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Tartarus & Satanaku

Tartarus & Satanaku

The word Tartarus, and its concepts show up all over the world in several religions and ancient myths or histories. The nature and purpose of a Tartarus seems prevalent in every culture on earth in some form or another.

Tartarus is a place underground. It's a subterranean world. It is the place where Satanaku was banished and the Titans. It is the hell of hells. The abyss. The prison for gods and demons.

Scientist's debunk the idea of a subterranean world and the hollow earth theory, while at the same time they uncover miles of underground passages, entire subterranean cities, and massive underground facilities for graves.

I've read both pro and con on the idea of subterranean cultures and hollow earth. Neither side of the issue can actually prove what they say. On the other hand 'circumstantial' evidence piles up in favor of subterranean cultures.

Scientists and educators cannot prove that the center of the earth is a molten mass of lava or a solid core of iron. It is pure speculation and the majority of these scientists debunk the other side through character assassination (pseudo-science) rather than with proof, facts, or any scholarly debate.

I've collected a few articles on Tartarus and Satanaku from the Internet and other research of my own. Excerpts from some of these are printed below.

Here are some shocks for you.

Firstly, did you know that the Jewish/Christian God has a father and two brothers? Osiran theology is one of the oldest faiths known. The pantheon begins as follows:

Ptah had 3 sons: Osiris (Sirius), Satanaku (Saturn) & Yahweh (Jehovah/Jove/Jupiter/Zeus)

Abraham's family God, now the God of the Jewish & Christian faiths was a God taken from the Egyptian traditions!

God, Jehovah, is the son of Ptah. His brothers are Osiris and Satanaku (Later called Satan).

Osiris, is a dying-rising deity, from which the cult of Jesus took their beliefs. The Jews at that time were expecting a MESSIA - a warrior-king who would lead them. Jesus did not fulfill this prophecy.

But he did fulfill a much older prophecy - that of the dying-rising God Osiris - anointed by Isis (Mary Magdalene) and then sacrificed in order to be resurrected & save mankind.

Similarly, the God Mithra, much older than Jesus, was (traditionally) born on 25 December under a star by a virgin, turned water into wine at a wedding, died for our sins and rose 3 days later.

The Illuminati follow a strange amalgamation of occultism, Enochian/Zadokite Judaism & Egyptian theology.

The British Royal family are Illuminati. That is why, although they are heads of the Christian Church in England, they are circumcised.

Tartarus in Native American legend:

From the Cherokee Indian:

We All Began As One

As the oral history of my People maintains the tradition, trouble came to "paradise" from the stars in the form of humans from other planets. These star people were well receive in such neighboring kingdoms as Sarkon (now known as Lemuria) and Sardegon (now known as Atlantis). In Sarkon they managed to gain influence over a prince named Satanaku, who became the arch priest of the Initiations of Evil and began animal and human blood sacrifices as a means of gaining power.

These evil practices soon invaded both Mu and Sardegon and infiltrated the ranks of the Siddha Medicine Society. The White Lodge of the Divine Hierarchy contains the spiritual Masters who have overseen the spiritual growth of our planet for millions of years, but the followers of Satanaku brought with them the evil oversight of the Dark Lodge. So, there was war in "Heaven"-- the high temples of Mu. Even though Satanaku later recanted the "Initiations of Evil", and served the Siddha honorably throughout the rest of his life, both the Evil and his name as "Satan" (the Evil One) are still with us today. Likewise, the conflict of the White Lodge against the Dark Lodge continues.

Satanaku according to some myths was performing strange experiments on humans and animals, in similar vein to the movie, Dr. Moreau. He created tortured, helpless monsters and beings. He had to be an master geneticist and surgeon to have done such things. He was banished to the underground by the 'other' gods for his experiments. The idea at first seem absurd that any being would be capable of creating such monsters.

From the book The Eyes of the Sphinx by Erich von Daniken:

At some unknown, prehistoric point, the mysterious gods played a game with Apis (an other animals).. Thus the seeds of this animal cult were sown in mythical times, nurtured by the contradictory actions of the gods, which no human being could understand. These gods of supernatural origins performed impossible feats... They brought animals to life--- They lived in animals and acted through animals... Similarly divine is the creation of new animals, the coupling of species that did not interact naturally. All the hybrids, the monsters, and various sphinxes are divine creations.

In April 1987, fifteen patent applications were submitted for animals that did not exist in nature. Scientists at the Univerisity of California, for instance, succeeded in biotechnologically crossing a sheep with a goat; this new laboratory-generated creature had the front of the sheep and the rear of the goat.

