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Over the ages man has consistently, either consciously or unconsciously, been in search of the Truth. This search will never be fully gratified and will thus be perpetuated from generation to generation until the end of human time, or in other words, until the ever evolving human race has fulfilled its destiny according to Divine Purpose and Plan. But even after the individual soul has reached perfection according to human standards - after its cyclic reincarnation into physical existence has been terminated and evolution is proceeding in supernal spheres - it seems that this search for clearer perception and definition of the Truth will still persist and will remain the basis of spiritual evolution on the ever ascending and ever expanding Path of Light, leading back to the Father's House, and subsequently even beyond to some indeterminate cosmic destiny.

During the earlier stages of man's development this search has been (and even today in the case of the majority of human beings, still largely remains) unconscious, and as a rule is brought to expression as some form of instinctive yearning, aspiration, or even worship of hidden or unknown powers. Such belief in subjective powers usually originates or is stimulated by racial tradition, but in many instances it may arise as a result of some form of direct psychic contact with the astral worlds. This awareness that man's existence and the course of events are somehow being influenced by hidden forces, or invisible and intangible entities, must logically lead to a sense of apprehension and even of fear, which in turn may tend to the introduction of various forms of appeasement or propitiation of these obscure forces. This actually constitutes the basis of many primitive religions, which over the aeons of human existence, and influenced by a variety of ever changing sets of circumstances and conditions, have led to innumerable beliefs, superstitions, traditions and religions. But, however primitive and sometimes even ridiculous some of these ancient devotional practices might appear to the modern observer, they were all undoubtedly founded on some version or inkling of the Truth. Furthermore it is only logical to suppose that if more evolved entities from higher spheres should contemplate the religious views, attitudes and practices of the average human being of the present time, then to them these beliefs or practices would probably appear comparatively equally primitive.

No true definition can be made of the Absolute Truth, because this is something beyond all human and even super-human conception. Probably the closest approach to such a definition would be to state that Truth may be regarded as being an integral and inalienable part of the Supreme Being. In terms of this, Truth must then also be regarded as a primary and divine Energy by means of which the Ultimate is manifested throughout the infinite Universe.

Because of man's extremely limited faculties, with regard both to his senses and his mind or intellect, that which the average person can register is merely the physically manifested. This physical world of which he is consciously aware is only the lowest of seven planes constituting our solar system, and is superseded firstly by the Astral plane, and then successively by the Mental plane and by four Spiritual planes. Collectively these seven planes in turn represent only the Cosmic Physical plane, the lowest of seven supervening Cosmic planes of existence.

Yes, when dealing with these concepts one involuntarily comes to the realisation that our words are really so extremely limited, so crude and so futile for expressing these subjective verities. And as a matter of fact, so is the mind, although at times the mind does undertake flights of perception which may far outstrip the capacities of verbal expression. In comparison with the animal world, man certainly was granted a great privilege when he was endowed with a self-conscious and reasoning mind, as well as being entrusted with the faculty of expressing his thoughts fairly effectively in words. But what an advantage it will be once we have evolved to the stage where communication with our fellow men can be effected directly from mind to mind on mental and later even on spiritual levels, without the limitation of having to reduce these thoughts first into words, thereby so often distorting them and providing a false perspective of the emanating thought or in other words a further warping of that much of the Truth as happens to be at the disposal of that particular mind. While considering this aspect it must however be acknowledged that there are certain individuals who are far better equipped for expressing themselves in words, than is the case with others.

But let us revert to the main theme and to ever more words, as these for the present still remain our only means of intelligent communication.

As pointed out above, the Absolute Truth forms an intrinsic part of the Supreme Being, and is therefore totally beyond all human conception. This Virginal Truth is apparently beamed into the Universe as Seven Rays of Energy, each of these Rays being predominantly qualified by certain specific aspects of the Absolute Truth. The original potency of these Rays must be super-phenomenal and nothing on the level of human existence would be able to withstand the forces they embody. These Rays are however in the first instance directed towards Cosmic Entities, Bodies or Constellations (call them what you like) that are specially adapted for the conversion or reduction of these Energies. In the process of passing through these Entities each Ray is split up into seven subsidiary Rays of reduced potency before moving on to their next objective. How often this process of successive septennial sub-division is repeated in the cosmic spheres, is unknown, and all that concerns us as human beings is that these Energies, as the purveyors of Divine Truths, finally reach the Earth via the seven 'sacred' planets of our solar system, in potencies that can be effectively absorbed and controlled by the Lord of the World. These forces are subsequently directed through Shamballa to the Hierarchy of Masters, who in their turn are responsible for its reticulation to Humanity and the lower kingdoms of nature.

