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Terrestrial polar reversal

Terrestrial polar reversal accelerating electromagnetic influence on cyclones, volcanoes and earthquakes

It is evident now that increasing number and intensities in cyclones, volcanoes and earthquakes all over the world are caused by the electromagnetic influence of the terrestrial polar reversal.

In the last four months the earth experienced the largest three earthquakes in the last two hundred years. The under water volcanoes and earthquakes have gone up 88% over the last three years. The continental earthquakes have gone up by 62% during the same time frame. The rate of increase of these earthquakes and volcanoes when drawn against time is staggering.

Some scientists are now afraid that we are moving towards 2012 with ticking time bomb under us. Something catastrophic like the lost world of Atlantis can repeat.

A computer model monitoring the recent seismic disturbances – earthquakes and volcanoes show extreme disturbance in the outer and inner core of the earth. The interaction of the inner core and the rest of the earth cause the electromagnetic properties of the earth. The ongoing polar reversal is accelerating and will eventually have reverse polarity in North and South pole. According to the simulation model, the earth’s inner core and outer core is going through some serious disturbances. That in turn is influencing the viscous semi fluid mantle. When that happens, the convection within mantle increases substantially. That is also influenced by solar polar reversal. In our modern age we have not experienced a simultaneous solar and terrestrial polar reversal. Between now and 2012, these disturbances will keep increasing making earth’s crust and tectonic plates very disturbed causing severe volcanoes and earthquakes.

The earth’s inside, according to scientists consists of an inner core, an outer core, a lower mantle and an outer mantle. Earth's interior is layered something like the inside of a peach. The "pit" at the center of Earth is called the "core". It is made mostly of iron, some nickel, and about 10 to 15% of a less dense material, probably silicon, oxygen, or sulfur. The core itself is made of two concentric pieces, a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. The large zone corresponding to the flesh of the peach is called the "mantle". It is made mostly of rocky minerals with names like olivine, pyroxene, quartz, and periclase. (Any good book on geology or mineralogy will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about these minerals.) Almost all rocks are made of silicon and oxygen mixed with other elements such as calcium, aluminum, and iron. Mantle rock contains particularly large amounts of iron and magnesium. The mantle is also divided into two solid parts, the lower mantle and the upper mantle. This division in the mantle may be due to small differences in the amounts of iron and magnesium or to differences in the nearness of atoms to each other. (As an analog, think of a piece of Styrofoam. If you crush it, the particles inside move closer together because you have closed the tiny open spaces inside, but it is still made of Styrofoam.)


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