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An inspired guide for those who have lost a loved one and those who fear Death.

"Death is just a gentle transition from this Life to the Next." Sananda

The Process of Life and Death
Understanding the spiritual concepts of Death
Near Death Experiences
Death of a Parent & Grandparent
Death of a Lover
Death of a Child
Death of a Friend
Death by Suicide
Death by Illness
Unexpected Death
Death en masse
Murder, War, execution, Funerals & Hauntings
Death of a Pet

Chapter One

The Process of Life and Death

"Death is an expansion of the self"

Talking about death is one of the greatest taboos in our western society. People are happy to talk about their sex lives, their financial affairs, their health, their politics and philosophies, but will not discuss death.

Everyone knows that eventually they will die and only a few very special Masters have ascended directly into heaven such as Buddha, Jesus & Mohammed and the most spiritual of human beings. People will happily discuss their traumatic births, accidents, broken hearts and failures, but the thought of death, that inevitably awaits us all, is a fearful dark cloud on their life horizon.

As a hypnotherapist, I have analyzed many people while under hypnosis who believe that they have a phobia about death that is ruining their pleasure in this current existence. They see death as being a frightening specter that is just behind them, waiting to pounce. Amazingly, I have discovered that under hypnosis, they reveal that it is not death that they fear - but life! Their subconscious knows that death is a gentle easing into their more natural realm and that life here on Earth with it's many problems and pain, is the great dread! How odd that we have come to fear Death, revere Life and in fact, have the whole process reversed!

Again many people are convinced that when a loved one, child, mother, father, brother, sister, lover or friend dies that they are inevitably "lost" to them forever. Yet as spiritual mediums, we know that this is not so. The loved beings who pass over into what most call death, are instead enjoying a higher life. They are happy, fulfilled and very "alive", what is more, you are still able to communicate with them!

Tony and I are professional spiritual channellers who place ourselves in a gentle, relaxed state of meditation and allow Higher Beings such as the Ascended Masters to speak directly through us. We have been doing this for many years and love the experience. It is wonderful to feel the Higher Being's loving energy, smell their distinctive flowery scents, hear their compassionate voices and see the beautiful forms that they take on to visit us. Their Divine words are always compassionate, loving, encouraging and helpful. They speak not only about higher values, philosophies and ideas, but also of everyday issues that all men and women face and give practical advice on how to tackle these common problems. They instruct and guide us, but never demand or command us to follow their wise advice. They always reassure us that we have "freewill."

Commander Joachim a jovial member of the Ashtar Command, (an advanced race of spiritual Beings who oversee this Galaxy) and also Grandfather of Jesus Christ, explained death to us in an inspiring channelled message.

"Blessings to you Dear Friends, I am Joachim.

Dear Ones, never be afraid of dying. You have all died many hundreds of times in your past incarnations and you are still here, are you not? Death is not an ending. It is not a suppression of your Spirit. It is indeed an expansion. It is similar to you having been a caterpillar and suddenly becoming a butterfly. That is how wondrous it truly is!

Imagine if you like, the little caterpillar that spends his life on a twig with a few leaves to eat and a few other caterpillars as friends. See how limited that life is. That is like your life on Earth. Dear friends, have you not often wondered why certain things happen to you? Because you cannot see the bigger picture, or why you are here? Everything seems to have a meaning, that is indecipherable to you.

Yet, when that caterpillar turns into the butterfly, as you become an angelic being, when you, as you say, 'pass over', as you fly up higher, you begin to see the bigger picture! The caterpillar sees the twig is part of a branch, which is part of a tree, which is part of a forest. He sees there are sky and clouds, that there are houses and people. And so it is when you go to a higher dimension, after what you call death. You then see your life as it truly was - you see the bigger picture, what it was all about, why you had to learn certain lessons, which ones you passed successfully and which ones you failed in, but will be given many more opportunities to relearn and succeed.

When you see the bigger picture and as you say, you pass over, or die, you are able to see then, your relationship ties with other people, how strong those bonds are, how you incarnate together in groups, often time and time again, to achieve some higher purpose, but also to work out these relationship (karmic) ties with others.

So if you are good, sensible caterpillars in this life, Dear Friends, you make sure you send loving Light to all those that have harmed you and all that you have harmed now while you have the chance! Not just out of selfishness, but in order that you don't carry that weight around with you for the rest of your life. So that the Light that you send to others may relieve them of their guilt, or their burden and so you do not have to come back once more and relive similar patterns, until you finally all learn the lessons.

For one of the major purposes in incarnating time and time again, Dear Friends, is to realise that you are divine! You are not just human. You have in you, the divine spark of God. You are able to achieve many great, wondrous things in this lifetime. As the planet and you change your vibration to a lighter airier, more loving vibration, a more God-centred vibration and as your memory reawakens to the great beings you truly are - that you truly are butterflies, not caterpillars - then great expansions open towards you of understanding.

And once you realise your limitlessness, once you see you cannot truly die and be finished, that even death expands into a greater awareness and a greater opportunity for growth, then you can achieve anything that you like on this Earth and have no fear of harm, or death to yourself. For truly how can you harm the Spirit? You cannot.

Adonai. Joachim"

Time and time again, we have recorded channelled messages from the Ascended Masters (beings who have lived lives on Earth as human beings, then on death raised themselves to the Higher Realms to help those men and women that they have left behind) that we are divine, unlimited angelic beings who have tremendous, yet unused psychic and spiritual gifts and talents that we can use to help others and the planet. We are not mere humans with limited abilities. And we are reassured time and time again, that our souls and spirit continue to live beyond the grave. This lifetime is one in a long line of life times and our reward at the end of each lifetime is to return for a long vacation to Heaven, our true Home!

Mother Mary, who is a kind loving spirit who exemplifies the feminine or yin aspect of humanity, has often spoken about Death.

"Heaven is a thousand times, more wondrous than your own home to you, on this physical earth!"

"Blessings to you Children,

I am Mother Mary.

I would talk tonight about Life's Journey into Death. For is this not, on all of your minds at this time? I would have you see Death as being a joyous adventure, not being a fearful tragedy.

Dear Ones, I am sure that many of you here, live in homes that you feel very comfortable and secure in, that are very loving. I hope you all live like that. But even with a loving home, you all need a vacation, a holiday, sometimes. You look forwards to this with anticipation. You go off on your journey, perhaps with a sad look at your home, for the last time, for a little while. Then you go off exploring, having exciting times. Perhaps on a wilderness trek or perhaps on some luxurious holiday of some type. But eventually you come home, with all of the experiences, of the adventures. That holiday fresh in your mind. But, you are very happy to be home again. For do you not appreciate your homes more, once you have been away from them, even for a short spell?

This is what Heaven is like and this is what Earth is like. Heaven is your true home. Earth is the holiday experience! And yet for some of you, it is a very frustrating holiday, with many delays, many problems. It is as if you are at an airport, as you would say and your plane has been cancelled, you have run out of money and you have no food. For some people, the holiday is like that. For others, they go off to a luxurious resort and they have a joyful life full of happy experiences, in the main.

But most of you have what you consider a fairly mundane life. There will be joys - perhaps of having relationships, perhaps of having children, of finding creativity in your life, enjoying your work, I hope. But at other times, there will be painful delays and frustrations and problems!

But eventually at the end of that long holiday, that long vacation, you will again go home and go home happily, to what you call, the next realm, Heaven. And there all of your relatives will be waiting, all those that have passed over before you, those that you have known in spirit, on the upper dimensions for eons of time!

So do not fear, Dear Friends, that passing over. You truly, you do go home and heaven is truly a wondrous place! "

Mother Mary goes on to speak of the actual Death process –

"I would say to you, Dear Ones, always know that the Spirit departs the body whenever an extreme pain comes in or even before, what you call physical death. Many people, that you see go into a coma before actual physical death, their Spirit will often stand in the room, watching the physical body, as the Light begins to fade from it, as the silver chord is detached from the body. So never think that you have a painful death.

Never think that those that sleep in comas or even if the physical body appear to be suffering in any way, it is not so! The soul has departed and there is no sensory output going through to the soul. Therefore there is no pain in the experience.

Plus, only a short time on leaving the body, you are immediately surrounded by Angelic Beings. You will, many of you, see a tunnel of Light, that is welcoming and loving. And having passed through that, for only a short time, will come to a space, what you call Heaven or the Higher Realms.

Dear Friends, what you expect Heaven to be, so it will be when you pass over. This is why you get so many conflicting ideas about heaven, from Spirits that come through and channel. You see, if you believe Heaven will be, just as your home is now, if you visualise a street, such as you live in, if you visualise that you will sit down and have cups of tea with your Grandparents that have passed over, so Heaven will be presented initially to you in that way!

And that is why, when a new spirit passes over and then has the ability to channel, through a channeller, such as Robyn does here, "That they are having a cup of tea with their Grandmother!" you will think, What a strange experience of heaven! But in time, that being will see that they have created that illusion. Then the walls and the doors and the table and teapot will all disappear. The Grandparents will still stay. Then they will begin to see that there are more things that they can do on those Higher Spheres than drink tea!

Just as some people believe that they will pass over and sit on a cloud and play a harp. If this is truly their vision, then they will sit on a cloud playing a harp! Perhaps for ten years, or a hundred years or a thousand years, till one day they realise they are creating an illusion and then begin to see there are other realms full of experience, full of learning, much that they can do. Heaven is not a place of great sleep and doing nothing. It is a place of great experience and love and joy! But of course you do not have this physical body to get tired. You do not have the mental anguish and problems that you have here on Earth to deal with. So everything is done with a burst of energy and a burst of joy.

So I would say to anyone that is close to their time of passing over, fear it not! Just as on a holiday, you would be so happy to go home, to your own beloved home, I tell you this, Heaven is a thousand times, more wondrous than your own home to you, on this physical Earth! So Dear Ones, never be afraid of Death. It merely takes you from one experience to another, when your bodies are too tired to continue their Earthly journey. " Lady Mary.

Both Tony and I, Robyn have spoken to many dear spirits who have passed over after death, to the Higher Levels and planes of consciousness, the Heavenly Realms. They have all had similar experiences of being greeted and comforted by loving friends and relatives who have previously passed over. Often a special Archangel, Azriel comes to gently guide them through the death process. They then often rise up above their now spirit vacated bodies, the silver chord to their old bodies is broken and enter into a white tunnel of light and at the end emerge into a lovely, heavenly place of warmth, love and light, freed from the discomfort and heaviness of their old physical Earth bodies.

Many of the deceased spirits have spoken about the wonders of these Higher realms - the beautiful flowers and trees, the peace, the kindness and the love. They are gently reintroduced to their surroundings which feel very familiar, for they have had many eons there between incarnations on Earth and other planets. They are reunited with loved ones and have the ability to create their own comfortable surroundings. If they want to live in a replica of their old Earth home, they can do so or if they want to live in marbled halls, they can also do so, as their psychic abilities are much more advanced than on Earth!

They can study advanced subjects such as music, art, sacred geometry in the Akashic Halls of Learning under the tutoring of famous musicians and philosophers or develop their higher spiritual talents with help from angelic teachers. There is more to do in Heaven than sitting quietly and praying!

Often those who have passed suddenly without warning, such as in an accident or while very mentally confused, spend time in a type of angelic hospital, where they are tended by compassionate helpers and loved ones. Sometimes they sleep for a long while, to rid themselves of the last traces of their uncomfortable Earth illnesses and confusion. Then they are gently awaken, to be helped by their angelic carers to rediscover the delights of Heaven.

We have never heard of a negative report of the Heavenly Realms. Every spirit we have spoken to, is happy, well balanced and joyful to be home again. Of course they have great sympathy for those loved ones that they have left behind on Earth and often try to visit them and reassure them that they are still "alive" and happy. But unfortunately, many grieving relatives and friends do not "see" them or "hear" them, for clairvoyant (clear seeing) and clairaudient (clear hearing) talents are not encouraged to be learnt, in this current Earth society.

We shall finish this first chapter with a loving quote from the Higher realms - There is an old saying - "When a child is born on Earth, we rejoice and the Angels cry. When a soul returns to Heaven, we cry and the Angels rejoice!"

Chapter Two

Understanding the spiritual concepts of Death

Spirit Guides

We all have two spirit guides or Guardian angels who are with us, protecting us during our lifetimes on Earth. They are often old friends or relatives who have previously passed over into heaven or karmic connections from Past Lives. Usually there is one male angel and one female angel to give us the best of both worlds! The female is kind and nurturing, the male is courageous and protective of us.

At death these two loving and compassionate angels will often help us during the death process. Encouraging us to gently leave the Earth existence when the time is right and helping us to be brave and calm during the experience. When they next incarnate to Earth, we may well decide to be their Guardian angels, to repay the kind and positive debt.


There is a special Archangel called Azriel, who presides over the death experience. We have spoken to him and channelled him. Despite the mass media's depiction of death as the grim reaper, we have found Azriel to be very loving, compassionate and caring. He is attractive in appearance, kind and glows with the golden light of all Archangels. He has taken on one of the most serious and non rewarding of all Heavenly chores, of helping men, women and children through the death experience and into the heavenly realms.

Tony particularly was driven to tears when channelling him, as he was so compassionate and showed us grim pictures of wars and conflicts where he has had to work with many people ready to pass over. Please never be afraid of Azriel, he is a wonderful companion on the road back to Home!


