wisdom, of great price

PELICAN: Mother love, sacrifice

PENTACLE: In the form of an amulet, protects against evil spirits

PENTAGRAM: The seal of Solomon, five pointed star, symbol of the world made flesh, expressing mind's domination over the elements, represents order or confusion depending on the direction of its points, figure of man, relates to Hierophant, mental dominion
Inverted - earth, the material

PHOENIX: Grace, rising from the ashes of experience, highest state of Scorpio

PILLAR: White - positive aspect of life, light, Jachin, principle inherent in all things, mercy
Black - inertia, darkness, Boaz, negation of activity, severity

PLANETS: Interior chakras or stars

POMEGRANATE: Female seeds, death/resurrection, fertility, passive aspect of life, fecundity

POOL: Womb, substance, receptivity, female symbol

PRECIPICE: Stepping down from spiritual heights to physical manifestation

PURPLE: Spirituality, penitence, and forgiveness

PYRAMID: Earth in the material aspect, triangular shaped face of the pyramid suggests the threefold principle of creation; That which is eternal

RABBIT: Fertility

RAINBOW: Sign of good fortune from God, perfection, seven rays, protection

RAM: Assertive, noble beast, physically strong, planet Mars, power, leadership, first sign of the Zodiac

RED: Desire, energy, aggression

REPTILES: Action, kundalini, sexual will

RIGHT SIDE OF THE BODY: Male, out going, future, aware, conscious mind

RIVER: The blood, currents of thought or vital forces
The constant circulation of the life force into materialization and out again

ROD: Mastery, phallus, discipline

ROD (Flowering): Virility

ROSE: White - freedom from lower forms of desire and passion, purity and peace within
Red - Venus, nature, physical desires, cultural activities

ROTA: Royal road, wheel, karma

SALAMANDER: Fire element, able to live in midst of fire

SALT: Preservative, inertia, resurrection, Earth element

SCALES: Balanced judgment, equilibrium, the symbol of Libra

SCARAB: Self-existent being, immortality

SCORPION: Treachery, danger, immortality

SCROLL: Akasha, hidden mysteries, divine law, past events impressed upon the subconscious

SEA: All potentials, universal principles

SERPENT: Symbol of wisdom, tempts man for knowledge of self, subtlety, secrecy, serpent biting its tail represents the law of endless transformation, radiant energy descending into manifestation, sense consciousness, desire, tempter

SERPENT (Coiled/Uplifted): Salvation, regeneration

SEVEN: Cycles of time, periods of growth, planets, chakras

SHEEP: Purity, innocence

SHELL: 'Good luck' scallops that were carried on pilgrimages

SHELLFISH: Protective, ideas, insulated, early stages of conscious unfoldment, sign of Cancer in the Zodiac, may invade the territory of waking consciousness and give rise to fears

SHIP: Body, activity, sanctuary, material treasures
That which is beyond our control, lessons in faith

SHOES: One's understanding

SIGN OF SATURN: Limitation and inertia, Capricorn

SILVER: Metal of the moon

SNAKE: Wisdom and knowledge

SOLAR CROSS: Solar symbol of balance of forces

SPHERE: Rotation, cyclic, creative motion

SPHINX: Ancient wisdom holds the riddle of human existence, guardian of the temple, combinations of human and animal attributes
White - Betokens mercy
Black - Severity

SPIRAL: Kundalini force, rising in consciousness

SPOKES: Universal radiant energy

SQUARE: Limitation, solidity of Earth, foundation, materiality, foursquare

STAFF: Sign of power, implement of the magician

STAFF (Raised): Creative power of the mind

STAIRS: Rising to a higher state of consciousness

STARS: Sixth sign of the Zodiac, spirit, truth, guiding light
Five-pointed - star of the Magi, symbol of man
Six-pointed - shield of Solomon, magical power, union of the elements, human soul perfected, dominion over the laws of the great world
Seven-pointed - mysticism, wisdom, spirituality
Eight-pointed - radiant cosmic energy, power and material success
In sevens - the seven main Chakra points of the body, or the seven ancient planets

STONE: Conscious union with truth on the physical plane

STREAM: Thought currents, river of life, sub-consciousness, forever flowing to the sea of consciousness

SULFUR: Desire, hell, devil, red lion, passion

SUN: Source of light, radiant energy, where all creatures derive their personal force, immortality

SUNFLOWER: Nature at its fullest, sacred to the sun
Four sunflowers - the four elements

SWORD: Protection, knowledge, mind, constructive or destructive activity, elimination of outworn forms
Upward - victory
Double edged - action destroys as well as builds, and the false must be cut away from the true

SYLPHS: Spirits of the air, similar to cupid
'T' OF LIVING WOOD: Tied to this, the hanged man is still earth bound

TABERNACLE: Transitory, state of consciousness, body

TAILS: Flame - wrong use of the signs of the zodiac
Grapes - wrong use of the wine of life

