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Ultimate Reiki - The Star Exercise

Ultimate Reiki - The Star Exercise

(Since large amounts of "Chi", or Universal life energy, are potentially generated by doing the Star Exercise, we can in no way be responsible for what might happen to you. We emphasize that if you decide to do this meditation/exercise, you are choosing to do so at your own risk. We have practiced this exercise for years and have never known anyone to become injured from it, but this meditation is strong. Consider how a circuit breaker works. It is designed to automatically shut off power when there is more energy trying to pass through the circuit than it is equipped to process. Essentially, this is what our bodies do as well. If when doing the Star Exercise your body is not yet prepared for the energy flowing through it, you could find yourself knocked off your feet. Rest assured, however, that this isn't something to become concerned about because as you practice, your body will increase in strength. Just take reasonable precautions and make sure the area surrounding you is free from objects that could harm you if you fell. Also, please do not attempt this exercise if you are prone to epileptic seizures.)

The Star Exercise enjoys renown in both the world of yoga and among devotees of Reiki healing methods. Modern Reiki instruction (for which you can pay big bucks) actually derives its teachings from this energy exercise. We provide it here for free and you won't have to endure any attunements! Among yoga enthusiasts, the Star Exercise is commonly viewed as the ultimate yoga exercise, and some say, the only one you need do.

Suffice it to say, the Star Exercise is an extremely potent avenue for triggering the Kundalini and generating, storing and transmitting Universal Life Energy (also known as bio-cosmic energy, Reiki, ki, prana, etc.) Doing this exercise not only fills your body with this energy, but it moves throughout you and enables you to give it to others by offering healing, as well as allowing for flowing ki within a group of people.

Universal Life Energy has characteristics which can be considered both physical and spiritual. While the energy is etheric, resonates at very high frequencies, and has the ability to penetrate anything, the mind and our emotions actually do impact and direct it as well. We even know now that Universal Life Energy can actually be photographed using "Kirilian" electro photography to capture "auras" and propelled energy beams.

We have emphasized and explained the characteristics of ki energy to improve your awareness during all your meditations and yoga exercises. The supply of Universal Life Energy is boundless and only your separate self inhibits it.


It is recommended that when possible, socks and shoes be removed prior to beginning the Star Exercise. Positioning yourself for this exercise involves standing with your feet approximately a yard apart and holding your arms straight out to your sides .

Facing your right palm down and your left palm up, start breathing deeply and strongly. Depending on your preference, at times you may wish to breathe rapidly, while at others you may prefer slower breathing. Either way, be sure you are inhaling and exhaling deeply and intensely. The intent of this breathing is to pull Universal Life Energy from the air into your Solar Plexus Chakra since included among the many functions of the Solar Plexus Chakra is its ability to store energy. (Similar to how batteries store power).

Now, visualize the energy moving into the Solar Plexus and building up there while also moving throughout your whole body from the beginning point of your Solar Plexus. Simultaneously, picture the energy flowing into your left hand, throughout your center, and finally out of your right hand. This visualization should continue for awhile.

You will know you have achieved the desired result of this exercise when you experience a "rush" of energy (sometimes even visible) accompanied by a feeling of transcension. This will likely not occur until after completion of the breathing portion when you have moved on to the next step in the exercise (below). In order to obtain this energy sensation be prepared to find yourself breathing just a few breaths, or as many as 144.

Now, while holding your breath, and continuing the visualization, silently affirm to yourself: "I am one with Universal Life Energy, it is flowing through me now, I feel it." At this time, as long as you have done the exercise correctly, you will most likely begin to feel an energy rush. For as long as you desire and are comfortable, feel free to continue holding your breath and appreciating the flow of the energy. When you think you have felt enough, proceed with an exhale and move on to the next step in the meditation.

Some people like to argue that too much oxygen via hyperventilation is responsible for the rush you get. But think about it for yourself. If that were the case, why wouldn't someone breathing pure oxygen experience the same effect? And how does that explain that for those more experienced in this exercise, it works with one simple breath?

Above we have alluded to how you can "share" the energy with someone else or do it in a group. It is possible to direct the energy flowing from your right hand and give it to someone or something. This is the same flow used for healing light and the very same energy that the pyramid phenomenon is associated with. Did you know the word pyramid means "fire in the middle"?

Anyhow, if you choose to do the Star Exercise with just one additional person, you have a couple of options for how to go about it:

1) Making a mini-circle that the energy can flow through by standing facing each other and grasping hands

2) Standing side-by-side, and joining only the hands between you which leaves one personís hand open facing upward in order to receive energy from the heavens, and the second personís hand open and facing downward in order to send the energy down into the Earth.

The best way to maximize this exercise with a group of more than two people is to join hands and form a large circle. In addition to the visualizations you do when alone, also include a visualization of the energy flowing throughout the entire circle. Imagine it increasing in strength as it receives a "boost" from each person in the circle. As a precaution, noone should stand outside the circle doing a group Star Exercise because there is some risk due to the extreme power "flying off" the circle.


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