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The ultimate alternative energy

The ultimate alternative energy not too far from reality extracting cheap radiation energy from the hyperspace in which our Universe floats

Artificial miniscule Blackholes provide the opening to the hyperspace in which our Universe floats. Scientists in search for ultimate cheap source of energy are looking towards some exotic technologies for tapping the endless radiation energy from the hyperspace. The hyperspace is five dimensional and overlaps our Universe where space constrained by three dimension or degrees of freedom.

According to some scientists, a window could be opened, compressing demagnetized and de-electrified matter at 0şK by means of a hydrogen bomb (an atomic bomb that compresses matter). The resulting hyperdense matter could be stabilized. That will provide a miniscule window to the hyperspace if five dimension. The radiation energy can be tapped from the hyperspace. This radiation energy is cheap and the source is endless. And, the window can be opened anywhere ay any time. We are talking about virtually free endless source of intense energy.

Technologists even envision that future devices will tap the hyperspace locally to extract radiation energy to power itself. The issue will be how can we shield ourselves from the radiation energy of the hyperspace.

The high oil prices are motivating scientists to bring the ultimate source of free energy into reality as soon as possible. Even Hydrogen is not free. It has to obtain from water or other sources.

Technologists are looking at the possibilities of extracting the radiation energy from the hyperspace and utilize the same to generate electricity. That electricity can be used to break water into Hydrogen and oxygen. Then Hydrogen can be burnt in oxygen to produce enormous energy for driving cars, flying planes and so on. One little note - fossil fuels like gasoline burn in oxygen. Hydrogen explodes in oxygen. The Hydrogen explosion needs to be controlled with water spraying and so on. Hydrogen produces much more energy then equivalent hydrocarbon. And the resulting water is totally pollution free.


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