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Venus Transit & Quetzalcoatl: The Venus Transit and The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl

Venus Transit & Quetzalcoatl: The Venus Transit and The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl

The Oneness Celebration of June 6-8 this year takes place at an amazing gathering of energies in the Mayan calendar. In the age old Tzolkin calendar that has been used without interruption by the Mayan people for some 2500 years it falls on the days 4 Ahau, 5 Imix and 6 Ik, which are most commonly translated into English as 4 Light, 5 Alligator and 6 Wind. It is now timely to take a look at these energies in order to understand the nature of the possibilities that they will open up to mankind.

To begin with it is easy to identify the energy of 4 Ahau with the energy of Christ. The particular katun (20-tun period of 19.7 ordinary years) when Jesus taught was in fact ruled by the energy of 4 Ahau. And so June 6 will be ruled by exactly the same energy that brought the teaching of Jesus Christ to the world.

The next day of June 7 has the energy of 5 Alligator (Alligator stands for the primordial beginning) and marks the beginning of a uinal (20-day period) ruled by Quetzalcoatl in the Tzolkin. June 8, finally, has the energy of 6 Wind. Since the wind god was an aspect of Quetzalcoatl so is the energy of this particular day sign. The Harmonic Convergence 17 years ago incidentally fell on the latter two day-signs of Alligator and Wind and in this we have a noteworthy parallel.

In ancient Mexico, Quetzalcoatl (in Mayan languages called Kukulcan or Gugumatz) represented the deity of light and duality and was seen as the creator of civilization. We may then ask ourselves what is the nature of the civilization that is now about to be created in this conspicuous gathering of energies. To understand this, two of the myths surrounding Quetzalcoatl in ancient Mexico may provide some perspective.

According to one of these, Quetzalcoatl, had been found to commit incestuous acts with his sister (probably then really alluding to the Yin energy) and so, to liberate himself from guilt he decided to sacrifice himself by throwing himself in the fire. When he did so he was transformed into the planet Venus and since then this planet has always been identified with Quetzalcoatl. He vowed one day to return.

In another myth a priest in the Toltec capital of Tula, Ce Acatl Tipiltzin, who was recognized as an incarnation of Quetzalcoatl and bore that title, came in conflict with the priesthood of Tezcatlipoca, the principle of darkness.

The reason was that Tipiltzin at this time sought to make a halt to practice of human sacrifice. The Tezcatlipoca priesthood however gained the upper hand and Quetzalcoatl was driven into exile. According to legend he left the Atlantic coast of Mexico on a raft made of serpents and vowed one day to return on a day of his own energy. This myth played an auspicious role in ancient Mexico in that the later Aztecs came to expect a return of Quetzalcoatl from the East that would bring light and a new civilization to the people. Thus, as the Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortez, landed in Mexico on a day with the prophesized energy he was initially believed by their emperor Moctezuma to be an incarnation of the god Quetzalcoatl who had now returned. Cortez was invited to the capital of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan, and the ancient legend substantially contributed to the fall of the Aztec Empire. Today, however, because of the atrocities committed by the Conquistadors, no one believes that Cortes was actually Quetzalcoatl.

What this means is that Quetzalcoatl has yet to return either from Venus or the East – or from both. What I am suggesting is that the Oneness Celebration is the time for Quetzalcoatl to return to mankind. But I want to point out that I do not mean by this that Quetzalcoatl is a person who is about to return. Rather it is an energy that will return by incarnating in the many of us who will participate in the transformation and recreation of civilization. Crucial for this will be the Venus Transit of June 8, when, during a period of about 6 hours, the planet Venus will transit across the disc of the sun. By astronomers this is heralded as the astronomical event of the year, an event, which has not happened since 1882. It represents one of those rare occasions when the energy of the planet Venus is projected onto the Earth. Venus is our sister planet that is almost exactly of the same size as the Earth and always turns the same face to it at passages. If the energy of Venus will then be projected onto the Earth by the rays of the sun it does not seem farfetched to identify the Venus Transit with a time when the energy of Quetzalcoatl will return to the Earth. The fact that the transit occurs on a day dedicated to the wind god, Quetzalcoatl adds to this prophecy.

It has been suggested several times that the energies of Christ and Quetzalcoatl are the same or at least closely associated. If nothing else, it was in the baktun ruled by Quetzalcoatl, AD 40-434, that Christianity expanded to a world religion. This, in contrast to many of the religions that had preceded it, brought a message of love and forgiveness to mankind. On a symbolic level the Cross of Christianity was an expropriation of the World Tree and Quetzalcoatl was really the Serpent that in so many traditions was winding around the World Tree and in this symbolism the two energies are immediately connected.

