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Philosophical thought inevitably leads to metaphysical considerations.

By the thoughts and actions of today you carve tomorrow.

The peculiar spelling is due to the derivation from "thoht" the past participle of "thenken " (O.E. to think ). The similarity between this word and that of the name of Egyptian God 'Thoth" and also the Norse God "Thor" is quite striking, or is it merely a philological curiosity?

The Cosmos is a "Manifestation of Thought" as conceived in the Mind of The Absolute, perfect and complete in timeless abstraction , but imperfect in the manifestation of an evolutionary process, which suggests to some, that it is an elaborately controlled system of chaos. A miniature example of this is the weather. The nature of thought in relation to man's mind is somewhat analogous, but different as it only produces thought forms on a certain level of "ether". The careless results of which have produced a morass of undesirable thought forms in the mind belt around the earth, responsible for chaotic conditions generall . There is potency in concentrated thought and is greatly enhanced by group co-operation, and can then be used to transmit healing energy. The adepts can use their minds to produce thought forms*, and send them forth imbued with a sort of life, to scout remote areas and situations, reabsorbing them afterwards. As already intimated, words and emotions are always producing thought forms and over the centuries have affected the weather patterns of the globe. This is because the devic agencies whose task is to regulate the movement of the air currents, depend on the correct thought pattern from humanity.

The energy of manas which forms man's mind comes from the 5th.cosmic plane and constitutes the "5th. Principle" . That of the superconscious mind relates to the 6th.cosmic plane which is that of the Christ, and is only concerned with unselfish impersonal love and service, it is the realm of the "Soul **. The power of thought can be greatly increased by the spoken word of an Adept, and is also relevant in the practice of Ritual Magic and Mantra Yoga.

The speed of thought waves is in the order of four million times that of light.


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