I have also channelled Anubis the ancient Egyptian God who guides men and women after death to the higher realms. He presented himself as a tall man with the familiar jackal head image, caring a large staff. Despite his initial forbidding image, he showed himself to be kind and compassionate and will be a welcome traveller/guide on my final journey Home, at the end of my life.


"And is it not a joyful experience, my dear one?"

We have mentioned briefly reincarnation and karma in our previous channellings and writing, and you may be asking - Is reincarnation true? Do we have many lifetimes or only one? We believe that you have many lifetimes, opportunities to perfect yourself and grow in knowledge, love and compassion. For one lifetime for many, would just not be long enough and every time we incarnate we do so with a clean slate, a new chance to get it right! Tony and I remember many of our past lives, some together, some not. We have been poor, rich, male, female, spiritual, atheist and more. All new adventures for growth. As a hypnotherapist for many years, I have regressed hypnotically hundreds of people who remembered earlier lives. So it is a very common experience.

Surprisingly, the early Christian churches believed in reincarnation and the philosophy was fully accepted up until the 4th century, when it was outvoted by only one vote, at a meeting of senior clergy at Constantinople. And of course millions of people in the East accept the belief as fact.

But do not just take our word for it, we encourage you to read the words of the Masters on this intriguing subject.

This is an extract from our channelled book Omni, available free on our website.

"Principle 4 : parable 2

The Master journeyed through a region of orchards and vineyards and rested at the home of a generous woman. She invited the people of the area to come and speak with the Master.

And an old man came to Him saying, "I am afraid of death." And the Master said, "Why? You have died many times before, in many lifetimes and yet you are still here, healthy and strong. It is more likely that you fear life, for it is on Earth that you have burdens, in the heavenly realms you have none. There is but Divine joy there. The heavenly realms are not a place where you sit as angels and play harps or rest eternally.

At first when you go there after you have died, you may find that you need to rest. You will be taken care of by angelic beings. But then you will remember who you are and you will regain your glorious form, your glorious mind. And then you will decide what you will do there. It may be to study, to teach, to heal, to help. There will be many choices open to you. Think of it, my dear one, that you have voluntarily come to Earth for a short time, yet your true home is in the heavenly realms. Would you not rejoice, on returning to your home and seeing all those that have gone on before you?

Fear not death, dear one, you will soon be with your beloved Divine Power and Creator and then again, in time, you will be given the choice to return to a physical planet, a physical world, in a physical body, if you so wish."

"It will not be long, before you are back again," The Master said with a laugh." Do not throw away the joy of returning home, do not fear death, for it is a release to a higher way of living and loving."

Then a smart young girl said to Him "But then how do we escape from the wheel of reincarnation? How do we get to remain in the heavenly realms?" And the Master said "That is a good question. There will come a time when your visits to Earth and to other similar planets, begin to become tedious, when you have learnt almost all the lessons that you can learn from these places. Your soul will cry out for higher knowledge and once you have learnt all that you can spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally from these planets, you will then desire to move on to a higher dimension. And you will devote your life to doing so.

Then when you reach that time on the heavenly realms between incarnations and when you have looked at all that you have learnt and when others have guided you, you will decide then it is time to raise yourself up, to leave those planets of the third and fourth dimensions, such as Earth and perhaps, to incarnate on those that are higher of the fifth and sixth dimensions.

So you see dear one, it is an endless road of progression, till once more you are reunited with the Divine Spirit and then you will rest for a while in the darkness, in the peace. And then perhaps, you will come forward again and experience what it is like to be on the lower dimensions. For does not all life go in a circle? You are born, you live, you die, you are born, you live, you die, it is endless. And so it is incarnating to Earth, raising yourself up, going up to the higher dimensions and levels and then coming down again. And is it not a joyful experience, my dear one?" The Master.

We have, over the years that we have worked as channellers, received many channellings on reincarnation from The Ascended Masters and other spirits. Here is a channelling from Master Kuthumi on this fascinating subject.

"My friends, why is it more implausible that you are born many times or only once. The same procedure takes place each time. The angel spirit enters the body of the newly created foetus, coming and going until it is familiar with the heavy earthly body. Just before birth it finally enters the human baby's body and the veil of amnesia comes down over the mind of the young child. It forgets who it has previously been and it's intended missions on Earth, what it is meant to learn, who it will help and what karmic ties apply to it and others.

The baby forgets that it is an angel full of wisdom and light and instead sees and feels only what a young infant would experience. During it's lifetime, if it has developed an inquiring mind, he/she may explore the psychic side of it's nature and rediscover who it has been in previous lifetimes and why it is here. At death the body decays, but the spirit is set free to return once again to Heaven. After rest, discussion, study and planning, the angelic soul may choose to return once again to Earth, to experience a new life with all it's unlimited possibilities. This is what reincarnation is about - opportunities, growth, experience all eventually culminating in enlightenment. " Kuthumi.

We have investigated reincarnation over the years and have read much on the subject. It is interesting to note that almost all facts discovered while in a hypnotic trance about previous incarnations, when checked turn out to be historically correct. Even supposed wrong information, such as a person remembering a crypt in an ancient church in which they once worshipped in a past incarnation and no longer appears to be there, is later unearthed and rediscovered. The past life memory was correct!

Here is another channelled message from Andromeda Ra concerning reincarnation, which may explain it more clearly.

"Many people, find the idea of reincarnation, difficult to accept. If the process can be done once - it can be done many times. You don’t buy one overcoat in your life, you change them regularly, as you physically outgrow them or just want a change. The soul does exactly the same - when your body becomes old and difficult to use, it gently discards the body and seeks a new, healthy one to inhabit.

When the soul is tired of being a white man, it may choose, next time, to be a black female, so that the experience does not become repetitive. Can you imagine only buying plain, gray coats all your life, when you can have any hue or design you fancy?"

It would be wonderful, if the soul could experience enough situations, experiences and human entanglements in one lifetime, so that the trip to this third dimension, was only a "one off". But, unfortunately, there is such a wide diversity of human experience to investigate, that it usually becomes necessary for the soul to return many times, in many forms. For instance, think of all the possible combinations that you could experience, from this list.

white man
white woman
black man
black woman
Asian man
Asian woman
rich man
poor woman
healthy man
sick woman

The list is endless and diverse. Each lifetime is unique and rewarding. To return time and time again, as a healthy, wealthy king with no troubles and vices, would make for a very boring series of lives and after the first few experiences, very little new information would be gathered. But, to be a lame beggar in Baghdad in one life and a glamorous movie star in Hollywood, in another, helps to show you the true diversity of the human experience.

Shakespeare wrote that ‘all the world’s a stage and that men and woman are only players’. This is an excellent description of the roles in each life, that we willingly take on. We choose the stage set - our birthplace, the other actors - our parents and the role that we will take on - rich, white girl or poor African boy. But, we wouldn’t like to replay the same scenes over and over again, as it would soon become boring, so each life we choose a new stage set and new roles to play out.

Many human beings, have short lives of perhaps only a few weeks or years, in which they experience very little, while others have lives of one hundred years plus. You may choose to have several short lives, (to just dip your toe into the cold water), than to have one long life (where you fully take the plunge). The choice ultimately is yours. We have met people, who have incarnated to Earth over 200 times and others who have only incarnated several times.

Under hypnosis, many people can tap into these past lives and are often astonished at the details they remember, from lives experienced thousands of years ago. Some people, through hypnotic regression, can be brought mentally, to the time before each incarnation, when they plan the life they will experience. Always, they have choice as to parents, place, social conditions, colour, race or sex. Different choices for different lessons. So, I’m afraid if you don’t like the circumstances of your birth, you have only yourself to blame, you chose it!

Many people, are also unconsciously drawn to certain eras or cultures, due to the strong influences of a former lifetime. If you’re a keen viewer of gladiator movies set in ancient Rome and feel instinctively, that you could easily live there, as it seems so familiar, there is a good chance that you have had an important lifetime in that era. If you love collecting Egyptian jewellery and artifacts, it is highly probable that you’ve had one or several lives in that country.

Very rarely, do my clients remember lives as animals or other unusual living creatures, although one woman remembered a lifetime as a deva, a flower nymph, which explained her great love of gardening!

It is not our obligation to convince you of the validity of reincarnation, however it does help in the process of grief after losing a loved one, to realise that the he/she is not lost or dead or never has another chance to experience Earth life. This is just one in a long series of lives in which you will meet up with your loved one and experience Earth life once more!

Incarnating in Groups

We incarnate many times with a specialised group of people who are part of our group soul. There may be 1000 or more of these special beings. Before life (in Heaven) they agree to play the parts of lovers, family, friends, teachers and yes, even enemies in your next incarnation.

You have grown close to a small number of them who often play the part of close family members and lovers. This extract from our free ebook Omni, also explains Soul groups in a clearly understandable manner.

"Principle 4 : parable 3

And vineyard planters asked Him, "Do we incarnate with others or alone?" And He said to them, "Look at your family members, do you not feel a connection with them that goes beyond this life? Indeed, they are members of your soul group and you have much karma with them to repay, whether it be good or bad. And look at your friends, do you not have the same feelings for them and even for your enemies, for they teach you great lessons also. They are part of your soul group who has decided to incarnate at this time, to teach each other lessons, to learn from one another. Respect them all, for they are great teachers of wisdom and you hopefully, the ideal pupil who learns from the experience." The Master.

Unfortunately these love and family relationships do not always end happily, negative karma may be formed and it may need to be repaid in the next lifetime on Earth. But of course, positive karma is also accumulated.


Karma can be described as a reaction to an action or what you sow, you reap. If you are cruel and unkind to someone, you will need spiritually, to repay that debt in this lifetime or in a future lifetime. It is the perfect punishment and reward system. Of course if you are helpful and kind to someone, this will also be repaid. No one makes you repay a karmic debt, only you, when you are in a wiser and more enlightened frame of mind. Here is an example of two types of karma being repaid in different lifetimes.

In medieval England, a young woman Gwyndoline fell in love with a kind young man and planned to marry him, however the local lord of the manor, Felix refused to let her marry her beloved John and instead forced her to become his mistress. He misused her and later abandoned her when she became pregnant. John took her in and raised the child as his own. He cared for Gwyndoline during their long life together.

When they passed over into Heaven at death, the three spirits decided that Felix would need to repay his treatment of Gwyndoline by kindness, not further pain. Gwyndoline also wanted to repay John for his kindness and love. They all decided to incarnate together to finalise the karma between them all.

In the next lifetime in the 20th century, Gwyndoline, (now Julie) trained to be a nurse and went to work in an orphanage. She was particularly fond of one of her small charges, Danny (who was once John). She gave him much love and attention and unconsciously repaid him all the kindness that he had given her, in their past incarnation together.

Felix was now Dr Martin, a very kind, dedicated doctor who gave endless time to helping the small inmates of the orphanage and received only a small wage for doing so. He also neglected his social life, in preference to helping the orphans, particularly Danny. He became fond of Julie, in a fatherly way and when she had financial and relationship difficulties, helped her with good advice and financial help. They became good friends. In this way, Felix unconsciously repaid his former karmic debt to Julie. The karma between all of them had been positively resolved.

Of course, many times in real life, the conflicts and karmic debts are not fully resolved. People often refuse to behave in a loving way and many times replay the same pattern of behaviour that they have begun in past incarnations. The cruel people remain cruel. The kind people remain kind and caring. But many opportunities will be given for each person to repay their karmic debts and hopefully, end it all in a positive manner.

Our low cost ebook The Wheel of Life, available on our website clearly demonstrates this principle as we follow the incarnations of a group of three young spirits. Why not read it for yourself?

Here is an excerpt from the book.

"Blue Snake grew to be a strong, young man and was taught the ways of the shaman and the ways of the warrior. Both skills were needed in the depleted tribe. White Dove saw little of his treacherous father, John, in him, but often glimpsed a suggestion of her beloved father Sparrowhawk in his humorous eyes and gentle manner. She never married and carried the torment of betraying her tribe, in her heart all her life.

On her death-bed at sixty years, she held Blue Snake's hands in her own.

"I do not fear death,' she said, "for I will be once again, be with our tribe in the Happy Hunting grounds. But, I ask you to fight the evil white men and regain our lands!"

Blue Snake looked at her sadly.

"Vengeance is not the answer, Mother. I shall help my people to survive, heal them and teach them our traditions, so they do not be forgot, but I will not kill the white men in revenge! This is not our time to rise up. Our time will come one day, but it will be not by the knife or arrow, but in another harmonious way of the spirits!"

White Dove sighed. With this, she must be content. She stroked her son's dark hair and fell into her final death sleep.

"Oh, my, I failed again!" cried Mariel with a sad look on her ethereal face. "I died hating the white man, instead of forgiving him! Will I never learn?"

She smiled at Ariel, "You were my father Sparrowhawk, weren't you? I loved him so!"

Ariel smiled, "Yes, and I was Blue Snake also!"

"Both of them! Father and son!" cried Mariel. "I never guessed!"

Jonel shuffled his etheric feet.

"Pity me, I was the treacherous John Fry. I let you down badly, Mariel and caused the death of many of the people of your tribe. What a huge amount of negative karma, I have caused for myself. Such suffering to others!" he hung his head in misery.

"I forgive you!" said Mariel and Ariel echoed her words emphatically.

