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Tibetans monks

Tibetans monks can become invisible and fly stealth and anti-gravity reverse engineering from UFOs?

It is well known in Tibet that Tibetan monks can perform some spectacular miracles. They can become invisible and fly. Some say that super natural capabilities helped the monks during Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Similar strange super natural activities are also shown by the Hindu Hermits in deep Himalayas especially near Mount Kailash a sacred place of worship for Hindus and Tibetan Buddhists.

Though the Tibetan Monks do not show these kinds of super natural activities in the public, many in Tibet believes they have the capabilities. In Hinduism, it is very common. Fighting behind the stealth cover and using anti-gravity lift is nothing new in the Ramayana and Mahabharata the legendary epics that form the basis of Hinduism.

The electromagnetic flux and anti-gravity lift can be approached from the point of view of Physics. But human soul is also a source of portable high intensity energy. With the power of will and concentration the energy source can also create anti-gravity lift harnessing dark matters all around and electromagnetic flux. Though we may look at Physics and be content with its knowledge, we also need to look at the power of soul and knowledge embedded in it that is never programmed to be revealed in any of us so easily.

Anti-gravity lift can be created with spiritual concentration. Similarly, stealth providing electromagnetic flux is also possible from the same source. Many countries are looking into these paranormal effects and are finding spectacular results. Many believe that the extraterrestrials have similar power and their science is based on spirituality. It can be that sooner or later our current civilization will realize that science alone is not the answer to all questions. Everything cannot be explained by out traditional Quantum Physics and similar other aspects of science and technologies. The reason is that our science is not advanced enough to answer all that. We are still far behind.

There is another aspect. Like now we finding, the Universe is not the end, there many Universes that form the Mega-Universe and where are Mega-Mega Universes and so on.

According to ancient civilizations, everything becomes clear once one can focus and use the knowledge of our own soul. According Tibetan Monks, they reverse engineered the knowledge from the extraterrestrial super beings using spiritual means and not conventional scientific means.


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