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AL BIELEK. I'll deal with the final phase of the Phoenix Project and some of the aspects involved. I joined the project in 1953 as Al Bielek. I did what the book The Montauk Project[1] points out, the computer interface between the psychic chair used to steer the time tunnels in the final phase of the operations. Those earlier phases were very difficult-they didn't work right and they had many problems. But, I became involved as Al Bielek. Preston Nichols became involved as Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron became involved as Duncan Cameron, in his second body, not remembering anything about his involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment.

The project generated the time tunnels. People were able to travel in time and space and they did. But they also had other projects going on at Montauk. We still don't know all of them.

The technology for the tunnels was given to us by cooperative effort of alien groups, primarily the Orion group, which involved reptilians, a sub group called the Leverons. A technical group which provided most of the assistance, was the group from Sirius A. Very materialistic, scientific, people. Perhaps not a bad heart but misdirected, because they had very long-term contracts with the Orions to provide them with the technical knowledge and assistance they needed. And they were working with our government in secret to work out mind control techniques and technology and pushing for a highly automated, technical society which would be much easier to control than it would be the way it is now. But we're approaching that rapidly.

Also there were a lot of little greys that got underfoot. There were other groups there who took no part in the project, but were there as observers and the group from Antares, very human, very happy, jovial people. You couldn't tell them from a human spirit. In fact, I don't think you could anatomically either. Why they were there, I don't know. They didn't do anything. They were observers .

But the aliens provided the expertise, the hardware. They convened it from their computer data to IBM 360. That still didn't work and that's when other changes were made. I became heavily involved in making the time tunnel system work. It was alien technology. We did not have the theory. We did have the capability, the technological expertise to build the hardware, and we did, to their specifications.

ITT was a contractor. This was all under "Black Card" clearance level, which is about the highest level of clearance there is, and most people don't even know it exists. And this means, in essence, that it is such a deep Black Hole project that all the records, everything connected with it, is buried in a black vault and nobody has access to this without having the proper clearance and a need to know. This includes purchasing departments who buy the hardware for these projects. The records for the sales, purchase, everything, buried in the black vault. So nobody can find it. This is why they call it a Black Hole project. There are many, many of these. This is one of them.

The tunnels became fully operational about '77 after many changes. About '79 on they got all the results they wanted. Until August 12,1983, at night, when the project was deliberately crashed. Sabotaged from the inside. That's covered in the book. But prior to that what they did was unbelievable.

One of the uses of the Phoenix Project, in the use of Time Tunnels, was to provide backup to the Martian Colonies. The Martian Colonies have been there since the early '70s. We went publicly to the moon in 1969. Actually the Germans were there in 1947. And we were there in 1962 with a joint U.S.-Russian expedition. They went to Mars, May 22, 1962. The movie, Alternative 3, done by Anglia Television, April 1, 1977, which is available in the underground, outlines it completely. It shows the actual transmission. The color shots by TV back from Mars, as this Explorer moved and landed. We have colonies there in Mars from the late '60's or maybe early '70's onward. They found many artifacts there. There is more than one wrecked city. And of course the famous face on Mars, the Pyramids and that whole complex that Hoagland (Dr. Richard] has talked about and gone public on. There are two videos on this plus his book.

What they found on the surface indicated there was much more there that they could not find that was buried. And they had not brought with them, and did not have the capabilities of heavy earth-moving equipment on Mars at that time. They didn't have any Cats. Big tractors and that sort of stuff.

They were too heavy to bring up.

So, a request went by radio back to Earth, "We believe there are underground installations here. We've seen openings that are sealed. Can you guys down there tell us what to do?" Well, the information went to Montauk, to the Phoenix Project. And they sent back information, "Well, give us some coordinates on the surface of Mars where you think these locations are." And they did. And they said, "We'll investigate it." And they did. Because they could go anyplace with the tunnel, they went to Mars to the coordinates.

And first they didn't send anybody. They ran a tunnel into what they thought might be an underground area and rather than risk killing anybody by burying them in solid rock, they sent a camera, a remote-view camera. We found out there was an actual cavern and it was safe and then Montauk sent people. Duncan and I were in that crew. The first crew that went, directed by Montauk to explore the underground of Mars. It's not mentioned in the book who went, but we went. And there were probably others. We went several times. We found all kinds of artifacts. We found a still functional underground lighting system, a power system. We found it and turned it on and it still worked. No evidence of life. A lot of artifacts, files, records, religious artifacts, statuary, all stored like it was a store room. A huge store room.

CL: Was the written material in English?

Al Belich: No. It was in another language. It was not English. Duncan was able to translate some of it. I saw it, but I was not able to translate it. And a lot of the records and stuff were brought back. And eventually Duncan and I decided to take some clandestine trips on our own. (After one trip is made, it's all recorded. All the coordinates and information which are required to operate the system is recorded on magnetic tape. And you can take this tape, plug it into the computer, and without going through the psychic and the chair number*, you can open the tunnel to the same location because the computer contains all the celestial data-all the Earth movements, solar system movements, all in the computer-so that there is complete reference to the new location where the planet would be. And "plug" the tunnel in exactly the same location.) So we went twice on our own for our own little explorations.

CL: And no one was manning the machine for you back home?