Kirrel smiled at them sadly.

"You all made a mess of it, except Blue Snake. He did try to help his people and carry on the traditions. You repaid a lot of karma there, Ariel". She added encouragingly. "Although you are all probably very tired of Earth lives, I suggest that you try once again, to get it right. Where would you like to go this time?"

"How about a nice, quiet village in the late 19th century in England?" suggested Mariel. "And I would like to be a man, this time."

"I would like to be a girl." said Ariel with an amused smile. Jonel decided to be a male, once again.

"I will get it right, one day!" he said optimistically.

Once again the three souls made their descent into the heavier forms of three bouncing babies." Wheel of Life.

Spirit once told us in a channelling - "It does not matter if you believe in reincarnation or not - it still happens!"

Chapter Three

Near Death Experiences

A Near death experience (N.D.E) can be described as a spiritual experience which occasionally occurs to people who have physically died and then been revived. The heart has stopped beating and all life functions are still. It involves the spirit (soul) leaving the physical body in astral form and travelling to the heavenly realms. Later they are revived or naturally awaken from the experience. Many people experience near death experiences during medical operations, car accidents or any other life threatening event. Tony has experienced a NDE and his personal description of this life changing experience is below.


" I was born into a very practical and hardworking family, who had little time for philosophical or religious pursuits. During my childhood and teenage years, despite falling in with the general pattern of those around me, I could not help but believe that there was something more to life than money or obtaining physical possessions. At eighteen, I had injured my shoulder badly in a work related incident and was taking prescribed pain killers. After accidentally mixing these with alcohol on a night out with friends, I experienced a Near Death Experience which changed my life forever.

This incident lasted what seemed like several hours, but in fact may only have been minutes. I remember laying on my bed and spiritually being aware that I was leaving my body. My bedroom was full of a warm, loving white light. As I drifted up from my body, I saw a white circle of light, at about the height of my bedroom ceiling. As I approached this circle of light, the ceiling and upper walls of my room seemed to gently dissolve and I soon found myself drifting into the circle of light which was the entrance to a tunnel of white light.

I experienced an amazing feeling of peace, calmness and tranquility. I was very excited and never afraid throughout the entire experience. It was so warm and loving, it was an incredible feeling! During it, I was transported up a long tunnel of light, by loving angelic Beings who seemed very familiar to me (I have since discovered that they were soul group members and personal guides). Their voices were very encouraging, warm and friendly.

I was then shown why I had incarnated to Earth, in this life and the many incidents that could happen to me along the way, if I chose to return to my body. I realised that I had incarnated to do more than merely live a routine life of hard work, marriage and children and that I had a very special task to achieve.

After this visual experience, I then spoke with the angelic beings that were accompanying me and they asked me, if I wanted to stay with them or return to my physical body and current life. At that point, I quickly decided to return and I felt myself hastily, but gently descending back down the tunnel of light to hover over my body. I then felt myself merge smoothly back into my physical body, in a painless and effortless manner. I then physically awoke from this experience and rushed downstairs to tell my father what had happened to me.

Later, when I thought about what had happened, I realised that most of these possible future incidents were veiled intentionally from my mind, so that I could continue to live a life of free choice and free will.

However, now whenever I experience one of these special incidents, an inner voice reminds me that I once knew that this would occur! That I am on the right track. Throughout the entire experience, it felt to me that my real and familiar life was at the end of the white tunnel of light and that the physical life that I am currently living here on Earth - is the dream! At the end of my life, I am looking forward to returning to that Heavenly place, for it is the natural and right place for me!

Having been given a new lease of life, I tried every physical activity possible - parachuting, motorbike riding, back packing around the world, and exploring new philosophies. A friend took me along to a spiritual development circle, where I regularly listened to experienced mediums channel and discussed psychic phenomena. I began to read New Age books and seek out paranormal information.

Like many seekers, I visited the occasional clairvoyant. One clairvoyant told me fairly precisely, where I would find my Twin Flame partner and about my future path. Later, I travelled interstate to the Blue Mountains and found my perfect soul mate, Robyn. I joined a spiritualist church and helped run it for a few years, while exploring my own paranormal abilities. I learnt to see auras, locate and heal chakras, astral travel, see and hear spirit and finally channel them myself. It has been a wonderful journey." Tony.

Tony is one of many people who having experienced a NDE change their lives dramatically. The mundane chores and attitudes of every day work and thought, change to one of appreciation of life and these people seize the opportunities to really begin "to live life to the full". They also begin their spiritual Life Missions, what we would call their Life and World Plans, with much vigour!

Rather than frightening them, the NDE has shown them clearly that they do survive death, their soul lives on and does useful work and their beloved family and friends are still "alive" in Heaven. Heaven seems more "real" to them than their lives here on Earth. They no longer fear death, but see it as a magnificent reward at the end of their life, for doing a good job here on Earth!

Of course some people do not remember the experience clearly. Here below, (taken from a channelling session from Mother Mary, we conducted a few years ago), is one explanation why

"Question. Some years ago my heart stopped beating and the doctors restarted it. (Mother Mary: Did they not break some ribs or other?) Yes they did. I can’t remember anything of this. I can’t understand why?

For some people, the Near Death Experience as you call it, is so beautiful, that having come back, they no longer wish to live in physical reality and they look at all around them as being inferior and secondary. This would have happened to you, Dear Friend. As you passed over, you would have seen such joy, such love, on those dimensions, it is possible that on coming back, you would have even contemplated suicide, to return to those heavenly realms. This time then, was blanked out from your mind.

As you grow older and closer to death, then perhaps the memories will start to come in, as to how joyous that experience was for you, away separate from your physical body, and how loving were the arms, the welcome of those who were there. So I say to you dear friend, this has been purposely blocked out, so that you could live this life with purpose, so that you could experience, without always looking back, at the most joyful part of your life, actually being when you left your body.

Does this make sense to you? Yes! Blessings to you. Blessings to you!

I will leave you all now Dear Friends. So do not be fearful of death. Look on it as an experience that will lead you to a new universe and give you another opportunity, if you wish, to incarnate back on the Earth or have greater experience in the Higher realms.

Blessings to you.

I am Mary. "

People are often frightened of NDE's. There is the famous tale of a passenger on an airline flight who had a heart attack and died. The cabin crew attended to him and then when they found that they could not revive him, covered him up with a blanket. After a short time, the other passengers resumed their flight in a normal manner, many eating their meals, talking etc. Suddenly the man came back from a NDE and revived himself. The flight attendents removed the blanket and helped him physically to his seat. This so shocked the other passengers, that they became quite upset! They refused to eat their meals or talk normally. Obviously they were more accustomed to coping with death rather than Near Death Experiences!

People who have experienced a NDE often describe the same effects. Hovering above their body at death, being guided by angels to a white tunnel of light, entering into the tunnel, hearing loving voices and seeing beautiful scenes at the other end. They are often met or accompanied by loved ones who have previously passed over and guardian angels. Children have also reported the same effects.

Here is the answer from the Goddess Isis, to a difficult question asked at one of our channelling meetings.

"Q. Are NDE's real or are they chemically produced by the patient under stress?

A. They are very real. In fact ask anyone who has experienced them, (including Tony who has helped Robyn put this book together) and they will tell you that it is the ‘realest’ thing that ever happened to them! Those that have them, are indeed blessed, because it gives them a short opportunity, to experience life on the higher planes. After the experience, which is normally exhilarating, peaceful and illuminating, they return to Earth with new vigour and a determination to make the most of their life, remaining. It is a truly spiritual and rewarding experience!

Scientists would try to reduce it to just chemicals, but, they would do the same to the experience of love and compassion. They are mistakenly trying to prove fifth dimensional experiences, through third dimensional science. It can’t be done!

One day they too will awaken! Send them love and light!" Isis.

Occasionally someone has a negative experience in the NDE state. They have usually lived a life of greed and selfishness. We believe that they have wandered into the lower astral belt, rather than actually travelled to a Hell environment. The shame that they experience in the Near Death Experience, encourages them to live a better, more spiritual life when they return to their Earthly bodies! Spirit always gives you second chances, if you are contrite!

We believe that many people experience NDE's while in comas and in sleep during long drawn out illnesses. Elderly people close to death, may also often leave their bodies during cat naps. This prepares them for the eventual journey Home by familiarizing them with the process and alleviating fears and worries about leaving those they love behind.

We have spoken to many people who have experienced the NDE phenomenon and to a person, they have all been reassured by the experience and while not advocating suicide, are looking forward to the final journey Homeward without fear.

Lastly, we would like to share some NDE experiences with you. These are not fictional - they have happened to friends, family members and special acquaintances.

Johnny 27 : "When I was sixteen, I was very depressed about sexual issues and mixed painkillers with alcohol. I left my body and floated through the ceiling, towards a bright tunnel of light. I could see my body lying on the floor. I travelled up the tunnel and saw many angelic beings who spoke to me in loving voices.
At the top of the tunnel, my Grandfather appeared and he sat with me and we discussed my life. He gave me the choice to stay in Heaven or return to Earth. He said I could do great things there, now that I knew that there was a heaven and life had a meaning. I chose to come back. And I'm glad I did. My life is now wonderful, positive and I am now, no longer afraid of death!"

Maeve 36: At twenty-eight years of age, I had an operation where I stopped breathing, due to a reaction to the anesthetic used. I drifted from my body and lovely angels surrounded me, including my favourite Aunt who had died several years before. I felt great peace. I was told that I could go with them to heaven or stay and live my life.

I thought of my two small daughters and decided to stay. With a whoosh, I was back in my body and began breathing. Since then, I have taken up meditation and spirit communication. I believe in an after life and my life now has turned around. I feel that I can do anything! And I do!

Chapter Four

Death of our Parents and Grandparents

When our parents or grandparents die, no matter how young or old we may be, we are shocked and stunned by the experience, particularly if the death is unexpected. If the person has been ill for a long time and in pain, we may feel that their death is a happy release for them from the burdens of this Earth life, but we still mourn their death and passing.

I, Robyn, recently lost both my parents within two weeks of each other, totally unexpected. Although I did feel psychically that my father would be reunited with my mother within a short time, as they had almost 60 years together. But still it was a very painful experience for me, even with my spiritual beliefs. I knew that they were somewhere better, kinder and free of the bodily ailments of their feeble earth bodies, but I still felt great pain at not having them physically here with me. Seeing their bodies at rest, no longer full of the spirits/souls that previously animated them, I fully realised that they had both moved on and only left empty shells behind.

I often feel them around me and I have had short conversations since, (psychically) with them, but I do miss their physical presence and kind hugs.

One positive thing that came out of the sad experience, was a renewed contact with family members, some of whom I had not spoken to for many years due to distance and remarriages. Cousins, aunts and uncles, old friends etc all were very kind and thoughtful and I heard stories about my parents that I had not heard before, which comforted me greatly. I am sure that many of you have had similar experiences. From sadness, quiet joy can bloom.

Nevertheless it is an experience that we will all have to experience during our lives, losing someone so very close to ourselves. How do we cope with this experience, in a way that enriches our lives, not diminishes it? Here are some extracts from various books and articles we, as The Abbotts have channelled and written about over the last seven years.

"Maya stopped plaiting the fresh flowers, for a moment.

"My grandmother died last year, as you know Yoshi. I loved her dearly. One day when I was walking past her old house, I saw her, very clearly, in the garden. She was wearing her favourite dress, a deep blue one and she smiled and waved to me. For a moment, I forgot that she was dead and I smiled and waved back, as I always did, when I saw her in the past. Then she just faded away. Was that her ghost, that I saw?"

"I would prefer to use the term spirit, rather than ghost. But, yes she appeared to you, to show you that she is still alive, just in a different dimension. As you become more spiritual, you may often see her around you. You’re not afraid of her, are you?"

"Oh no. I could never be afraid of Grandmother. Maya said with a smile. "I felt her love flow towards me, when she appeared in the garden. I hope that she will be a special guide to me, throughout my life."

She rose and lifted the colourful garland over his white, shaggy hair and it lay softly over his dark, thin shoulders.

Yoshi smiled lovingly at the pretty, young girl’s dreamy expression.

"I am sure that your Grandmother will guide you through a long and happy life, Maya. You are filled with compassion, unconditional love and spiritual purpose. I am proud of you. You are truly making this life count!"


"I wish that I could give one more fireside talk, to tell all people that the greatest humbug of all is death. I was very active at my funeral. The only one who paid any attention to me at the funeral was my dog Scottie.

I was very amused at all the best brains in the country, concentrating on the shabby old garment of mine, that was being put under the earth and there I was as large as life! And when my dog saw me, he rolled on the ground making a diversion! I went into a body like my own body, young, healthy, strong and no one at my funeral saw me, because this body was travelling faster than theirs!" Roosevelt.

The physical body may die away, but the spirit remains as alive as ever. The astral body, the true being, leaves the physical body and ascended into the heavenly realms. Many attend their own funerals. Many still visit us today to give loving words of comfort and guidance. As the old spiritualist poem says - "they are but a breath away!"

Q. "My son’s Grandmother recently died. He loved her greatly. How do I explain death to him?"

A. Explain to him that his Grandmother was old and sick in body and it was time for her soul to leave that old worn out body and return to her true home - heaven. There she is young and healthy and there she still thinks of him and loves him dearly. In time she will return to earth in a new baby’s body to learn new lessons on Earth. Until then, she will keep a friendly eye on him, like a guardian angel.