...in the face of such evidence, who would dare deny the possibility that flying horses may have existed? Flying mice (bats) and flying fish have been a reality for thousands of years. I believe the question is justified whether such creatures are the products of natural evolution or the laboratory creations of alien visitors.

...scientists are determined to analyze the entire human genetic material down to its smallest component... They will succeed. Genetically engineered humans are not too far off.

We are imitating the gods of ancient mythology.

Is it also possible that Tartarus, the Underworld of ancient myth and religions, was literally 'under the world'?

Tartarus ("?Far West")

The lowest level of the Underworld, Hesiod claimed that a brazen anvil would take nine days and nights to fall from heaven to earth, and nine days and nights to fall from earth to Tartarus. Tartarus rose out of Chaos and was the destination of wicked souls. Uranus banished his children the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires to Tartarus, as Zeus also did to the Titans. Other famous inhabitants of Tartarus include Sisyphus, Ixion, Tantalus, Salmoneus, Tityus, Ophion, and the daughters of Danaus.

Was this territory before banishment also called Tartarus? Then, later, moved to the underground location upon the banishment. The literal meaning shown above would indicate such.

Places in the Greek Myths

The Underworld

The underworld is hidden in the earth. It is the kingdom of the dead and ruled over by Hades. Hades is a greedy god who is greatly concerned with increasing his subjects. Those whose calling increase the number of dead are seen favorably. The Erinnyes are welcomed guests. He is exceedingly disinclined to allow any of his subjects leave. For most, life in the underworld is not particularly unpleasant. It is rather like a miserable dream, full of shadows, without sunlight or hope. A joyless place where the dead slowly fade into nothingness.

Geographically, the underworld is surrounded by a series of rivers: The Acheron (river of woe), The Cocytus (river of lamentation), The Phlegethon (river of fire), The Styx (river of unbreakable oath by which the gods swear), and The Lethe (river of forgetfulness). Once across the rivers an adamantine gate, guarded by Cerberus, forms the entrance to the kingdom. Deep within the kingdom is Hades vast palace, complete with many guests.

Upon death a soul is lead by Hermes to the entrance of the underworld and the ferry across the Acheron. There is a single ferry run by Rhadamanthus, Minos I, and Aeacus, who pass sentence. The very good go to the Elysian Fields. Others are singled out for special treatment. Sisyphus and Tantalus being prime examples of the later.


Tartarus lies far beneath the disk of the world. Deeper then Hades kingdom of the underworld. It is used as the ultimate of prisons, unpleasant and inaccessible.

From the Far East, the same Tartarus appears in the lore and festival of the Bengalis.

Diwali, Kali Puja & ...

The national festival of the Bengalis, The Durga Puja ends with a somber tone. But soon, this melancholy slowly disappears with the arrival of Lakshmi Puja in between to finally the tri-festival of the Bengalis - Kali Puja, Diwali and last but not the least the Brother's Day.

But perhaps the most popular event during the Festival is the burning of fire crackers. Fireworks of diverse colours and sounds echoes the skies of the Diwali night. The culture of burning crackers in our country is an age old custom. There is a funny anecdote about this. By popular belief it is told that the spirits of the forefathers emerges from the Hades on the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadra and Ashwin to accept the obsequies from their current predecessors on this occasion. A balloon torch is flied in the sky to show them the path pack to Tartarus. This probably has given rise to the custom of burning crackers as prevalent today. In India most of the fire crackers are supplied from Shivakashi, situated in the southern state of Chennai (Madras). There are also several small manufacturing units of fire crackers in West Bengal.

Tartarus appears in the original Greek manuscripts which comprise the modern bible. However, the translation of the word Tartarus in scripture, did not signify the correct place. Rather, the incorrect interpretative-translation gave it the position of hell, when the Greeks knew through their lore and myths that Tartarus was 'geographically' lower or deeper than the mythical hell.

The KJV New Testament Greek Lexicon

Strong's Number: 5020
Original Word
tartarovw from Tartaros (the deepest abyss of Hell)
Transliterated Word TDNT Entry
Tartaroo None
Phonetic Spelling Parts of Speech
tar-tar-o'-o Verb


the name of the subterranean region, doleful and dark, regarded by the ancient Greeks as the abode of the wicked dead, where they suffer punishment for their evil deeds; it answers to Gehenna of the Jews to thrust down to Tartarus, to hold captive in Tartarus

King James Word Usage
cast down to hell

Again the creative construction of interpretative translation used by the Christian translators is incorrect regarding the word Gehenna. From Jewish sources.. Gehenna was a place outside or near the walls of ancient Jerusalem. It was a valley-- NOT HELL. Sometimes this valley was used as the city dump -- where they burned trash and/or burned off the methane that is produced from a typical dump. Since the New Testament manuscripts are in Greek, there would not have been any confusion, since the Greek word for hell would be Hades, and the deeper 'hell' would be Tartarus. To see the word Gehenna in Greek would attest to the Greek translator's knowledge, preserving the original name as a proper noun, since it is a geographical location.

