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This exercise is to help you receive intuitive information about yourself. In meditation such as this one, your intuition is free to function on a very rich, symbolic level. It is important that you allow the images you receive to speak to you, so that you can better understand the meanings contained within the richness of the symbols. If the images wobble, come and go, or seem absolutely strange to you, you may banish them and ask your intuition to give you symbolic images that are correct and true for you.

If the same images reappear, accept them and work with them, even though they may seem strange or mysterious. With time the meaning and message contained within the images will probably become clear to you. These few directions concerning the way to accept the symbols given to you by your intuition apply for all the other exercises also. By this simple working method, symbols used by your intuition translate the impulses coming from your Soul and your other subtle bodies in a more meaningful way.

Recommended time: 20 to 30 minutes

Prepare yourself by entering your sacred Cell.

Relax and take a few deep breathes exhale all the stresses out of your body and inhale the pure atmosphere of your sacred inner space. When you feel ready, anchored in your intuitive mood, centered within your sanctified space, and open and clear in mind and emotion, ask your intuitive self to present you with the image of a tree which represents your actual state of being.

You may imagine the tree appears on the intuitive screen just in front of your eyes, or you may imagine you are walking in nature and you discover this tree. The tree that you perceive may be like an actual tree or it may be a very symbolic, very imaginary tree. Accept the tree that your intuition presents to you and begin to explore it with intuitive awareness. Regard it from a distance, observing its size, its shape, and its silhouette, become aware of the environment in which the tree is located on a hill? In a forest? All alone? Next to water? Perceive the general environment of the tree, asking your intuitive self how the tree is connected to the four elements, to the earth, water, air and fire.

Imagine you can examine the earth in which your tree is planted is it rich and nourishing? Or not? Does the tree receive all the water it needs? Is the air clean and pure? Does the tree have access to all the sunshine it needs? Explore the tree, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the roots In what state do you find the tree? how do you find the posture of the tree? what type of atmosphere does this tree have? how do you feel emotionally? what do you notice about this tree that is particularly interesting, unusual, striking?

Allow your intuition to guide you to explore the symbolic image of this tree, do not begin to think about the tree or the fact that it represents you. Just explore the tree with your inner senses, with your intuitive self and absorb all the impressions you receive.

Ask your intuition to communicate with you, to tell you what the tree lacks grounding water sun, air, company, a view? Ask about what the tree needs for healing relocation pruning clear air, posture adjustment?

When you have received the responses to your questions, allow the image of the tree to fade, continue to meditate quietly in your sacred cell for a few more minutes, and then gently return to normal consciousness.

Write down, or even better do a drawing of the tree you have intuitively perceived. What is the message here for you about your current state of being?

The image of the tree as a reflection of the human being is a particularly rich and touching symbol with which to work. In the tree we find a simplified version of ourselves.


The trunk of the tree represents our spine and general body, the roots represent our feet and grounding ability, and the leaves represent our relationship with the universe and light. The environment relates to the environment in which we live on a daily basis. The quality of the earth speaks to us about the fundamental nourishing quality of our everyday existence - the quality of the food we eat, the work we do, the place we live.

The presence or lack of adequate water indicates the quality of emotional nourishment we experience in our lives. Too much water can be as damaging as not enough, and changes may need to be made to find the balance, to find the correct dose. The quality of air is related to mental stimulation, movement and change. Not enough air, or polluted air, can indicate that the environment is not suitable for mental growth and intellectual creativity because of a stifling effect. Too much air (a strong breeze or wind), can indicate a lack of protection, overexposure, and the need to create a more sheltered environment where the energies are less dispersed. The presence or absence of sun relates to the quality of spiritual nourishment in life.


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