If he feels her around him, it is okay for him to talk to her and be comforted by her presence. Friends I know, often take their young children outside at night and point to a bright star and say that it is Granddad twinkling down at them! Perhaps, you might like to do the same. Or you might like to show your son a bare-limbed tree in winter and explain that is like death and watch it become rejuvenated in spring with new foliage and flowers, "like Grandma". Tell him that death is not frightening or painful, but an exciting journey to a wondrous place." From Relationships in the 21st Century by The Abbotts.

Many, many times while giving channelled messages to groups or individuals, we have been visited by loving spirits who just want to let their loved ones know that they are well and happy in Heaven. They may present themselves in their familiar elderly form or in a new younger form of good health. They often carry etheric roses symbolic of their love for their loved ones left behind. Often too, they have a good sense of humour and will joke with their loved one about events that they both only know. They are always forgiving, loving and encouraging to those they have left behind. One elderly male spirit, urged his eighty year old wife to, " Go for a walk each day, to keep her fit, he would see her soon enough!" She laughed at the remark and said it was just like him!

Our parents and grandparents will often visit us in the dream state to reassure us that they are well and happy. Please be reassured that they are existing in a wonderful, creative place and one day you will be reunited with them, meanwhile make the most of this current lifetime!

Chapter Five

Death of a Lover

"Celebrate their life, honour their memory!"

Whether you are a young lover who has just discovered the joys of love, or have spent many years with the one that you consider your soul mate, his/her death will be a deep shock to you. You will have lost a lover, companion, help mate and friend, all in one. Many people feel shattered by the experience and feel that life no longer has any meaning without the one they love. They may even experience great anger at their lover, that she or he has left them alone, to deal with life on their own. Many people temporarily lose their faith in God, believing that Spirit has abandoned them. Perhaps, you have had a similar experience to these people below and Spirit's loving words and advice on this sad subject may help and comfort you.

Q. Why has my dear husband been taken from me?

"A. Little One, I feel your pain and your grief. But, it is misplaced. Your husband lives in the higher realms in great peace and joy. His greatest sorrow, is the way that you are reacting to his death! Naturally you will grieve and miss his physical presence, around you. But he is not lost to you. He is often around you trying to comfort you. But, you keep him out! Your very grief is creating a barrier between you and him! He is just a breath away from you. Stop your tears. Sit and meditate. You will feel him around you, when you are at peace.

He has not been ‘taken’. He chose before incarnation, when he would return to his heavenly home. He had completed his angelic mission and he needed to return. Do not be angry about that. Be generous and see it as a great release and joy for him. He will watch over you during your life and meet you on the other side, when you leave at death. But, do make the most of your time here. Complete your mission. Do your tasks. Learn to love life, again. Do not dwell on death.'' Relationships in the 21st Century.

Anger is very common after we lose a loved one. Mandy's story may help you to resolve your own feelings of frustration and anger.


"Mandy, a 32 year old physiotherapist, came to see us after the death of her beloved husband, Paul. He had died the previous year from cancer and she was still devastated by his death. She was also experiencing great anger at him, for having left her.

We explained to her that anger is one part of the healing stages of grief and it is quite normal for her, to experience this emotion. In time, she will come to accept the fact that he did not leave her deliberately, in order to hurt her and her usual feelings of love for him, will return.

Mandy agreed to be hypnotically regressed, to a time in the Heavenly Realms before this lifetime, when she was planning the major incidents to occur in this current life. She wanted to see if Paul's death was a terrible accident or if it was pre-planned!

Mandy was a good subject for hypnosis and went into a hypnotic trance easily. We asked her to go back, to just before she incarnated in this lifetime, when she was setting up her Life and World Plans. She saw herself with a spirit she recognised as Paul, her future parents, sisters and brothers and other important people that she had met, so far in her life.

A loved teacher was there, her grandparents and a close friend. There was also a crowd of people that she did not know, including a tall, friendly looking spirit she felt she knew very well, but had not met in this current lifetime, yet. They were all happily and busily involved in planning her current life!

She was working out the lessons she would need in her next life, to help her overcome certain emotional, spiritual, physical and mental blocks in her higher personality. It was decided that she needed to experience grief, in order to find positivity in all that happened to her. She needed to learn acceptance of all events, good and bad and to learn not to fear death!

Paul offered to come down as her future husband and give her lessons around comfort and love, then depart on death, to teach her acceptance, positive feelings and to not fear death. He only wanted to visit Earth for a short time and felt 35 years was enough. He owed Mandy good karma from kind acts she had performed for him in past lives and as one of her higher soul group, wanted to help her out! She agreed to this, quite unemotionally. On the higher levels, all that is done down here on Earth, is seen as part of a higher play, not reality. It is when we are here, that it seems so real and concrete!

Her parents agreed to incarnate ahead of her, about twenty years and while working on their own issues, were happy to have her as a child and teach her love and self worth. Other group soul spirits would act as her sisters and brothers and agreed to also help her, with issues such as sharing, tolerance and kindness. She was owed positive and negative karma by many of them and also, could repay positive karma to them and release negative karma, by forgiving them their actions.

Her future favourite, high school teacher, wanted to help her with lessons of self-reliance and higher intellectual reasoning. Her grandparents and future friends, all had tasks of providing situations that would enable her to increase her values of unconditional love, self-assurance and compassion. Of course, she could choose not to learn the lessons also! She realised that we all incarnate with many issues to positively resolve, but often refuse to do so.

The spirit with the friendly, familiar face, agreed to come into her life, as a Twin Flame, when and if she was ready to match his own higher spiritual values, life commitment to helping others and general interests. She happily agreed to this. She decided that her major life plan would involve physically healing others and she planned in her future lifetime, to become a physiotherapist. Her World Plan would involve working with her potential Twin Flame, to devise new methods of detecting physical injuries and repairing them, in her patients.

Of course, she would also install certain blocks in her life, to make "the play" more interesting. Such blocks (problems) as a tendency to be influenced by others opinions and to be too self sacrificing. If she could overcome these, she would find her way more easily, but if she gave in exceedingly, to other's emotional demands, she might never train as a physiotherapist and not achieve her main life goals.

Her possible despair over Paul's planned death, could also cause her to give up on life and become so angry and depressed that she would refuse to help others and stunt her spiritual growth. This in turn could mean that meeting her potential Twin Flame would come into jeopardy. She saw that our smallest actions could often detour us, on our Life Path!

When Mandy awoke from her hypnotic trance, she was amazed at all that she had seen and experienced. She was surprised to remember that she and Paul had so casually planned his death, to teach her some very important life lessons and overcome emotional blocks within her! More importantly, he had chosen to only incarnate on Earth, this current lifetime for a set time, 35 years and when it was reached, quite happily departed! She further discussed with us, her inappropriate anger at Paul, for leaving her. After all she had agreed to and planned it, long ago!

Mandy now realised that she had incarnated for many reasons and all the major people that she had come into contact with, had also incarnated, partly to help her learn certain lessons. She now knew her Life Plan, in rough outline and some of her major blocks to overcome. She vowed to make as little negative karma as possible, in the future, as she did not want to make future outstanding bad karmic ties for herself!

She also realised that Paul was safely there in a higher dimension, but not lost to her, but just a little, at a distance. She could learn to contact him psychically if she wanted, for loving support, higher knowledge and spirit company.

However, she now knew that a Twin Flame was available for her (the friendly, familiar spirit man) and one day down the track, when she had developed herself on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, they would meet up, for love and companionship. As well, they could achieve their combined World Plans. This cheered her up emotionally and gave her hope for the future.

Mandy left us, a changed, positively inspired person. She would still grieve for Paul for many years to come, as she missed his physical presence in her life, but she now understood her purpose in incarnating, why Paul had died and the possibilities of a wonderful, fulfilling future, if she chose to follow her Life Plan." 100 Questions, a free ebook on our website.

Time and time again, we have channelled loved ones who implore their wives and husbands, lovers and soul mates to go on with their life journey, in a positive way. They often urge the old partner to remarry and start a new positive lifestyle. We have never channelled a spirit who has demanded that their partner here on Earth, remain celibate or refuse a new love in their life. They are so content and happy on the higher realms that of course, they want you to be happy too!

Over time you can begin to "feel" psychically, your lover in spirit around you, giving you comfort and gentle guidance, but as an old friend rather than as a lover. They are often drawn in to be with you when you need their presence. But as with all things, change occurs. In time, they will move on to do their own projects in Heaven and if you have progressed through the first stages of loss and separation, you will find other physical situations and people to immerse yourself in. This is natural and highly recommended, (and as some people feel mistakenly, is not disloyal to your deceased partner). They want you to make the most of your time here on Earth!

Often it is difficult for people to express their sympathy to someone who has lost a partner. They mean well, but often say the wrong thing unintentionally. People may often irritate you by asking seemingly tactless questions such as ,"Are you feeling better? Are you getting over it?" As one dear friend who had recently experienced the death of her loved partner, expressed hotly to me, after an unaware friend asked her this question, "I will never get over it! It's not like the common cold!" However in time, the deep pain of a lover's passing often turns to one of sad, but cherished memories of the time spent together and eventually, many people are surprised to find that they can learn to experience love once again.

However, I remember very clearly, one elderly woman who came to see me for counselling. She said to me in a sad voice, "I haven't been able to do anything with my life and I've been very depressed, since my dear husband died!" I was of course very sympathetic, thinking that her loss had been recent. I asked her gently, When had he passed over? to be told - "Over forty years ago!"

While I admire her tenacity to hold onto a pain for so long, she had wasted many opportunities for personal growth during the last forty years, never fully living her World or Life Plans, but merely using her husband's death as an excuse not to live her own life completely. Please do not do the same.

Once we can fully understand and believe that death is never an accident, but instead preplanned before life and that the loved one has departed Home to somewhere much more beautiful and familiar, than here on Earth, we must have the courage within us, to wish them well and have a deep inner joy for their new finer life. They are never "lost" to us, but instead are often around us, trying to comfort us and let us know that they are well and fine and we shall meet with them in the Heavenly realms or share in the future, another incarnation with them on Earth.

Mother Mary expresses her sentiments on us losing a lover, in this short channelling.

"Your loved one's life has been special. He/she has taught you great lessons in love, life and compassion. Do not waste all the happiness they have given you, in the time you have been together, by making a memorial to them that only expresses pain and sadness. Instead celebrate their life, honour their memory, but dedicate your life to helping others and finding joy for yourself, through your love for them!"

Chapter Six

Death of a Child

"Tell them to remember me, but to remember me happy, not sad!"

No parent ever wants to outlive their own children. It seems almost obscene and unnatural to the average mother and father, that their loved child will precede them to Heaven. Yet it is a sad fact that many families lose a loved child, whether son, daughter or brother or sister to death at an early age. Uncles, Aunts, cousins and friends are also very often shocked by a young child's death, whether it be through a prolonged sickness or quickly by an accident. How does the grieving person left behind, deal with their emotions of loss, anger, frustration and despair?

Again we must realise that many young souls only choose to live on Earth for a short time. They consciously preplan between lives, to only return to Earth for a short time, to "dip their toes in the Earth Plane for a short while". They find life in the 3rd dimension very harsh and by incarnating for short periods of time, they gradually acclimatize themselves to the heavier energies of Earth. And on a Higher Plane, you agreed to help them do so, out of compassion and love.

You chose to be their parent, sister or brother etc to help them gain confidence in living on Earth. You agreed to give them loving support and encouragement while they were here and gently let them go Home, when they wished to do so. This may surprise you, to read this, but it is so. It's just that you've forgotten the agreement and have allowed yourself to fall into despair and depression, when in fact your beloved child is radiantly happy back Home. He/she hasn't forgotten you, they still love and care for you, but they do wonder why you have reneged on the pact.

This channelled message may help you to understand the concept more clearly. This is a spirit channeling that we received, from a small boy who died several years ago.

"I would like to tell my mother and father that I am very happy here. I have many playmates and family to look after me. Grandmother is here and she showed me around, when I left my body in the hospital. I wasn't a bit afraid, it was great! It is so fantastic here and lots to do! I can think of anything and I have it! I can travel anywhere, without a plane or car!

I sometimes go down to see my mother and father and they are so sad, that it upsets me. Please, tell them to be happy. I am. I will see them both one day and we will be together, but they have lots to do now. Tell them to remember me, but to remember me happy, not sad!"

We can learn much from the loved one who has left us. We can be inspired by their life and character or we can sink into depression and erase all the wonderful memories that we had of them, by grieving constantly. Your loved one, wants you to be happy, to get over your depression and to live for a special purpose. Value the years, weeks or days you had with them, not the years you think you missed. Don't spoil their triumphant journey home with your tears.

They are angels now and you are an angel in human form, what is so different?

Learn to feel them around you. Talk to them as if they were here now. Laugh and joke with them. Remember them with love and joy. And show your respect for them, by getting on with your life, in a better way. Live your Divine Mission, activate your Life and World Plans and live as a tribute to them!

Chapter Seven

Death of a Friend

"You are mourning, but they are full of joy!"