We have yet to explain however what was meant by the prophecy that Quetzalcoatl should return from the East after, around the year AD 1000, he disappeared on a raft. We should then first note that, since then, many pairs of Venus Transits have occurred that did not seem to bring the return of Quetzalcoatl. The most recent examples of such pairs are those of 1518/1526, 1631/1639, 1761/1769 and 1874/1882.

(Venus Transits usually come pair-wise separated by exactly eight years minus two days). While these seem to have coincided with significant steps in the evolution of the Earth to a Global Brain through extended communications, they have not brought peace and harmony to the world. What then is the difference with the pair of Venus Transits that we are now about to experience June 8, 2004 and June 6, 2012? Why should we expect a return of Quetzalcoatl this time, when it did not happen at those previous Venus Transits?

The reason is that at the current time we are in an ”Underworld” in the Mayan calendar that, in contrast to at previous times, favors the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half. Thus, the light that is now entering the consciousness field of the Earth falls preferentially on the Eastern Hemisphere. We are in an Underworld that will set an end to about 400 years (a baktun in Mayan language) of dominance of the world by the Western and left brain hemispheres. This is the explanation that it is only now, with this pair of Venus Transits, that we have reasons to expect the return of the energy of Quetzalcoatl. Thus, both the myths of a return from Venus and from the East (looked upon from the perspective of the Western Hemisphere) now make sense.

It seems likely that this Eastern energy will have a strong emission point in India, where for instance the Golden City outside of Madras is about to inaugurated in direct association with the Venus Passage. At the present place on humanity’s path towards Enlightenment it seems obvious that balance and harmony can only come from the East. If nothing else, part of what is threatening the survival of our species is the dominance of the left brain. This brain half tends to look abstractly at the life of our planet and regard it as dead matter to be exploited based on its calculations.

A crucial aspect of Enlightenment is the balancing of our brains, and on a larger scale the Earth’s, hemispheres. A pre-requisite for the Mass Enlightenment to happen at the completion of creation on October 28, 2011 is that such a balance is created. The creation of such a balance is really what sets an end to our externalizing of inner conflicts and a return to living fully in the present. This is exactly the change that we may expect the energy of Quetzalcoatl to help bring about – if we co-create its manifestation in the physical realm. If Quetzalcoatl is a symbol of the energy of light and this energy is now falling on the Eastern Hemisphere, it will now indeed serve to create a balance.

Without going to deep into Mayan calendrics we should note that the different Underworlds create a sensitivity of human beings to different fields of reality. The gravitational and electromagnetic fields are examples of such fields, which human beings became sensitive to and learn to control in lower Underworlds than the present Galactic.

The current Galactic Underworld, however, which had its inception on January 5, 1999 in the Gregorian calendar, brings a sensitivity to the very consciousness field of the planet and living beings. There are several names for the energy that this field organizes, such as prana or Qi, and its most common description may be the “ether”. Another way of looking at this field is to regard it as a heavenly creation field that allows for immediate communication across the universe and synchronizes creation across the universe. This field then is not one of the common fields of physics, but a creation field that only now human beings are developing sensitivity to. What this means is that for communication human beings no longer need to transport themselves to another place or use the field of electromagnetism. Instead what is needed is to develop the intuitive capabilities of the right brain half that allow us to connect to the heavens, the fields that create the universe.

If a significant segment of humanity is in resonance with this field of creation it would more or less by necessity mean that it would be able to function more harmoniously. Its connections through this field would depend on the capabilities of the right brain half, the brain half that is now in the process of balancing the world and eliminating its injustices. This is a process that leads human beings away from looking at the world through a dualist filter and projecting conflicts onto the external world. It is also a process that is about to set an end to the linear time consciousness of the left brain and so supporting a life lived in the present, in the power of now, if you will.

Most profoundly, however, this is the creation field, the ether of consciousness, that develops in accordance with the divine plan as this may be charted by the Mayan calendar. Thus, whoever has a mind in resonance with this field will act in a way that is aligned with the higher purpose of humanity and the planet and creating a pathway to heaven that will manifest on Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven. This prophecy is very much a part of the Christian tradition and the time allotted to humanity for this is the period between the two Venus Passages on June 8, 2004 and June 6, 2012.

But then, how is Quetzalcoatl to return? Regardless of by what means, anyone who is able to connect to the Oneness of All at the time of the Celebration will become a living incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. To become real the energy of Quetzalcoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through through the absorbtion of the energy of light on the right brain and unifying this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity may now be ripe. A winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light, Quetzalcoatl, may serve this purpose. This will set the road to wholeness in an otherwise turbulent time.


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