I bring up this confusion of translation here, only to clarify the concept of the levels of the underground hells. The Jewish myths also had their form of hell and tartarus, but gehenna was not one of them, per my rabbinical source.

From Greek/Roman mythology comes Tartarus, not only a prison/hell for demons-- but also a being that created monsters. You can also see in the myth below, the 'bottomless pit' - the abyss of the biblical mythology. These underground rivers and other underground anomolies are explored in the book "Etidorhpa or the End of the Earth"-- in a personal exploration, against his will, by ?? (some say the ex-Freemason Captain Morgan). It is quite a tale of how the inner earth possibly affects us, our weather and more on the upper earth. He presents a 'hell' inside too.

Underworld & Afterlife


Styx is sometimes considered to be the river the souls must cross to enter the realm of the dead, though at other times it appears that the souls may cross the river Acheron (river of Woe), or embarking here in vessels and navigating its stream, come to the Acherusian Lake. Some say that it is in this lake that the ferryman Charon takes the two obols for the fare. According to some into Acheron flow Pyriphlegethon (river of Fire) and Cocytus (river of Wailing), which is a branch of the Styx. But others say that the river Acheron, turbid with mud, pours all its sand into the stream of Cocytus and the place where all these rivers meet is known as the Stygian marsh.

Still others say that these rivers have no bottom or foundation and that they, coming in and out from Tartarus, oscillate and wave up and down from one side of the earth to the other. The river Acheron, which flows through various desert places, is said to come to the Acherusian Lake, where the souls of most of the dead remain, some for a longer time, some for a shorter, until they are reborn. The river Pyriphlegethon, which is a stream of lava rolling in its torrent clashing rocks, also builds a large lake boiling with water and mud. Pyriphlegethon comes to the edge of the Acherusian lake, but does not mingle with its water and neither does the Styx, which coming close to the Acherusian Lake, passes round in a circle and falls back into Tartarus under the name of Cocytus.

Tartarus, Cosmic Place.

Tartarus is the lowest abyss beneath the earth where all waters originate; all rivers flow into the chasm of Tartarus and flow out of it again. Tartarus is, they say, a gloomy place as far distant from earth as earth is from the sky. For, it is said, a brazen anvil falling down from heaven nine nights and days would reach the earth upon the tenth: and again, a brazen anvil falling from earth nine nights and days would reach Tartarus upon the tenth. Still others say that Tartarus yawns deep under the shades, extending down twice as far as the view upward to Heaven. Tartarus and the Underworld are the realm of Erebus, which is pure Darkness.

Tartarus, Place of Punishment.

Tartarus is also a place of punishment. Round it runs a fence of bronze, and night spreads in triple line all about it. Some say that the gates are of iron and the threshold of bronze, and others that there is a threefold wall around it. Around this triple wall flows Pyriphlegethon with its flames and its clashing rocks. The entrance, in which there is an enormous portal has pillars of solid adamant that not even the gods could break. At the top of its tower of Iron sits the Erinye Tisiphone 1, with her bloody robe, and sleepless day and night, guards the entrance.

Tartarus, the Being.

Tartarus is, at the same time, a being capable of intercourse. Tartarus is the father of such monsters as Echidna and Typhon [for the attack of Typhon against heaven see Zeus]. Erebus, the Darkness of the Underworld, possibly existing from the beginning together with Chaos, Nyx (Night) and Tartarus, gave birth, according to some, to the MOERAE, the HESPERIDES, Hypnos, Geras (Old Age), Thanatos (Death) and Styx.

Arrival to Hades.

As men and women die Hermes leads their souls to the Underworld, past the streams of Oceanus, past the White Rock (Leucas), past the Gates of the Sun and the Land of Dreams, until they reach the Asphodel Fields, where the spirits dwell living the flavourless existence of a shadow or phantom. This is not a place of punishment, but there is no pleasure and the mind is confused and oblivious (with the exception of Tiresias).

Hermes: leads the souls of the dead to the Underworld

In the Entrance.

Before the entrance to Hades live Grief and Anxiety, along with Diseases and Old Age (Geras). Also Fear and Hunger and Death and Agony and Hypnos (Sleep), brother of Thanatos (Death), dwell in this place together with Guilty Joys. On an opposite threshold is War, the ERINYES and Eris (Discord). Close to the doors many other beasts dwell: CENTAURS, GORGONS, the Hydra from Lerna, the Chimera, the HARPIES, and others. In the midst of all this an Elm can be seen and False Dreams cling under every leaf.