The death of a dear friend can be a shocking experience for many people, particularly if the person is of the same age and they have shared many similar life experiences. It reminds people brutally of their own mortality and possible impending deaths. In many cases a dear friend may be with you through all the ups and downs of life and the friendship may be longer than many marriages and survive many family deaths. You may have travelled with your friend and shared many secrets and confidences. In many cases you may have a better understanding of your friend's real nature than their family or even spouse!

Yet often friends are delegated to the end of the queue in the grieving process, while family and spouses take centre stage. The friend is expected to be supportive and caring of the family, yet not express his/her feelings of sadness too vocally. Nor express their own insecurities, that the same thing may soon happen to them. But the death of a dear friend can be just as hurtful as the death of a close spouse, to many people. How then, can they deal with their suppressed feelings of sadness and loss? Here are some compassionate suggestions from Spirit.

"The unexpected death of a loved one, family member or friend, can send you into severe grief. This is natural. However, to maintain this grief indefinitely and to sink into depression, apathy and suicidal thoughts is not!

Most people fear death. They see it as a lack of communication with others, an ending of the physical body and emptiness. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In death you are freed from pain and suffering that is part of the human physical condition. In death you regain your natural being as a magnificent angel. And you do not sit around on a cloud, playing a harp and worshipping God. On the contrary from all accounts, angels live a very busy and fulfilling supernatural existence.

They study subjects that they are interested in - imagine being taught music by Chopin or Elvis, or painting by Michelangelo. They oversee life on other planets and help and counsel many people in the 3rd dimension. Once a person has lived their set period of time on Earth and achieved the goals they set out to learn, they return happily to their true spiritual home. Earth is just a training school for them, a tough one at times, but just a temporary visiting place.

Everyone has a set period for being here, whether it is one day, three years, twenty years or one hundred years. You decide the time, before you incarnate down! You may go out in an accident, war, through illness or old age - but the time was preset before you came here!

And more amazingly, your parents, friends etc all agreed to it. You've all just forgotten the plan!

Naturally, you grieve because the one you loved is no longer in physical form - but remember, they decided to exit then and they have returned home to heaven, to live a spectacularly happy life. You are mourning, but they are full of joy! Can you not see then, that your mourning and grief, is a little inappropriate?

Please rejoice that your friend is now living the life that they wanted to live. They are free from the constrains of the heavy physical body. They no longer have to work hard or put up with sad events and losses. They are now the divine person, that you have glimpsed many times in the past when they laughed or had a twinkle in their eyes.

They often come around you to comfort you in your tears, but in your grief you keep them at arms length. Instead go and sit calmly, meditate, think of your friend and allow them to come close to you. You may even smell their perfume or feel the warmth of their love. Some of you will see them in their old form or young once again. Wish them well and feel reassured that they are happy and fulfilled where they are and one day they shall come to greet you, when it is your time to journey Home!" Spirit.

We have found that many people find comfort in their grief by sponsoring a child from a Third World Charity as a tribute to their friend's love and life. Perhaps this may appeal to you, as in this way, your dear friend's memory lives on in the kindness that you give to someone else!

Chapter Eight

Death by Suicide

"I decided to live my life joyously, as a memorial to my son's life!"

Sometimes a suicide occurs, where the victim has given no apparent evidence of their true feelings of despair and depression. Directly preceding the suicide they are smiling and laughing with friends. Their lives seem contented and successful. They may even make plans for the future. The mourning family are left with the guilt of not having recognised their loved one's inner torment.

Firstly let us say, under no circumstances, should you ever feel guilty about the attempted or fatal suicide. Many people are excellent actors and do not show their true feelings to anyone. Others may actually feel confident and happy one moment and then depressed almost instantly, afterwards. A type of dramatic bi-polar reaction, where they swing from elation to depression within minutes. There is no way that you can stand guard over someone, twenty four hours a day and ultimately they do have free will choice over continuing or ending their life. As one friend who lost a son to suicide, explained it - "I decided to live my life joyously, as a memorial to my son's life!"

Mother Mary encourages all people who are contemplating suicide to read her compassionate words with an open mind.

"Tell my dear ones not to despair and that there is hope! Do not give into apathy, depression and fear. You can change your life around and create the life you want! You all have immense, undiscovered paranormal powers which can be reactivated and used to create a meaningful, contented life for yourselves. We in Spirit, are just a breath away from you and more than willing to help you. Contact us, pray to us, call us in your meditations, listen to us, feel our love. We will never desert you. Find your true purpose for incarnating - for there is one! You only have to search and find it!

And do not give into thoughts of suicide. For I tell you this - those who take their lives prematurely, before their divine missions are fulfilled, almost certainly, return immediately into the form of a new born baby. Then they have to go through the arduous task of growing up and becoming adults again, in similar surroundings and WITH THE SAME SET OF EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS! So you can't circumvent your missions or dodge your life lessons, no matter how many times you opt out of life by suicide. So why not stay and live out this life as you planned. Believe me, dear ones, it will become better. You will find love and contentment. You can make a difference!" Lady Mary.

A common question that we are often asked as Spiritual Teachers is

Q. If heaven is so great, why not suicide now?

Here is a Master's loving answer

"A. You chose to come to Earth to experience certain learning lessons, for your own higher good and to also, transmit those experiences back to the Universal consciousness, as a teaching tool for others. You chose a life of a certain length. When you suicide (which is always an option, but, a secondary one) you cut short your assignment. You let yourself down, because you most surely, will soon decide to reincarnate, to finish your assignment.

You see Little One, in heaven you are much braver than you are here. Not only will you have to come back, to relive again the experiences you are trying to avoid, but, you will have to go through the tedious process of birth, childhood, teenager years etc to get back to your present position. It is a bit like your game of snakes and ladders. Although, your lifetime, may seem a long time to you. It is actually very short. Soon you will be back in Heaven. Why not use your time here, constructively? A human body is a very precious vehicle. How long may it be, before you can return to Earth again, to finish your angelic mission?

For those contemplating suicide, I will say this, from the bottom of my heart - find your true Life purpose, first. Once you have found this, once you understand your angelic mission, (why you are here), life will have meaning and higher purpose. You will find that opportunities open up to you for mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Earth life will become enjoyable and fulfilling, so stay and finish your assignment! You are braver than you think. No difficulty, that you feel and experience around you, is important enough to have you discard your valuable physical body, before your task is completed!" Spirit.

Our free ebook I Don't Want To Be Here has been especially written for men and women who are depressed, apathetic or contemplating suicide. We encourage you to read it if you are feeling suicidal or if a member of your family or a friend has recently committed suicide. It may help you to understand the tragic happening.

In another of our low cost ebooks - Yoshi, (the story of a wise, enlightened teacher), Yoshi is asked about suicide by his young friend Maya.

"Are you not afraid of death then, Yoshi?" she asked gently, as she began to plait the flowers into a garland.

"No! My angelic friends remind me constantly that this old Earth is just a temporary place to live and a very uncomfortable one at that. I do not fear returning to my true home above. I have had many glimpses of it in my meditations. No pain, no suffering, no wars or famine, no fear- just lots of unconditional love!"

"Do you think then, that suicide is wrong?" asked Maya, her fingers busy with the colourful flowers.

"It is foolish, rather than wrong!" sighed Yoshi. "It is a waste of a special opportunity to experience life on Earth. I feel sadness for those who choose to end their lives prematurely. Perhaps, they reincarnated to do something very special to help the Earth and humanity, but by ending their life so soon, they miss the chance to make a positive difference! I am sure that many of them regret their actions sorely, when they pass over into a higher realm. After a time of rest and reflection, I am sure that most of them reincarnate again, to try to fulfil their original aim, to make a uplifting change to humanity’s way of living!"

"You mean that they will have to go through the process of birth and childhood, once again and then find themselves, back where they began?"

"Yes, the Universe will give them endless opportunities to fulfil their goals."

Here is a short example of the thinking of a depressed woman who unsuccessfully attempted suicide, perhaps her words can help you to understand her thinking at the time.

"Beverly 48: I tried to kill myself after an unhappy love affair. I wanted to punish my lover and end the misery that I was feeling. I took an overdose of painkillers, mixed with alcohol. I knew it was stupid. I felt terrible and my spirit floated above my body. A lovely angel with a kind face spoke to me and told me that I had much to do and it was not my time to go.

I was astonished, as I hadn't believed in angels or heaven before! She showed me a future where I would meet a loving man and live a happy life, to inspire me, I guess. But, she said I had to improve myself spiritually first! I came back to my body and woke up with a devil of a headache.

I began to read about the New Age and spiritual issues. I attended a spiritual development class and worked on psychological issues that were holding me back, with a professional counsellor. Two years later, I met my current husband, Bill. He's a wonderful, kind, spiritual man. We have a wonderful, successful marriage and lifestyle. Thank goodness, I didn't kill myself, over my old partner!"

All the Ascended Masters that we have channelled have always been sympathetic and compassionate towards those depressed people who have attempted suicide or those who have succeeded and whose spirits now reside on the Higher Planes. Those that exit Earth in this manner, often spend long periods of time in a hospital type environment where they are gently and compassionately tended by angelic helpers and those they love in Heaven. They often pass over in a very confused state of mind and need to have a time of readjustment and care, before their normal state of mind is restored.

We have found that the spirits that we have channelled that have committed suicide, are often very embarrassed by their actions. They realise now, what their dramatic, but foolish actions, have incurred them. They know that in a short time they must return to Earth and live out a similar life with the same problems to balance the karmic debts. They are ashamed that they have caused their families and friends so much grief and distress through their suicide and regret their actions greatly. However, they are determined to return to Earth as soon as possible and give it another try, truly angelic courage!

Chapter Nine

Slow Death by Illness

"All illness has a reason."

When we are seriously ill, we often become depressed, apathetic and some people even think of suicide, as a viable way out of their painful life. Euthanasia has it's place, when the person sees no possible prospect of recovering and their life has become intolerable, however this is always the last choice and only if it does not conflict with the person's religious beliefs. However, for many people, depression is part of the symptoms of the disease and once they are recovered from their illness, the depression also lifts and they feel much more optimistic again and get on with their lives successfully. Others sadly, succumb to the disease and use the illness, as a means of departing the planet and going Home.

What most people don't understand, is the spiritual reasons behind their illness. Most doctors, will now agree, that our mental and emotional states can lead to a physical disease appearing in the body. Grief can cause cancer and worry can cause illnesses, such as stomach ulcers and migraines.

But, what many people don't understand, is that we bring karmic blocks into our life, from past life experiences which we are meant to look at and erase from our body, forever. If we don't look at these blocks voluntarily, they will come out eventually, as illness in the body.

For instance, a friend Judy, had severely swollen ankles and often twisted her ankles, in minor accidents. She got disillusioned with standard orthodox medicine and came to me for a hypnosis, past life reading.

She immediately remembered, under hypnosis, several lives where she had been a slave and been shackled around the ankles, by her owners. The shackles on her lower legs, in those lives, caused her great pain, skin irritations and loss of freedom. In this life, whenever she felt overly restrained, by life situations, such as attending tedious social events, she twisted her ankles or they swelled on their own account.

The sore ankles stopped her doing things in her life, that made her feel restricted and left her free, to just sit and do nothing! I recommended that she learn to deal with confining situations in her life, by talking about them - and mainly, by saying no!

She consciously learnt to release the old blocks from her past lives, forgive her past owners and oppressors and her ankle problems disappeared in time, forever.

Illness is often sent to wake you up spiritually. You have written it into you Life Plan, that if you "fall asleep" and forget why you have incarnated, (to do your Divine Mission), then sickness can be sent to you to make you stop, relax and think about your life. Often, in our hectic active world, we never take the time to sit and wonder - what it is all about! Sickness makes us do that.

Lady Kwan Yin (the Chinese Goddess of Healing and Compassion) has channeled this short message and exercise, to explain Illness. It is an extract from our free ebook, 100 Questions.

"If you can discover the psychic reason behind it - all the better. It will make sense of the illness for you. This will also help you, to release this condition for now and for future incarnations, once you have released all the emotions around the incident. Here is how it can be done -

1. Relax in meditation.
2. Ask your guides to show you the reason behind your illness.
3. View the reason with detachment.
4. Forgive everyone concerned and yourself.
5. Ask that the illness will not reoccur in this lifetime or future incarnations.
6. Thank all concerned.

Don’t hate your or other's medical conditions, realise that there is purpose behind it! Maybe, you need to just take a break from your normal routine and rediscover yourself. Use the time to read spiritual books, meditate, contact your Spirit Guides and plan a positive future.

Blessings, Dear ones.

Kwan Yin."

Frequently, a life threatening illness, will help to change the life perspective of a person. Suddenly, their old priorities are left behind. No longer does work, success and money, mean as much. Now their health and mental stability, spiritual life, friends and nature, take on new priorities. Sickness gives us a second chance to discover who we truly are! Even if the illness results eventually in death, important lessons have been learned by the patient. Inevitably the family around that person and the nursing staff also learn valuable emotional and spiritual lessons.

Yoshi spoke of his eventual death with a deep contentment. This is another extract from our low cost ebook Yoshi.

"Maya entered Yoshi’s cave carrying a bunch of fragrant, mountain flowers that she had picked on the way.

"I hope that you like their beautiful colours, Master." she said with a shy smile. "Perhaps, I could make you a lei with them, to hang around your neck."