At this stage it should be pointed out that Energies, as they are systematically stepped down in power from their SOURCE to the planes at present occupied by man, are not only reduced in potency by each successive step, but this process is at the same time attended by a comparative curtailment in the purity or quality of the embodied Truth. This crude way of expressing these processes should not be misunderstood, because notwithstanding this lowering in the potency of the Truth, the quality of these forces when reaching our Deity are still of such strength that they must again be considerably abated while being passed through Shamballa for the benefit firstly of the Hierarchy, and subsequently for Humanity. It is, however, only when these Truths are being brought down to human level through various channels that they are really becoming subject to distortion, owing to the Astral plane through which all energies destined for the physical plane necessarily have to pass. In this connection it should be realised that any form of energy has both its positive and negative aspects, and the effect of its application will therefore depend on which aspect is brought to expression as a result of ruling circumstances, I the quality of the instruments manipulating these forces, and on the nature of the bodies on which the energies are acting.

The 'watery' Astral plane is a sphere of glamour, deception, misrepresentation and illusion, and therefore it is no wonder that the average man, still largely moving in this world of emotion, of innumerable interacting forces, urges and desire, obtains a badly warped or even a negative impression of the Truth. It is only during the course of aeons that man develops and improves his mental capacities, and thereby gradually learns to penetrate and dissipate the astral mists and thus step by step gains a clearer view of the Truth.

The relativity of all Truth, as revealed to the myopic vision of man, must always be kept in mind, with the clear realisation that as knowledge and understanding, and finally wisdom and consciousness expand, it will be found that the Truths of today will eventually be seen as only aspects of greater Truths, and that these in turn only form part of an ever expanding and more formidable perspective. Therefore the Truth at any specific stage or time of an individual's development, only consists of as much of the Divine expression as the aspirant can assimilate and interpret at his particular point of evolution.

Man should constantly endeavour not only to keep his concepts of the Truth vitally alive, but also to continue replenishing this supply from that inexhaustible reserve, symbolically known as the 'Raincloud of Knowable Things' which the Hierarchy are providing on the higher mental and spiritual levels for the benefit of Humanity. Access to this 'Raincloud' may be attained by men's aspiration to the 'good and true', by assiduous study and meditation, and finally by loving understanding, goodwill and selfless service of fellow man.

Truth is a vibrant energy also manifested as Light, Love and Power, or in other words as Life. It finds expression in innumerable facets and versions, and it never assumes a definite or final form, and is therefore not subject to clear definition. Because of this inherent vitality, Truth must always be granted full scope for growth and expansion and should never be limited or allowed to become bound or crystallized, and neither should it be formalized and circumscribed by tradition or religious dogma. If thus confined or restricted it will lose its character, become something lifeless and therefore inanimate, colourless and ineffective, and eventually a mockery of Reality.

To allow Truth sufficient scope for more complete development, it may never be selfishly retained for personal advantage, but must always be freely shared with our fellow men. The joy of sharing is one of the wonderful compensations of a life of redemption, but if there is a reasonable understanding of Truth, then it should at the same time be realised that each individual will have his own interpretation and subsequent reaction to such Truth. So the aspirant should always be willing to offer and share his views freely, but care should be taken that these are never imposed on an unwilling or unsympathetic audience, and neither should others be blamed for entertaining different points of view or sentiments.

It should also be remembered that with the passing on of Truth to its next point of destiny, something of the clarity or purity inevitably becomes sacrificed, especially when such concepts are intentionally reduced or adapted to accommodate the requirements, and perhaps to provide a simpler version for somewhat younger brothers on the Path of Life.

It should seem appropriate to conclude with the following words of an Elder Brother:

"Work to bring spirituality to materiality. Work ever to reveal the Life processes to Humanity. Work to expose the beauty of Divine Purpose to the mind of the human race. Work to inspire men to expansion and Truth, and work to redeem Humanity from the bondage of darkness into the freedom of Light.

And as you work, the hand of a Brother will guide you; the Wisdom will impel you to understanding, and the Love will embrace you and inspire you. Walk the Path, my brother, through all the years and all the places with clear-eyed purity of motive, conviction and resolve. I shall watch you though you know me not, and if you work for the redemption of your fellow men, you will evoke the aid of your Brothers, who likewise serve and love, and who brood over all Humanity."


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