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Extra-terrestrial UFO technologies

Extra-terrestrial UFO technologies provide clue to bending time and space – teleport and time travel possible

An exploratory research projects found early indications to possible teleport and time travel mechanisms. The process involves bending time and space. Theoretical molecular physics provides a model of constructing a computer-simulated environment of “dark matters in isolation of any gravitational effects.” The computer simulation shows how dark energy or matter can help in bending time as well as space.

The concept can be mind-boggling. When perfected, the technologies can help us travel thousands of miles instantaneously. We will be able to time travel in the future or in the past. Space travel can happen easily and we will be able to explore the whole Universe and multiple Universes.

The whole concept came from reverse engineering concepts of UFO propagation and propulsion systems. When computer models were asked to solve the puzzle of living beings crossing endless radiation belts in the space protecting planets and stars and traveling at a speed several hundred or thousand times faster than the speed of light, the systems politely pointed towards theoretical impossibilities.

The speed of light is 670,000,000 miles per hour – a number no human being can ever physically sustain in any craft for a long or short period of time. Does that mean UFOs are unmanned or extra-terrestrial beings are totally different? It is possible but not likely. Theory of evolution in the Universe says that intelligent life forms are abundant in the Universe but they have evolved in a similar way.

This made the researchers aware of some other means by which time and unlimited space travel can be made possible in a short span of time.

UFOs appear and disappear all on a sudden. Their flight pattern based on recently declassified reports from Air Forces have made it clear, even with an electromagnetic stealth there is something even more unimaginable working for their all on a sudden disappearance.

The research team focused on the structural dynamics of “dark matter”. But gravitational interference caused a major problem. The dark matter is the root cause of anti-gravity in the space. Gravity is affected by the planetary and cosmic level structural disturbances in the dynamics of electromagnetic flux.

If by some means these gravitational effects can be neutralized, the dark matter creates wonder. Time and space can be bent to make unimaginable things happen.

In the absence of gravity, these wonders of theoretical physics can be controlled to create the propagation and navigation systems through space and time.

It is an early indication where the scientists and engineers have started to focus to make instantaneous time and space travel possible. There are also indications that besides dark energy, there are other wonder objects that can make a specified space and time collapse into a point and then expand the same to its original configuration.


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