Yoshi laughed, "Oh, you would make me prettier than I am, would you, Maya! I am an old man now, weathered and lined. I once had a strong handsome body, like your own. But, I would not change my old body for a young one. I have learned much in my many years and I will soon leave this world for a better one. I will then have a lovely, angelic body to move around in!"

We have been asked by anxious relatives, should they tell their loved one of their impending death? What we have discovered from counselling terminally ill patients is, that they already know that they are dying. This includes young children also, especially if they have had a stay in hospital. The patient is more worried about hurting their loved ones with the truth, than they are about their own death, which they often approach with remarkable equanimity and courage. Many young children speak of angels who visit them and tell them that they will be with them during their passing.

A wise parent will discuss Heaven with them, reassuring them that they will be in a happy place with loving friends, grandparents etc and that time will pass quickly, before you are all reunited once again. Tell them about their guardian angels and that they can often come and visit you in a new spirit form. An adult may like to discuss their philosophy on death with you, especially if they are keeping a "stiff upper lip" in front of their grieving relatives. We have found that Tony's personal and very positive Near Death Experience is of great help to many people who are afraid of what will happen to them after death.

We have also found that many people like to have a positive death experience. A dear friend passed gently over surrounded by softly singing friends, warmly held by loved ones amidst sweet incense, religious icons and candles. Death does not have to be a frightening, morbid experience!

Many of us worry and suffer as much as the person with the terminal illness, for we feel so helpless and saddened by their fate. Spirit however, has a more loving and practical outlook than we have and is always happy to share this information with us.

"Q. I have a close friend, who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, will this be the death of him, please?

A. That I can not predict. For a lot of it is, as you would say, within his mental attitude towards cancer! Cancer is often within a being, a harbouring, a bitterness or a hurt, in their life. Particularly in men, prostate cancer is often a grievance, that has never been expressed. In their masculinity, they keep it suppressed within themselves and so often, it will as you would say, become an illness in their life. But do not look on this illness as being totally negative. The illness is making this one re-evaluate his life, to see what he truly believes in! Does he have a Spiritual life? Does he believe in a God? Does he believe in a heaven? It is helping to reaffirm much of his life.

He may be in confusion, some sadness at this time, but it is all helping his own inner Spiritual growth. I would suggest to you Dear Friend, that you send him love and Light and perhaps place his name, with this very group, to send healing light towards him. But, I would say, become not dependent or attached to the outcome, either way. Whether he passes to a higher, more loving dimension through this illness or whether he remains on this Earth, it will all result in great growth for him. Does this help?

Blessings to you.

Lord Sananda"

Below is a channelled message from the Master concerning illness in a child.

"Principle 4 : parable 6

The fruit growers brought to Him a child that was sick and they said to Him, "Why is this child ill, this child has done no wrong in this lifetime?" And He said to them, "You forget that this child has only the outer form of a child, inside this soul is eternal and in lifetimes past, this elderly soul created negative acts that have been passed down, as karma, to this child. This karma has been taken on willingly, it is not imposed and this soul took on willingly the discomfort that this child experiences now, in order that it should be relieved of this karmic burden forever.

" "Then do we not heal this child?" they said. "Is this child not to visit a physician?" And the Master said, "Of course, relieve the child’s suffering, relieve the child’s pain, give it love, give it comfort, but the burden, the karmic burden belongs to the child alone."

And they saw in a short time, when the child had come to terms with the illness, and had repaid the karma, that the child was soon well and strong, once more. And the Master said to them, "All illness has a reason, all disease has a reason, all accidents have a reason, nothing happens by chance, there is a purpose behind all of this, that of spiritual growth. Look at your illnesses, your problems, your accidents, now with a different eye, see instead the possibility of spiritual growth through these." And they listened and wondered at His words." The Master.

It would indeed be wonderful if we each looked at his/her own blocks and problems in life at an early age. As this would mean that many illnesses particularly terminal illnesses, would never occur. However, we can come to realise that the sick person or ourselves chose to experience this medical condition in order to learn very important lessons, that would accelerate our or their own spiritual growth. The illness was chosen pre-life as an important tool to teach the patient - love, tolerance, patience, empathy, trust, faith and many more important values.

Often a person who survives a deadly disease or illness, comes back to live a fulfilling life full of joy and accepts challenges in a much more open way. Many recipients of hearts, kidneys etc try to repay the kindness of the organ donor, by helping charities or promoting organ donation by others. Many invalids have become great sports people or committed doctors, to show their appreciation of their new health.

Others of course, pass over to the Heavenly realms, as their time here on Earth is over for the present. They will most probably return in future incarnations, in new healthy bodies and never have to suffer the same illnesses again. We are all given infinite opportunities and chances to live many situations in many different bodies.

Although, we all regret the loss to death of anyone that we have loved, you may like to ask yourself, would you have truly wished that you never known them? Hasn't the years he/she had on Earth, been an inspiration to many people? And would you truly wish them to go on suffering physically, when they can journey Home with a new, healthy body?

It is much better spiritually and emotionally for all, that we remember the person with love and respect, harbouring memories of them when they were healthy and joyful, rather than condemning their illness and remembering them only as ill and depressed. Honour and celebrate their lives, not their death!

Here is a final channelling by The Abbotts, from an American Indian spirit, White Horse, who spoke to us about his illness, death and journey home. White Horse came to speak to us frequently in our spiritual circle, over many months. He often spoke of the plight of the native peoples. Here is a description of his death from tuberculosis, on an Indian reserve, which is sad, yet illuminating about the afterlife and karma.

"I died cold, diseased. Feeling that I was a slave, a convict almost, because of what the white men had done to me. I died suppressed, unhappy and angry. I felt that I had lost my connection with the earth and with the Gods, around us. For we felt the Gods had abandoned us. Where was Wakadon, the Great spirit? Where was Wonkatonka, to come to us? And yet, as I died, I went towards a glorious light, much brighter than the sun above. Ten times the brightness of the sun and found myself in a valley of great peace, with sweet grasses, running streams, with buffalo of plenty.

And there, waiting for me, was those that I had loved in that lifetime, my parents, my wife, my children, my brothers and sisters. Coming towards me with love, light and warmth in the hearts, so that I was over joyed. I could look back and see my body in its death throws. I could see the anguish of those around me and I longed to tell them, that I was no longer there in the body, that I was in a place of great Light and beauty. But, those left behind, did not understand. They saw my death as a sadness, as an ending, when instead it was a journey into a place of great beauty, great Light, without pain, without disease. I had created for myself, you would say, a heavenly Indian village, heavenly Indian valley of peace and light.

Of course, later on, I grew to understand that there was more to the heavenly state than this and would later turn and travel to the upper dimensions and visit what you would call the Great Halls of Learning and the Great Halls of Records. And by viewing and seeing these, I would see that I had been not only an Indian in many lives, but had been white, that I in many lifetimes had oppressed others, as I was oppressed in that life. That I had been both loving and kind, yet a tyrant and cruel at other times.

I was able to see, what you would call a panorama of my lives and of the current life, that I had just lived. I was able to see how I had been kind and loving to some, angry and fearful to others and how my actions had effected those around me, for both good and bad. I was not punished for the bad, I might tell you, but in myself, in my soul, I was sorry and I was told, that after a while in this heavenly place, that I would need to return to Earth and I was willing to do so, to make up for what you would call my karmic debts.

In the Heavenly Realms, there is no such thing as time. So, while all this all happened a 150 years ago, by your time, it is but a minute in the celestial time of heaven. And so soon, I will incarnate and serve out, what I see, are my debts to society. I know that I will be leaving a place of great Light and beauty, to return to the Earth. But I am curious, as to the effects of civilization on the Earth. And I come willingly as a participant in life upon it. As you have all incarnated at this time, willingly to experience, to see, to feel what life in these years are like, upon the Earth.

So remember, my friends, no matter how hard your own lives become, in this lifetime, there still awaits for you, the wonderful experience of returning to the Light. You can create the heavenly realm that you so wish to have, as I created mine. And that you will again, be in the embracing arms of those that you have loved, that have passed over. I send you my Light and I send you my love. I know that you all have the spirits, the bravery and the strong hearts of braves within you and the gentleness of maids within you, as well and I know one day, we will come to see each other in the flesh, in the spirit and embrace. Ho." White Horse.

Chapter Ten

Unexpected Death

"All ended in the twinkling of an eye."

When a beloved family member dies suddenly or we lose a dear friend to an unexpected accident, we can be shaken to our emotional core. We have not had time to assimilate the fact that our dear one is ready to depart the Earthly Plane. Many people experience deep anger at the person who has died or towards God for letting such a tragic thing happen. Many people experience a type of denial, where they refuse to accept the situation emotionally and stoically appear to carry on as if "nothing bad has really happened."

This denial of the loved one's death often results in negative behaviour by the friend or family member, such as driving recklessly, taking drugs, wild behaviour or heavy drinking. This is a reaction to the unexpected death, while still appearing to deny the traumatic effect that it has had on them, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There have also been cases where a second suicide occurs after the first one, as the friend or family member is so affected by the death, that they also decide that life is not worth living.

It is essential that the person so negatively affected by the death, has an opportunity to grieve for the dead friend or family member. Tears, sobs, yells etc are all quite normal as is short term depression and an anger towards fate. It is important that family members of the grieving person take time to listen empathetically to the person. Encouraging them to speak openly about their feelings and the deceased person. Bottling things up is very destructive and can later lead to emotional problems, mental breakdowns and life threatening illnesses such as cancer.

Everyone will take a different length of time to cope with the worst of the grief. Some people need only days to assimilate what has happened into their lives, particularly if their religious faith is strong, while others literally take decades to adjust to life without their loved one. Take your lead from the bereaved person, if they want to talk about the deceased friend or family member, sit and listen and talk to them about the loved person. Remember the good times that you all had together, the funny incidents, as well as the sadness of their death.

If they ask you for your opinion about "where the deceased person is now?", state your philosophy clearly and briefly, but let them make up their own mind on the subject. Children may like to think of their friend or family member as up in Heaven having a joyful time or as a new star in the heavens. Older people may like to talk about Heaven, reincarnation or even atheist viewpoints. Even if your ideas conflict with their own, please just allow them to express their thoughts on Death, it is much healthier than bottling it all up.

Some people who do not appear to be coping with the death, may need to be encouraged to seek psychological counselling. There is no disgrace in this. If we have a toothache we visit a dentist, if we are confused or not coping with emotions and mental problems we visit a psychologist. Don't try to cheer someone up by forcing them to enter activities they don't feel up to doing yet, but do after a short time, encourage normal activities and friendly informal meals together. In time the bereaved person will usually begin to react to the world around them and return to their old life routine. However their attitudes to life may have changed dramatically, encourage this as a positive sign of growth, not as a negative sign of loss.

You may benefit from creating a memorial to your loved one who has passed over as a sign of your respect. Here are some suggestions that we have seen comfort many people.

Create a memorial garden in their honour featuring their favourite plants.

Plant a tree to honour them, particularly one with a significant name or significance to the loved one.

Give a donation to a charity in the deceased persons name.

Sponsor a third world child through a reputable charity in honour of your friend.

Start a foundation in their name to help students in a field that they were interested in.

Offer your services to the local hospital, retirement home etc on a voluntary basis.

Write an account of your experiences with the one you loved or write a poem about your feelings about the person.

Here is a short spirit channelling from Master Joachim, on the sudden loss of a dear friend. We hope that it may comfort you.

" Ah, yes, dear friend, it is indeed a shock to lose someone dear to you, especially if you have not had time to resign yourself to their eventual death. I lost many dear friends to sudden death, when I lived on earth, so I know your pain. One moment they are with you, the next gone for ever. You have not even had a chance to say goodbye or that you forgive them for old hurts or ask them to forgive you for angry words and actions. It seems to be all ended in the twinkling of an eye.

Yet I have learned since, that your friend or loved one actually chose to depart the earth at that time. It was all worked out and planned long ago, before they even incarnated to earth. They chose to only live on earth for x number of years and then go Home. Astonishing isn't it! There are truly no accidents, no unexpected disasters, it is all planned and working as it should! They even hoped that their sudden death would shock you into reexamining your own life and responding positively to it. They don't want you to grieve overly for them. They are happy and exalted. They appreciate your tears and sorrow at their loss of physical presence in your life, but they would not want to be anywhere else!

They openly and lovingly forgive you for any imagined or real hurts and ask for forgiveness for their own lower actions. They encourage you to get on with your own life in a positive and loving manner. Not afraid of death, not striving for death, but making the most of your life. Death will hopefully come, as a reward at the end of a satisfying, long life!" Joachim.

Chapter Eleven

Death En Masse

"We can work constructively to create a better, more peaceful world."

In this present age, terrorism is a common experience and we all have been shocked at the September 11 tragedy, Bali Bombings and the Madrid Bombings, as well as all the current unrest in the Middle East. We are also deeply affected by airline or train crashes, whether intentional through terrorism or accidental. These events often traumatise people who may have loved ones who have been killed in the horrific happening or are deeply affected by television images and media reports.

They feel helpless and burdened by grief and hopelessness. The tragedies affect them very deeply. Many people unconsciously store great anger within themselves due to these tragedies and make themselves physically and mentally ill over a short period of time. How can we therefore deal with these occurrences of Death en masse? Spirit has given us loving and constructive advice for dealing with this important and relevant issue.

