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Love Magic - Apple and Maple Healing Magic - Ash Exorcism and the
Fae - Elder
Prosperity - Fir Protection - Rowan Purification and Blessings - Birch
Moon Magic and Wishing Magic and love -Willow
For fertility and love magic, an oak wand topped with an acorn (or
made of fir, tipped with a
pine cone) is often used. As the wood must be obtained from a living
tree, you may not be
able to obtain the specific type you desire. But fortunately, most
trees, especially fruit trees,
will work adequately in magic. During the construction of the magic
wand you will use your
magic knife. Take a purification bath and then dress in clean, plain
clothes, or a robe.
Go to the tree. Walk thrice around its truck clockwise, pointing your
knife at the tree, and
saying words similar to these:

O Great Tree, O Strong Tree,
I ask thee to give me of your wood to further me in the magical art
of herbalism.
Thou shalt grow strong by my stroke; stronger and taller, O Great
Finished, select an appropriate branch, straight with few leaves or
twigs growing out of it.
A length of perhaps 15 inches is sufficient to allow shaping and
sanding, and a width of not
less than one-half inch is fine.
With your magic knife cut the branch tenderly, whispering your thanks
to the tree.

Tie a red bow around the trunk or bury an offering of bread, wine, or
a precious stone at its base.
After returning home, remove all extraneous growth from the main

Sand with a fairly coarse sandpaper to remove the bark, then shift to
a lighter paper to smooth it.
Then wipe with a dry cloth to remove the wood dust. Now anoint a
cloth with pure frankincense
or sandalwood oil and rub the wand well with this. Put away in a dark
place wrapped in a yellow
cloth for seven days. On this night take it out and lay it upon the
bare earth.

Touch the point of your magic knife to the wand, saying these or
similar words of like meaning:
I consecrate thee, O Wand of (type of tree), by the virtues of the
Air, Fire, and Water, that thou shalt truly be a magical Wand,
possessed of
bounteous powers and uses. By this sign thou shalt be an aid and
succor to me.
Now, setting the knife aside (or, sliding it in your belt or sheath)
hold the wand in your strong hand.
Grasp firmly. Now invoke any god you worship.
Repeat the invocation in each of the four directions (you don't have
to be exact in these; it's okay
to guess). Many feel more comfortable working magick in the name of a
god or goddess.

Although magic is non-religious, it is not non-spiritual.
If you feel more at ease flavoring your magic with religion, by all
means do so.
This is where the wand will come in hand, on calling upon your gods
to witness your rites or to
charge them with extra power. Raise the wand aloft in your strong
hand when invoking or
praying to deities, calling upon the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and
Water, or when
dealing with any non-human entity.


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