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Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments

Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra are they trying to diffuse a super volcano repeat eruption like the one 74,000 years back

Geologists and astrophysicists are slowly getting convinced that the Sumatra epicenter of the earthquake that caused the landslide and Tsunami in late December and caused the Tsunami is in the same area where a mega volcano erupted 74,000 years back and killed almost all living beings on the earth. The ash and volcanic cloud engulfed the earth for years, most vegetation suffered, all living being suffered from hunger and was almost at the point of extinction.

The 74,000 year cycle is supposed repeat within a few years. The underwater behavior in the area of Sumatra, Andaman an Nicobar islands is strange. The number of aftershocks and the pattern of socks point towards some organized activities at the tectonic levels.

According to some Geological engineers and scientists, the tectonic plate movement may have been artificially created to avoid another mega volcano. It is possible and probable that the extra-terrestrials or some one is trying to save the earth from that same kind volcanoes and reslting calamities.

By manipulating the tectonic plates, it is possible to avoid massive volcanoes. The cuurent technologies in human possession are not advanced yet so that we can really neutralize earthquakes or volcanoes. But according to UFO researchers, the extra-terrestrials do. They probably want our civilization to move forward and not evaporate into dark space.

It is possible for that they have created a series of earthquakes in December and January to save us from a massive volcanoe later on. The analogy is similar to the way the firefighters fight the forest fires. In order to cut off the oxygen source, they select an area encircling the fire and set a protective fire. The same can be done at the tectonic plate level.

Only time will say what we are going to face in 2012. It seems based on what is happening in different parts of the world, some one or some entities are trying to avert some calamity.


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