Q. "Why are terrible things happening in the world today?"
A. The Divine answer to every question is - LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Negativity thrives where there is no Love, no Light. Think of all the unloving things that are happening upon your planet Earth, at the moment, do they not originate from hate, fear and despair? There is no love there, no peace in the heart of the offenders, no true joy or unconditional love, no highest intent.

They, like you, are angels in human form who have forgotten completely their origins. They have tied absolutely into the myth of Earth and politics and religion. You however, are aware that you are something greater, lighter, more angelic. You are an angel and you have higher angelic missions to accomplish. One of these major tasks is to create Unity and Unconditional Love around the Earth, between all peoples, all religions and all political persuasions.

Therefore, no matter how atrociously any person behaves, you send them LOVE. You try to understand their motives, no matter how distorted they may seem to you and you realise, that like a small frightened child, they are lost, lonely and in fear and pain. Only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can heal that hurt soul.

And you will find, that as you send unconditional love to someone who you find it difficult to love, that it empowers you and raises your own vibration. For it is very easy to love the lovable, but more divine to love the unlovable. And are you not striving for divinity?

Be aware also, that any tragic shock to a nation or world, creates disharmony in the planet's vibration, for a period of time. You being sensitive, may feel ill, tired or disillusioned. Do not give into these negative feelings. Instead, create around yourselves a sphere of golden white light, that you move in daily.

As to those who have lost their lives in such conflicts. Send them Love and Light, but do remember, that this is part of their Life Plan, their Divine Mission. They are brave angels who have returned home to the heavenly realms. They rejoice today. It is you who are tearful. Do not let their deaths cause hatred and division. Honour them by sending love to All involved. Be spiritually strengthened, not defeated by negativity. This is what they would want, as their memorial.

Radiate love, optimism and spirituality. Don't give in to talk of war and revenge - this creates more disharmony. See this, as your opportunity to display your inner faith and spiritual nature. Meditate on peace, unity and forgiveness. This is your immediate mission. Let this tragedy show the people of Earth that it is now the era, to spend more time on negotiation and peace talks, understanding and tolerance. And send love, lots of love my friend. For Love is always the answer.

Love and Light, Lord Sananda. "

Sananda's words of hope and forgiveness are illuminating in their simplicity. We can demand revenge and grieve and cry out at the unfairness of life, or we can work constructively to create a better, more peaceful world, the choice is your own.

Chapter Twelve

Murder, War, Execution, Euthanasia, Funerals & Hauntings

"He stands before you now, radiant, beaming and joyously happy!"

We realise that these are very profound issues to explain spiritually and that they will not necessarily effect everyone, in this lifetime. But it is important that you maintain an open mind about such significant issues and begin to make your own mind up about your attitude towards these contentious problems. Spirit of course, takes these complex problems as every day matters in their channelled message sessions. We are continually amazed at their unconditionally loving answers and practical advice to those suffering from the repercussions of Murder, War, Execution and Euthenasia.


If someone that we have loved dearly, whether family member, lover or friend is murdered by another, our loss is deep and often unresolved. If the murderer is found and tried by a jury, often their sentence is seen by the family or friends, as inadequate. If the murderer appears to have "gotten away" with the murder then the loved ones of the victim feel powerless and harbour deep feelings of anger at God and fate for allowing the tragedy to happen and the murder to not be avenged.

If the murdered body of the loved one is never discovered, the tragic circumstances are further deepened with despair. How then can a family member, lover or friend cope with the tragic events of murder? Below is a sympathetic channelling from Spirit concerning the murder of a young man, it may help you to reconcile your loved one's death.

"Firstly, my dear one, let me reassure you that this young man is not forgotten or lost. He stands before you now, radiant, beaming and joyously happy! He wants me to tell you that he loves you dearly and misses you, but he has a new life now and he hates to see the despair that his death has caused you. Although his death was brutal, he felt nothing, his spirit already released from his body. He was gently assisted to Heaven by loving beings and warmly welcomed Home by his closest relatives.

He harbours no hate or unforgiveness towards his killer. He wants you to know that this was a karmic tie, that has followed him through many lifetimes and he is pleased to be rid of it! Of course he hoped that his murderer would raise above his lower nature and hold no hate towards him, but he understands the confused mind and forgives him, for he knows that his murderer will have to repay the karma on his negative actions in this or a future incarnation.

He wants you to remember him as he was before his death - happy, courageous, full of life and open minded. Do not dwell on his death and the pain that it has caused you, but hold deeply towards you the kind, funny memories that you shared. He wishes to impress on you, that he will be around you in this lifetime. You may often feel his loving presence nearby and he will welcome you with open arms when it is your time to pass over on the journey Homeward to Heaven. So do not despair, he is "just a breath away!"

Mother Mary


Death through the ravages of war is still common today, despite the growing wave of pacifism that the younger and more enlightened generations have brought to Earth. Political and religious intolerance is still as rife as it was during the Crusades. In the past many families well intentionally, sent their sons off to battle believing that this stance was patriotic and morally right. Both sides of the conflict believed wholeheartedly that their side and arguments was deemed right by God. Now days many people question the ethics of sending young, impressionable men off to fight battles and lose their lives for philosophies that are not their own.

We have been asked many times in channelled spirit question and answer sessions. Is war wrong? If a soldier kills someone under battle conditions, is he responsible karmically for that death. Does God or Spirit take sides in religious and political wars? These extracts from Spiritual channellings, many from the Ascended Masters, may help you with these contentious matters.


"Principle 10 : parable 6
Then a group of earnest young men and women came to Him saying, "The laws of our country are unfair and the social obligations are unjust and archaic, what should we do?" And the Master said to them, "Laws and social obligations may promote respect and create stability within your world, but if you do not agree with them, if you feel that they are not based on unconditional love and highest intent, then you should change them. But let that change come from the heart and the mind, through words and the pen. Let it not come through the fist, with violence." And they thought on this and agreed and went away and changed those unjust laws and changed those archaic social obligations in a peaceful, loving manner.

Principle 10 : parable 7
Several, passionate young men spoke to Him of war and weapons, saying, "Should we not defend our goods and homes?" And the Master sighed and said, "What goods have you, that are worth your soul? Your home is in the heavenly realms, it is not here. There is nothing that you have, that cannot be taken by another. Defending that, will cause you karmic obligations. Instead, give what you have, if you must, whether they be your goods or your home. For it is far better that you be poor upon this Earth, and have riches in heaven, than the other way around."

And they said to Him, "Are there not good wars, are there not holy wars?" And He said, "How can any war be good? How can any war be holy? Are all beings, not One. If your toe offends, do you cut it off? No. If a man or woman offends you, do you kill them? No. Do all with wise judgement, compassion and love and there shall be no more wars upon this Earth."

And they said unto the Master, " Does one not need a weapon to defend one self?" And the Master said, "Who do you shoot, but yourself in the next life. For karma must be repaid. If you defend yourself in this lifetime, then that someone will defend themselves, in a future life and may kill or harm you." And they thought about this and said, "Yes, we will give up our weapons and live in harmony and peace."

From our low cost ebook Omni, available on our website.

Holy wars are often a religious problem. Does God take sides in a battle? Is karma incurred by a warrior? This channelled extract explains Spirit's viewpoint.

"I have often wondered, how religions can condone war, especially holy wars?" asked the young woman with a frown on her pretty face.

"Yes, killing and war is an abomination! No true, loving Master has ever preached war. God is a God of Love, not anger and spite. God does not hate others of different religions or races. This is mankind’s work, not God’s!"

"I know of course, about karma. What we reap we sow. Tell me Master Yoshi, if a man kills another in war, does he have to repay that karma?"

"Circumstances do not matter. Whether you kill someone in war, anger or coldly premeditated - they must all be repaid karmically. It is the "intent" however, that can create no negative karma." Yoshi replied seriously. "For instance, if someone you loved was elderly and dying of a terrible illness and they begged you to end their suffering. And you did so with compassion and the highest intent, then perhaps, you would not have to karmically repay that death, in a future incarnation.

However, it is possible that you would have to pay society’s penalty for killing another and so spend many years in prison. Your karma would be immediately paid!" an extract from our low cost ebook Yoshi.

The Goddess or Master Isis has told us , "We have great sympathy for the parent, child or wife who has lost a loved one in battle. But we do beg you to honour his memory in peaceful actions, words and thoughts. Do not perpetuate his death, by sending your own sons to war. No war is noble, no war is justified, no war is praised by the Gods. We urge you to peaceful settlement of all hostilities. Honour the death of your loved one, because he was a great man, not because he was a great warrior!"

It would seem that despite the propaganda commonly purported that wars and battles are justified, Spirit still sees them as wrong, willful and murder. Karma is still to be owed by the soldier, no matter how patriotic he may appear to be. It is obviously time for us all to promote peaceful negotiation over physical brutality. The killed soldier or civilian in war has a death procedure like all others. He is met by his Guardian Angels or Archangel Azriel and gently taken Home up the tunnel of white light. His cares of war and pain are left behind, as he is warmly welcomed by loving beings into the Heavenly planes.


State execution or capital punishment still occurs in many countries. Is it ever justified? Some people argue that mass murderers do not deserve to live and be a financial burden on the state. If you are the parent, lover or friend of an executed person, how do you feel about this? How do you cope with the violent death and seemingly lack of sympathy from others surrounding this death?

Mother Mary has told us, "Of course you love your children, no matter what crimes or pain they cause in this life. Never be ashamed to love someone. You love the kind, small child they once were. The confused adult they may now be, is still close to your heart. You may not like their negative actions or condone their unloving behaviour, but you still love your child. If a mother or father can still love a child that has committed an atrocity, then why do you think that God will be less loving and forgiving. Spirit forgives all. There are no exceptions.

That man or woman shall be greeted by his/her angelic guides and Azriel and gently escorted home with love and sympathy. They do not judge his/ her actions, but often take that confused person to a type of heavenly hospital where he or she is given time, comfort and care to regain their former wisdom, love and reason." Mary.

Spirit has spoken about capital punishment on a number of occasions, we hope that their unconditionally loving answers, will help you and ease your heartache.

"It is never ever right to kill another! There are no exceptions to this rule. Murder even if it is state condoned is wrong! Who are you to take life? What if you have made a mistake and condemn an innocent person to death? You do not have a second choice with the death penalty. It is barbaric and unloving. You should try to forgive and redeem all sinners, not take deadly action! Most mass murderers are mentally ill, they need treatment and care in secure places, not punishment.

A person who willingly kills another must repay his debt and learn contrition. This is right. This is godly. What becomes of the executioner? He must repay the karmic debt as will all those who impose the death sentence. Believe me on the higher planes, you are appalled by your conduct. A just sentence and rehabilitation reflects an honourable and caring society. If a person refuses to be rehabilitated and cannot be cured of his mania, then he must be gently restrained from society.

You need to look at the values of your current society which teaches people to kill and disregard the needs of others. From raising your young ones with love, respect and caring, shall come nations of peace loving people and capital punishment will not ever be needed again!"


This is of course a very controversial issue in the world today. Should a person have the right to take their own life if their existence becomes unbearable and should others assist them in this suicide. We of course hear terrible stories of elderly wives and husbands who decide to end the suffering of their beloved partner in a gentle manner and are later sent to jail for their compassion. Should they be regarded as criminals or very unconditionally loving people? Should there be available medical services which aid in euthanasia? Many doctors admit that they have purposely overdosed patients who are slowly dying from a terminal disease, to ease their suffering. Is this act wrong or right?

Spirit has spoken on this issue with us in channellings, a number of times. Their compassionate advice has always been received well.

"You all have choice to decide the length of your life. Again, there is no sin attached to euthanasia. Many people can not endure painful conditions. However, we would encourage you to stay as long as you can bear it, for how do you not know that your greatest work may come in the very final stages of your life? Perhaps that is specifically why you have incarnated, to be noble and inspiring to others at your death! There is no wrong or right answer to this question, but do consult your Higher Self and Guides for higher advice, should this decision ever arise." Lord Ashtar.

"Principle 4 : parable 10

And a group of wise women came to the Master and asked Him about euthanasia. "Is it right," they said," to answer the plea of someone who is dying, to end their suffering?" And He thought for a moment and said to them, "This physical body that you inhabit, is just that, an outer covering. You use it for the short time that you have life on Earth. Your soul however, is eternal. If a person decides within their heart and their soul and their mind that they no longer wish to inhabit a body and if they have just cause through pain and suffering, then indeed if they wish to end their life, then euthanasia as you call it, is correct. However, if a person should decide to suicide, only through thoughts of the emotions, such as the loss of a loved one, through anger, hatred or fear, through apathy, through sadness, through despair or such, then this is not a Divine action of the Highest Intent.

Euthanasia is a personal choice, when one can no longer contribute in thought or in action to what is upon the Earth and is indeed the freewill right of a person. But suicide is the wrong ending of a life that has been given from the great Divine, a chance, an opportunity for lessons to be learned. And if one ends one’s life prematurely, through no good reason other than emotions, then one normally has to reincarnate back into a similar situation, back into a similar body and relive those same situations and incidents, until a more positive result is achieved.

But again, the choice is yours and think on this, dear friends, if you decide to end your life, how do you not know that in another half hour, in another hour, in another day, in another week, there may be given to you the greatest lesson of your entire life for you to achieve, some problem for you to overcome, some example for you to be to others? So give it great thought before you end your life. But as to sin, it is no sin, for the Divine knows your mind and knows your intent." And He left them with these words." From our ebook, Omni.