Al Belich: We turned the equipment on, we knew how to do it. And nobody was there. On the second trip, we were discovered because, there are automatic recorders that tell how many times this equipment is used, and for what purpose, and what dates, times and so forth. Automatic complete time, event recorders. So we were caught when we came back. We were pulled off the project and slapped on the wrist. "You're not going to do that anymore," and one of the people who was involved, a senior scientist, broke our team up. Duncan and I didn't do much of anything together after that but further explorations were made by others. What they found, we don't know.

Certain people had been chosen in advance, such as myself and Duncan and Preston to be part of this program. And the level of brainwashing varied. Duncan was heavily programmed, brainwashed to do what he did there because he was not being used for his technical expertise. I was brainwashed to some extent, and Preston, very heavily.

But we were all given what you'd call the debriefing after this whole project crashed and was formally declared over on January 1, 1984. We all got our debriefings which means your mind was erased of everything you ever did on the project. And they hoped it would hold indefinitely.

It didn't. The reason it did not hold indefinitely was because the site was not destroyed. It's still there. It was turned over to New York State Parks Commission on January I of 1986 or sometime in January of 1986 to become part of the park that already exists out there. The State has never torn anything up. They've never tom a building down. They've never opened it up as a park.

They knocked the fences down so people can go through there and hike and camp if they want, during the day. They cannot stay ovenight without a special permit from Montauk Township. That's not allowed and the park rangers go in to shuttle them out.

But the property remains unconverted. Going in there, as I did, first in August of '85 by the invite of Preston (I took Duncan with me), none of us knew, at that time, that we had been part of the Montauk Project. Preston, as a surplus electronics dealer, had been out there salvaging equipment previous to this trip in August.

CL: And all this technology was from the alien groups?

AB: They had cooperation from the ET's. See, they had a crashed UFO which was deliberately crashed, by agreement with Hitler, by a certain group of Pleiadians. It was loaded with technology. And the reason for crashing it was that the German High Command, if they were pushed, could say, "Yeah we found a crashed saucer in the Bavarian Alps" or some such place, "and we recovered it, took it apart and analyzed the technology."

It certainly wasn't made public. But the remains of that craft were found near Peenemunde after the war was over. This was the rocket testing base for the Germans and where Wernher Von Braun operated along with his crew. When the war was over, he deliberately moved his group to the west, to the Americans. And another group was captured by the Russians, including, I believe, his professor, Herman Oberth. Of course that is where the Russians got a head start on rocketry over the U. S. -they had the professor who taught Wernher Von Braun!

There may have been someone else because the Russians captured quite a number of intelligencia out of Germany when Berlin came under their control. So the war actually received a huge boost, technologically from the Pleiadians. So far as deals are concerned, Roosevelt made the first one in the U.S. in 1934, not with the
Pleiadians, who offered to help the U.S. get out of the doldrums of the huge depression we were in, but he chose a different group for whatever personal reasons we don't know. Called the K Group or the Kondroshkin. It turns out, so far as I can determine today, they are the bluegreys. Not the little greys, but a larger group called the blue-greys.

In any case, he made his deal with them. They made an offer to provide a whole new technological base for the United States atomic energy in 1938. Roosevelt at first approved and then he tumed it down because the military told him, "Uh uh. We can't control it from beginning to end. We don't know what they are going to do with it and how they may manipulate us in the end." So they [the K-Group] disappeared in the woodwork.

In 1943 came the Philadelphia Experiment and the lock-up with the Phoenix Project, ripping a huge hole in space-time. This was deliberately done by the aliens at the '83 end to put a rift in the fabric of space-time so large numbers of aliens and ships could come through. They all had time travel capabilities, but the rift was needed to get the large ships through and make a mass invasion of the United States, and later Europe, of aliens (primarily greys) and other types. When they landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the Muroc Dry Lake as well as another air baseI'm leaving a lot of details out-the govemment already knew all about the aliens being on this planet. [They knew] since 1887 with the first investigating commission under Grover Cleveland.

In any case, they knew that they were here, but then they came en masse. We were confronted by a technology that we couldn't counter, we couldn't handle it, we didn't know what to do about it. So the agreement with Eisenhower and his advisors was to sign a treaty with them, a noninterference treaty and get what technology we could from them-make some kind of agreement. We'd buy time and see what we could do about it later.

That was the basis of the agreement Because of that, very large numbers of aliens came in and eventually became part of the Phoenix Project. They were planning ahead. We didn't know what they were up to. And I'm looking at this in retrospect, not what we knew then. They were planning ahead. They knew what they were doing. They maneuvered and manipulated the Phoenix Project. They did not expect it to crash then. I am sure they anticipate its continuing for another decade, at least into the '90's.

However, because certain people suddenly, if you will pardon the expression, "saw the light," got religion, or whatever it is that hit them, Duncan, and a few others, conspired to destroy the station. And the reason for it was that they were fed up with what they saw as all the evils perpetrated there.

I knew about it. I decided that I would not be part of the destructive plot. I said, "Yes, there is a lot wrong here, but we've already straightened a lot of the mess out and we can straighten out the rest and continue this as a research tool," as John VonNeumann (who is still alive today by the way) wanted. He said, "It's a research tool; we need it." Because of the time travel (remote viewing) capabilities, he saw things coming in the future which could cause very serious threats to the United States and the World.

But, these people had their way. They put a special implant into Duncan's head so that when we, as the original Duncan Cameron and myself as Edward Cameron, came through from the Philadelphia Experiment and went through the station (for twelve hours) we were retumed to the Elderidge; then the Elderidge retumed to '43. At that point, that phase was over and it completed the time loop.

Whether we like it or not, Montauk has been reactivated.


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