Tharsis = Tartarus

Were the biblical Isles of Tarsish (Tharsis) the equivalent to the Island of Dr. Moreau? Home of the monsters, and their creator. (The British Isles were, in very ancient times, known as Tarsish) There would be a possible connection to the race and culture of the Tartars. Pass the tartar sauce, Dagon.

The excerpt below also begins the Mars connection to Tartarus

One of Cronus's children was special. Zeus managed to defeat his father Cronus and imprison his Titans on Tartarus, a part of the underworld where you suffered for atrocities committed on Earth against your own relatives. This is extremely similar to the Trow being imprisoned by Connacht under Rhi'anon for the atrocities they perpetrated against their other brother races. Later, Zeus freed the Titans like Balor freed the Trow.

Cronus is also associated with volcanoes. Now look at Tharsis which is called the forge of the Trow. Tharsis is also the name of a very high volcano on Mars and is the connecting link between East and West like it is in Mythworld. It takes its name from the ancient Spanish town 'Tartessus' or 'Tharsus' of Cilicia. Last, in the Old Testament it says: "And Jonas rose up to flee into Tharsis from the face of the Lord, and he went down to Joppe, and found a ship going to Tharsis: and he paid the fare thereof, and went down into it, to go with them to Tharsis from the face of the Lord." This is similar to Soulblighter fleeing into the Eye of Tharsis to hide from the face of Alric.

More Tartarus monsters. Holy trinity....


The Furies also referred to as the Erinyes were "the Angry Ones" in Greek and Roman mythology. Additionally called Eumenides (the kindly ones), the Potniae (the awful ones), the Maniae (the Madnesses) and the Praxidikae (the Vengeful ones), Dirae, Furiae and Semnae. They were three daughters of Mother Earth conceived from the blood of Uranus and were usually represented as crones with bats wings, dogs' heads and snakes for hair. Their duty was to punish wrongs committed against blood relatives and personify conscience.

The trinity is: Tisiphone (dispare & blood avenger) "voice of revenge"-guards the entrance to Tartarus, the place of punishment.

Megaera (madness & jealous) "envious anger"-drove mad both Ino and Athamas, and when Athamas was out of his mind he hunted his elder son Learchus as a deer and killed him.

Alecto (strife) unceasing in pursuit "the never ending" is said to be a maker of grief, a spirit who revels in war and quarrels. She was believed to be able to set brothers of one mind at one another's throats or to torment a home with hatred.

"conceived from the blood of Uranus" -- genetically or biotechnologically speaking?

Tartarus shows up in Masonic lore and legends.


Set/Sirius is portrayed by Black Magick Satanists as the "Devil of Darkness" and the Lord of the Underworld", according to New Age author, M. Esther Harding, in her book, Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern , New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons for the C.G. Jung Foundation For Analytical Psychology, 1971 Edition, p. 48, and 168 respectively].

Further, Harding reveals that this "Underworld' over which Set/Sirius is charge is not Hades, but Tartarus, for "Tartarus is the hell of the damned and it was of this world that Set was the Lord". Schnoebelen then adds the caveat that Set's symbol is the Inverted Pentagram! Thus, the filthy Satanic Pentagram represents Sirius/Set , by whatever name the occultist uses.

Finally, Masonic author, Albert Pike, reveals in his book, Morals and Dogma, that the Pentagram Masons call the Blazing Star of their Lodges represents Sirius, the Dog Star! Pike even blasphemously refers to Sirius as the "Guardian and Guide of our Souls ... which to the Ancients was the Sun." [Page 15-16] This is Sun Worship at its very worst!

Below you can see the biblical fall of angels, in the Greek myths...which myths came first?

The Esoteric Tradition by G. de Purucker

According to the Iliad of Homer, which represented in a mystical sense what we may call the Bible of the Greeks, and to which they referred for the true meaning of their mythological teachings -- much as Christians used to refer to the New Testament and to the Old Testament for the real significance of Christian theological doctrines -- we find four basic stages of the kosmic hierarchy: Olympus or Heaven; Earth; Hades, or the Underworld, often supposed to be at the center of the Earth; and gloomy Tartarus, the lowest of all.