Lastly, Mother Mary has spoken about those who assist in euthanasia practices.

"Everything depends on Intent, my dear ones. If someone is pleading with you to end their life and you assist them, have you done wrong? I say that you must truly look into your heart. Have you assisted them in their death, to end your pain and suffering or to help them end their own? Often people ask for death, when they are depressed and weary and an hour later want to live. Far better that you allow them the choice of taking their own life, if that is what they are determined to do, to escape pain and suffering and you merely send them loving Light.

But if you have no choice but to help, your intent is of the very highest and you do so from compassion and love with their full assent, then no karmic blame is attached. Of course you are not above the law and you may well have to be punished legally for your crime." Mary.

In ancient days, we are told, the elderly Native American Indian would decide that "this was a good day to die". They would have their relatives carry them out from their teepees into the sunshine, say farewell to old friends and family and "will" their spirit to leave their frail body. Their spirit would gently rise from their tired physical body and the silver chord would gentle break. Around them they would see their angelic guides and family members who had passed over to the Happy Hunting Grounds before them. Their angelic guides would gently travel Homeward with them. They believed that this was a gentle and excellent way to die.

Many Tibetan Lamas also follow the same procedure, leaving their elderly bodies while meditating and severing the silver chord that holds them to life and the Earth plane. In the future, we are sure that these death practices will be relearned and be much more humane than current processes in dealing with death.

We realise however, that the possibilities for the misuse of euthanasia are very real. We would not like to imagine a society which supports euthanasia for the unwanted, old or sick, merely as a way of dealing mercilessly with these problems. But we support legislation for humane methods of euthanasia for people with terminal diseases who want to end their suffering in a gentle, responsible manner, under strict medical supervision, following Mother Mary's guidelines above. Ultimately however, the choice must be your own.


Very occasionally, confused, unhappy, spirits who deny their deaths, refuse to leave Earth gracefully, through death and travel to the White Light of the Higher dimensions in the company of their Guardian Angels or Archangel Azriel. Instead, they attach strongly to third dimensional objects, such as houses, churches, prisons, hospitals or other familiar buildings.

They often refuse to believe that they are no longer in a physical body, as they can still see their home, hospital bed or prison cell. However, as they are not in physical form, normally they cannot make contact with a third dimensional "living being", unless this person is able to feel their presence, through their psychic and spiritual senses.

These stubborn astral beings, who refuse to pass to the higher dimensions, account for the many "hauntings" that take place, particularly in older buildings. These beings are often very indignant that some new family is residing in "their home"! They will many times cause poltergeist activity, such as moving objects, making noises, stalking family members, in order to drive the occupants from what they see as "their home".

Others however, will reside peacefully with a family. There have been numerous stories of "ghosts or earthbound spirits baby-sitting" younger members of the family and alerting the family when danger approaches, such as unexpected fires.

Over time, their guardian angels and family members in Heaven will be able to break through their limited visions and show them that they are now in spirit form not physical form and gently guide them Homeward to the Higher Realms. These confused spirits are never forgotten or lost.

As Mother Mary has said to us once in a channelled reading, " Why would we deny the gates of heaven to any man or woman? Do we not know you all and love you all. Would a mother or father forget a child in it's care? We shall safely guide you all Homeward, do not fear!"


We would like to speak briefly here of funeral services. We have attended and presided over many and found that those that reflect the tastes, music and ideals of the deceased person are the most moving and special of all rites. When friends and family are allowed to speak informally and affectionately about the deceased person with or without tears, it is a valuable experience of closure for everyone concerned. Photographs of the deceased smiling, brightly dressed people, pleasant music loved by the deceased, pretty flowers and smiles among the tears, demonstrate more clearly how loved the person was and is, rather than formal occasions, scripted eulogies and sad faces.

Often the deceased spirit visits their own funeral. We have seen many spirits sitting comfortably beside their loved ones with a smile on their face. They will often acknowledge us with a wave. One irreverent spirit who had a good sense of humour in life, propped himself up on the coffin while he listened to the eulogies from his friends and family. Many of the spiritually aware people in the church saw him and had a quiet smile to themselves! The spirits are saddened by our prolonged distress at their death and wish many more people could see them in spirit form and be reassured that they are well and happy!

Chapter Thirteen

Death of a Pet

Many people find that their closest companion is a pet. The pets often share great love with many lonely people, aged carers and family members. When it dies, they are often left bereft and saddened by the experience. We have had a number of grieving pet owners come to us to find out if their pet has survived death? Is there a heaven for pets? And will they ever see their loved pet again?

This special channelling about animals, particularly dogs and cats, shows the loving attitude Spirit has towards all living beings.

Master White Eagle is a famous Native American Indian Spirit Guide who often sends messages of love and information to Channellers, around the Earth. Psychic artists depict him as a wise, elderly man wearing a white feather headdress, tipped with blue

"Gitchi Manitou, God be with you. I am White Eagle.

Wankatanka, looked down and saw the loneliness and grief of those that were separate and alone on the Earth and he sent them two creatures from the very high dimensions, that would be companions, boon companions to them. He sent them the small animals, that you know, now, as cats and dogs.

He saw the widow alone at her hearth and he sent the cat. Not only as a friend, as a companion, but also to keep the field mice at bay, to keep her stores of food secure. And for the man that must hunt alone, or guard his fields, he sent the dog, that would be a protector, as well as a friend and a loyal companion. And these two animals gave great unconditional love to the beings that they were with and they gladdened the heart, not only of the man and the women, but of the children that would play with them, that would grow in the Light, through their connection with another loving Light-force.

And today, you still have your animals around you, to help those that are lonely, to help those that feel separate from the Light, to give you again, unconditional love.

And yet, the Great Spirit would be sad, to look out across your continents and see how your scientists so unwisely use these life-forces, for what you would call animal experimentation. Particularly for the aims that are so unjustifiable, such as for cosmetic research for example. And how so often, people have lost respect for the animals of the planet. How you allow your animals to multiply and then have them taken away to be destroyed. How you have lost, as you would say, dominion over the animals and allowed them instead to become a pestilence, or for you to separate from them completely, so that you give them no thought, no kindness, no love.

I would say to you, Dear Friends, it is part of your responsibility as Light Workers, that you come into contact with all the kingdoms of this Earth-Mother Earth, herself in all her glory, the crystal kingdoms that give you so much energy, the animal kingdom, the vegetation kingdom. They are all part of the Life Force and until you connect with them once again, then how can you truly say you are, One with the Creator?

When a natural animal in the wild, loses its life through old age, or through being killed, perhaps, in a skirmish, or fight, it returns to the Spirit of its particular clan. That is all the bears will return to the bear clan etc. - for these animals bring no karma onto themselves, they live only by natural instinct. But the small animals that are within your home, such as the cats and dogs, willingly take on many of the karmic ties and patterns of the human beings, that they so love and are so devoted to. And often after their death, though they will return to the clan of their own being, they will keep their identities, so that they may often return to you in another form, if they feel a strong connection to your being.

So often, Dear Friends, as you look in the eyes of a cat, or dog in this present day, you may be reminded, perhaps of an animal pet that you had as a child, that has returned to you once more, that is so devoted to your being, it will return time and time again on this Earth, to be with you.

So please Dear Friends show these animals respect and love.

I send you my Light and Love.

Gitchi Manitou. May God be with you.

I am White Eagle."

Master Joachim is the father of Mother Mary and Grandfather of Jesus Christ. He presents himself as a small, round, jolly man with a quick wit and gentle nature.

Master Joachim sympathetically spoke of the difference between caged and wild animals.

"Q. I would like to ask, why was it a few months ago, my pet budgerigar was killed by a wild bird?

A. His time, like all living beings, had come to an end. You must understand too, when any wild bird attacks one that is caged, it is not so much the killing of the caged animal, but it's hatred of seeing life contained, limited within the cage! So it is a natural, if you like revulsion, from the wild species, as seeing something, that it almost sees, as being alien.

It would be, as if a child was brought up in a small cage on this Planet and therefore was self-contained within itself and not being able to expand or have greater knowledge come into it. Many people would turn against that child. In the past, humans have been very cruel, to those they saw as retarded in some way, mentally or physically. You must realise, birds still sometimes react at a lower level and so see it as an alien thing, a small bird that has been raised in captivity, kept in captivity.

So yes, that little one had come to the end its life. Perhaps it is a lesson to all, to allow greater expansion of distance, of horizon etc, for those animals that are caged, whether they be birds or circus animals, or such. A greater understanding is coming onto the Planet, of allowing animals, where possible, to stay in their natural environment. I realise that some caged animals are born of many generations, of being caged and it would be difficult to return them to the wild. I understand this. But there will come a time, when humanity will gently reintroduce species into the wild and this will be a more harmonious way of living for all wild life.

Blessings to you Daughter.

Master Joachim"

An extract from Wisdom of The Masters, a low cost ebook by the Abbotts.

Spirit has assured us many times in channellings that your beloved pets are well and happy back with their respective animal clans in the heavenly planes. If you wish, they will return to you as a new pet in the future or be waiting for you on the Heavenly planes. You must come to respect the fact that they have chosen to return Home. Remember them with love and great affection, but move on with your own valuable Life Plans and World Plans.

Perhaps you could help an animal charity to raise funds for abandoned animals or rescue another pet that needs love and care. As Spirit once commented "Losing your loved pets should not deplete your lives, instead you should open our hearts to repay their unconditional love and devotion!"

And yes, if you choose to, you will meet them once again in heaven!

"What would be Heaven without dogs and cats!"

We would like to end our book on Death with first a message from the Master Isis which we hope that you will find illuminating.

Isis is the Egyptian Mother Goddess, protector of sea travellers to the Romans and wise mother figure to the present.

"Please do not regard death, as either painful or frightening. It is neither. It is a natural part of life. As natural as birth. In birth you enter into this world which is different and confusing. At death you enter into the heavenly realms, which again, is different and enlightening. You value life, but you do not value death. Yet your true ‘life’ in spirit, is much longer than the eighty years or so, that you spend on earth! Life of the soul, does not finish at the ‘physical death’. You will still think and feel, but, without the heaviness of the body. What a joy! What a release. You finally leave behind pain and suffering.

Your beloveds will be there to greet you, after your silver chord has left your body. It is a time of reunion, joy and peace. After resting for days, months or years (you are beyond time), you will review your life and see clearly your triumphs and mistakes. No one will judge you. You only judge yourself. You decide, how you can repay your mistakes (karma). Then for a time you will enjoy the great teaching facilities of the heavenly realms, before you decide to reincarnate, once again. Believe me, the heavenly state is much more natural to you, than this Earth state. So do not fear it, Little Ones.

There are many levels to heaven. Does your bible not speak of ‘many mansions’? After death, depending on your spiritual growth, in that last life and in your many past lives, you naturally gravitate back to the level to which you are most familiar.

All levels are amazingly beautiful, peaceful and loving. Some are closer to your version of Earth. That is why, some spirits talk of sitting down at home and having a cup of tea with old friends. This is what they are comfortable with and so, this is what they create for themselves! In time they will create more open and complete versions of heaven, as their memories of Earth life fade.

A person who is very spiritually aware on Earth, will have no problems readjusting to the heavenly state and will see heaven as it truly is - a loving, limitless opportunity for growth. There are wonderful Akashic libraries and Halls of great learning.

Q. What about all the different religions, do they all get to heaven?

A. Of course! Religions are man made, not God made. There is no difference there, between Christians, Jews, Hindus or agnostics! If all mankind lived to the highest of their own religions concepts, then you would all live in peace and plenty on Earth and never have to incarnate back again! All religions have truth. All religions have faults. Inspired men and women come to give you the truths and humanity corrupts their concepts! Look for your own truths and live them! That is the greatest personal religion that you can develop. Be loving, be compassionate, be tolerant, be generous - these are the greatest commandments. If you all lived by them, you would create Heaven on Earth!

Q. If I do something really evil, will my soul be destroyed?

A. No. The Universe is always forgiving, no matter what evil you do. But, you will have to repay the karma you do, usually in a similar way. This is the perfect justice system, is it not? Why not begin repaying that karma now, by doing good deeds all your life, to help to balance the scales, before death! Ask for forgiveness and ask for opportunities to repay the debt. Become a spiritually aware person, instead of a wooden, soulless person! Learn from your lessons and choose to never do evil again.

Begin to live your life fully, find your life mission and enjoy being here, for the opportunities it allows you for growth. Make spiritual contact with your Guides and Masters. They will tell you how wonderful it is, after death. Then you will find you will no longer fear death, but, see it instead, as a wonderful doorway home!" Isis.

We believe that a final channelled word from Lord Sananda, sums up the whole subject lovingly and practically.

"Live good, unconditionally loving lives of Highest Intent, this is the secret to finding contentment on the Earth and in Heaven. Enjoy your time on Earth for it is a special gift, not a torture. Make good use of your limited time, here for eighty years or so, is just a blink in the eye of God. Know that your loved ones, when they depart for the Higher Realms are not lost to you, merely at Home, you will see them soon enough. They do not forget you, just as you do not forget them. But do not grieve too long for them, for they are just out of sight and soon you will be reunited, this I promise you!" Sananda.


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