TARES: Negative error thoughts

TAU: Eternal life, Hebrew, salvation

TEMPLE: House of God, body

TEN: Perfection, beginning a new cycle, completion

TENT: Temporary body structure, transitory building

THIRD EYE: The stone, clairvoyance, golden flower

THORNS: Martyrdom, pain

THRESHOLD: Entering new way, crossing

THROAT: Desire, Venus centre, speech, Heirophant

THUMBS: Executive, ability, will

THUNDERBOLT: Jove, lighting flash, celestial fire

TOMB: Materiality, body

TOWER: False ideas, speech, human thoughts, personality, misapprehension, fallacy of personal isolation, foundation built on false science

TREE: Nerves, sheltering, nourishing, spine, regeneration
Evergreen - everlasting
Fir - elevation, nobility
Oak - strength, integrity, honour
Olive - passion
Palm - healing, victory, help
Pine - humanities

TREE of KNOWLEDGE: Good and evil are concealed in the great Arcanum of antiquity, the great mystery of equilibrium, understanding of good and evil, discernment, free will, separation from God, femininity, represents polarity or imbalance, the secret of mortality

TREE of LIFE: Nerves, spinal column, masculine, roots, centred solar plexus, absolute life principle, spiritual point of balance, secret of immortality, to ultimately attain completion and eat the fruit growing in the illusionary garden of worldly things

TREFOILS: Trinity, fool's garment

TRIANGLE OF SPIRIT: Points upward, often from within a square, the three of the triangle added to the four of the square add up to seven

TRIPLE STAFF: Spirit, soul and body

TRUMPET: Power of sound
Trumpet blast - the creative word that liberates man from material limitations

TRIANGLE (Pointed Up): Fire, air

TRIANGLE (Pointed Down): Water, earth

TWELVE: Important nerve centres in the body, sons of Jacob, tribes of Israel, disciples of Jesus, signs in the Zodiac, man's spiritual faculties, spiritual number of fulfillment

TYPHON: Darkness, evil monster

UNDINE: Water spirits, associated with the suit of cups

UNICORN: Allegory of Christ, innocence, moral purity, mystery

URNS: Temporary containers, life fluid
Silver - soul, feminine
Gold - spirit, masculine

URIM and THUMMIN: Truth, perfection, revelation, light

VALLEY: Field of experience, sub-consciousness, life

VASES: Transformation, astral fluid, womb

VEIL: Virginity, cover for hidden mysteries

VINE: Abundance, wisdom, life

VOICE: Logos, power of the spoken word

WAND: Will and power, continual renewal of life, phallic significance
In a pair - the powers of involution and evolution

WALL: Manmade limitation

WALLET: Memory, abilities, talents, tools

WATER: Astral fluid, universal substance, sub-consciousness, cleansing, emotions, the reservoir of cosmic mind stuff that can be stirred into vibration by meditation
Reflection, receptivity and the subconscious
Five rivulets - the five senses


WATERFALL: Phallic symbol, male potency

WATER LILIES: Eternal life

WATER POTS: Nerve center filled with the water of life

WEST: Past, solar plexus

WHEAT: Fertility, fruitfulness, abundance

WHEAT from CHAFF: Separating truth from falsehood

WHEEL: Cycles, chakras, whole cycle of cosmic expression, eight spokes, eight pointed star represents the channels of universal radiant energy, spirit, a fifth element
Center or pivot - the archetypal or thought world
Inner circle - creative
Middle - formative
Outer - material

WHITE: Purity, light of perfect wisdom, light of God

WHITE SUN: Kether, the Crown. In the Golden Dawn system, the Fool corresponds to a path leading downward from Kether.

WIDOW: Belief in lack or separation, half-truths

WILDERNESS: Undisciplined and uncultivated thoughts, transitory state

WINE: Vitality in soul and body, life, spirit

WINGED DISK: Inspiration

WINGS: Free from material limitations

WOLF: Destructive and untamed consciousness, the manifestations of nature before man tamed and civilized them, the conscious

WORLDS: Archetypal - ideal, creative, formative
Matter - Earth

WREATH: Attainment, spiritual, force of nature, praise, victory, the kingdom of growing things, success, acquired wisdom
Forming an 'O', unity and eternity
Y: Three in one, three paths

YELLOW: Mind, thought, expanded perspective

YOD: Drops of light, dew from heaven, the descent of spirit, Hebrew letter symbolizing the hands, betokens power, skill, dexterity,
Zodiac sign of the virgin
Blessings, small sparks of fire, leaves or droplets of water
Life force from above

YOKE: Two paths, male/female, yoga
Z: Sudden knowledge, lighting flash

ZERO: Eternity, source of all infinity, absence of quality, quantity and mass, freedom from every limitation, infinite and eternal conscious energy, super-consciousness

ZODIAC: Characteristics of humanity, symbols of the cycles of existence


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