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We move thousand times faster than light

We move thousand times faster than light – it happens all the time

Theoretical traditional physics makes it impossible to travel faster than light. But it happens all the time with all of us. Our mind traverses through higher dimensions thousands and may be millions of time faster than the light. In the parallel Universes, the three dimensions do not exist. Traversing from point A to B can be instantaneous no matter how far A and B is from each other.

The electromagnetic energy field emanating from out subconscious mind traverses through the higher dimension all the time to other receptors. That is how telepathy works. That is also the means by which meditation; prayers and positive thinking create miraculous effects. If you are praying for someone, you do not have to sit next to that person. You can achieve the same result instantaneously by praying from a long distance – may be thousands of miles.

Electromagnetic energy of a special kind traverses the Universe of higher dimensional spatial structures. It can eventually converge into our current Universe in the three dimensions plus time. This sometimes is called the technique of bending space and time by accessing an immediate opening to the parallel Universe.

The bigger question that scientists are trying to solve is the fact how can our physical existence traverse with a speed greater than light? That is not going to happen because traditional physics is right – that is just impossible. But what happens is that we realize our physical existence in this Universe is not only temporary but also entirely superficial. The real existence is in the higher dimensions. The virtual or spiritual existence does not follow the law of traditional physics.

The final piece of the puzzle lies in how to transform our physical existence into spatial structures that can traverse in higher dimensions? That is where science and technology is facing the ultimate challenge. Once that barrier is solved, time travel and teleporting will be possible. It is not a problem for our soul and mind to travel through higher dimensions – we do that all the time. But converting the physical existence into a meta-state of electromagnetic spatial form will be the actual challenge.

Interestingly, if and when we break the barrier of converting our physical existence into the form recognizable in higher dimensions, we will reach “immortality” and we may decide not to exist in the physical form. At that point of time life and death can be controlled by the miracle of contemporary science. Many UFO researchers believe, the extraterrestrials have achieved that state. That is final frontier for science.


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