Tartarus is supposed to have been the region, according to this mythology, whither the Titans who had rebelled against Zeus, Father of Gods and Men, were cast and who were there imprisoned, bound in chains, until a future time came for their loosening and freedom. Tartarus evidently in this mythology represents the Elemental Worlds, where the titanic forces of unfolded Nature are held in the rigid bonds of what it is popular in the West to call 'law.' Loosened, these terrible natural forces wreak devastation on earth; and thus indeed did the Greek mythographers understand the secret meaning of this part of their mythology, and therefore they referred to the imprisoned Titans as producing by their movements in Tartarus the earthquakes and the tidal waves and other phenomena that Nature shows, when the terrible forces of Nature seem temporarily to be unloosened and unchained.

Tartarus on Mars:


Tartarus Colles
593km colles (small hill or knob)
named in 1985 -- From albedo feature at 2N, 183W.

Tartarus Montes
1011km mons (mountain)
named in 1985 -- Classical albedo feature name.

Tartarus Rupes
81km rupes (scarp)
named in 1985 -- Named for albedo feature at 2N, 183W.

Tartarus Scopulus
127km scopulus (lobate or irregular scarp)

Interestingly enough, NASA has named one of their databases TARTARUS -- the abyss?

The following is in Spanish with a rough machine translation following. It appears to be based on Alestair Crowley's works. You should be aware that in Olde English, the 'worm' or 'wyrm' was indeed a reptile. (reptilian, dragon) Is it the serpent in the garden, that was condemned to crawl on his belly 'IN' the earth? Dagon was a fish-headed god (or one of the created monsters?).

The Outward Gateways

Shognigoth, 906, enumera a ThVLOTh, 'el Gusano', el tipo de hacedor de tuneles y rondador de tumbas, simbolico de las interioridades terrestres, los espacios interiores constituyendo la cuarta dimension del elemento terrestre. La conexion mortuoria esta enfatizada por la ecuacion numerica con ChONChON, un pajaro nocturno parecido al buitre, una forma asumida por las brujas pertenecientes a una rama secreta del culto brujeril Sudamericano. Deletreado como ShVGNIGVTh, Shognigoth es uno mas que 777, el numero de OVLM HQLIPVTh, 'el Mundo de las Cascaras', y de DGON, Dagon, 'Seqor de los Profundos', en este caso de los Intraterrestres. 778 es el numero de STANAKU (Satanaku) o Pluton cuyas cavernas secretas estan repletas de 'abominaciones'. El numero indica, enfaticamente, la interior, la subterranea naturaleza de Shognigoth.

Shognigoth, 906, it(he,she) enumerates to ThVLOTh, 'the Worm', a type of builder of tunnels and night watchman of tombs, symbolic of the inner terrestrials, the interior spaces constituting the fourth dimension of the terrestrial element. This mortuary connection is emphasized by the numerical equation with ChONChON, a night bird similar to the vulture, a form assumed by the witches belonging to a secret branch of a South American witch-like cult. Spelled as ShVGNIGVTh, Shognigoth is one, but that 777, OVLM's number HQLIPVTh, 'the World of the Dead', and of DGON, Dagon, 'Master of the Deep', in this case of the Intraterrestrials. 778 it is STANAKU's number (Satanaku) or Pluto where secret caverns are full of 'abominations'. The number indicates, emphatically, interior, the Shognigoth's underground nature.

While all this may not be earth shattering, I think it too far beyond coincidence that the word Tartarus, and the concepts it represents, shows up all around the globe in a majority of the cultures.

The concept that some being or beings were on this earth hybridizing/genetically altering/ and/or surgically changing, man and beast shows up in nearly all cultures globally. Were these new animal creations what Adam was naming in the garden of Eden?

In his book The Eyes of the Sphinx Erich von Daniken, presents a logical case that these god-beings were creating monsters, and that some remains have been located in the miles of underground tunnels in Egypt. Such as -- the remains of a two headed dog. He suggests that the many different sphinxes found in Egypt may very well have been live and sentient beings, created and controlled by the gods.

The ancient lore about the Apis bull, that von Daniken expounds on, has a certain square emblem on the forehead. Could this have been an electronic or biotechnological implant to control these beasts? If this is possible in the realm of imagination, then the possibility that this expertise was utilized is even more probable. It was imagination, only a hundred years ago, that man would fly or send machinery to the moon-- then later that imagination became a reality. Something puportedly supernatural would seem to have had to occur for masses of people to start revering the bull.

Michael Mott, in Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures, presents hundreds of instances of lore and myth that these underground cultures did exist at one time, assuming they don't still exist. If there is a reptilian race, possibly created by the gods, living in the earth, would they be technologically superior? Did they inherit the gods expertise and knowledge?

Could they be the source of this crazy matrix that we experience? If these underground cultures do exist, and we have been denied the knowledge of their exisitence, would that not be the ultimate deception and matrix?


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