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27th June 2005
Message from Maitreya:

I wonder if you realize teachers are all around you? They are not restricted to just spiritual institutions. Many ordinary people in the street are teachers, and they are not aware of it. But we use them whenever we can if they are willing to let our words come out of their mouth. So often they know what they want to say, but do not say it because they may offend the other person, or the other person may take offence! We will work through anyone with whom we can place our thoughts. How do we do this, you may ask. Do people not have to be on a high vibration? The answer is no. Many souls choose before they are born to be the messengers for us. They choose at certain times in their lives to speak words which are necessary for people to hear in order to help them change. Let me explain in a way you will understand.

My channel, Margaret, had a son who, when he was born, was strangled by the umbilical cord. This left him with a speech problem in that he did not speak an understandable word until he was three years old, and also left him with a condition where he was hyperactive and had learning problems. This was the beginning of Margaret's learning about alternative medicine and other natural forms of therapy. We led her to a book about hyperactivity and diet. It fell at her feet in a library. When she began to read the book out of curiosity, she began to see the problems written in the book which her son had. This book was about diet and coloring and flavoring which could affect these children. This, of course, was in the 1970's, long before this problem became known around the world. She set about changing his diet and it worked. He was such a changed child that she could not believe it, and neither could her husband and friends at the time. Margaret felt as if she had found gold at the end of the rainbow. She did all she could to keep her son on the programme despite him not wanting to be on it all of the time. The family themselves even went on the programme and Margaret noticed a lot of their anger disappeared because of doing so. Whenever her son wanted something he was not supposed to have, she would say to him, "You cannot have that or do that because you are hyperactive." She did not realize she was reiterating the issue over and over into her son's mind.

One day, a friend who was able to communicate on a higher level but who was not aware she was a channel, came to visit. Through her, we impressed upon her to tell Margaret she was instilling into the boy's mind the fact that he was hyperactive. Margaret was appalled when she was told, and immediately began to realize what she was doing. With just a few words, they changed the outcome of a situation! This person who spoke those words was not a trained spiritual person, but she did have an open heart and through that, and her golden ball above her head which she had opened (which every soul has from birth), we were able to communicate to let Margaret know that she was doing more to harm her son than to help him. We have since used this channel many times over the Earth years.

There are millions of souls on the Earth plane like this person, as I have stated before, they often will not say what they think they should because they do not wish to hurt someone. Yet if it is said with love, and without anger or malice, it can be such a message! Teachers can be anyone. Yes, of course, there are teachers who are highly evolved because of their study or vibration or both, but they are also simple messengers who we use for our contact with you on your path of learning. Listen to all the messages for they are important, even though your Self may not like the message! We are trying to help you on your spiritual path, to help you move forward. Listen to what we have to say through those around you!



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