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Universe cease to exist

When will our universe cease to exist, as we know it? How long do we have to escape to the Hyperspace?

The WMAP satellite settled the long-standing question of the age of the Universe: it is officially 13.7bn years old (to within 1 per cent Accuracy).

Scientists understand that the Universes in the Hyperspaces are like bubbles in the ocean. When two or more collides, they collapse and new big bang starts. But what really happens if our Universe does not collide with another Universe along dimension spatial?

Dark energy is not a fluke, but makes up 73 per cent of the matter and energy of the entire Universe. 23 per cent of the Universe consists of "dark matter," a bizarre form of matter, which is invisible but still has weight.

As the universe expands, its energy content is diluted and temperatures eventually plunge to near absolute zero, where even atoms stop moving. One of the iron laws of physics is the second law of thermodynamics, which states that in the end everything runs down, that the total "entropy" (disorder or chaos) in the universe always increases. This means that iron rusts, our bodies age and crumble, empires fall, stars exhaust their nuclear fuel, and the universe itself will run down, as Temperatures drop uniformly to near zero.

This really means if our Physical Universe does not collide another Universe, it will eventually be part of chilled Universe or flat Universe that lies below the Hyperspace. No life forms or ZPEs Zero Point Energy Modules will survive in the flat Universe underlying the Hyperspace unless elevated through recycle in Universes to certain levels.

As a result we can easily conclude, unless we as a civilization escape to the Hyperspace, no matter what our civilization will cease to exist. It may be chilled to non-existence in an environment that does not contain energy, quantum waves and so on.

If our Universe collides with another Universe, we will also collapse into a point for the next big bang. This can actually happen any time.

As a result scientists predict that we need to get out to the Hyperspace now! We need to avoid dilution by collision and eventual non-existence through permanent integration with the Chilled Universe under the Hyperspace.


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