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Extraterrestrial UFOs provide clues

Extraterrestrial UFOs provide clues to speeds thousand times faster than that of light and breaking time barrier

Researchers are just astonished at the results, which the computer models are showing. The speeds at which UFOs travel are much higher than that of light. As a matter of fact they can move thousand times faster than that of light.

The result questions the validity of modern day physics. According to some think tanks, like dark matter or energy there are many unknowns that need to be explored. There are some models that talk about photon and electron acceleration levels. According to computer models, light can be made to accelerate in space far beyond its conventional speed that we know from physics.

According to some scientists and researchers time and space can be manipulated at speed thousand times faster than light. The extraterrestrial UFOs use these techniques to travel from point A to point B in the space instantaneously.

the million dollar question obviously is what needs to be done to achieve that kind of speed.

Similar to light, matter and energy can be made to traverse the space thousands time faster than light. In that case the space and matter collapse into a single point. Some believe black holes are such points in the space. And the UFOs travel out to the other parallel Universes speeding through the black holes.

Interestingly, experiments with mind shows an unknown amount of energy is released by the mind when strong will power is applied. The energy according to some scientists can travel at the speed much faster than light. The mind then can break the barrier of time and space. The ether obviously uses unknown objects to achieve this kind of speed in space.

The fact that UFP propulsions allow such speed and materials can hold says something very interesting. It is possible that traversing at the speed of light and much higher than that may involve non-conventional methods, which may not be known to, physics at all.


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