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Uranus/Neptune Conjunction 1993

Uranus/Neptune Conjunction 1993:

A Collective Unconscious Awakening

Just past the sharply focused realm of Saturn and its crystal rings, lies the planet of unconscious forgotten knowledge, Uranus. Its wild and fluctuating magnetic field reflects the rebellious will to de-structurize Saturnine rigidity and "authority". One pole of this planet is always in darkness, and the other, in light. Waking up the Buddha or Christ consciousness, requires breaking up the entire concept of hierarchy. Awakening this unconscious knowledge leads our consciousness to the merging and blending with other dimensional or spiritual awareness at the orbital consciousness marker of Neptune. The further out from the Sun we move through the solar system, the deeper and more expanded into aspects of ourselves we go, until at Pluto we transform to a whole new fourth dimensional realm of reality. The inner reaches of outer space.

This new reality of course, depends on our ability to recognize that we create our reality totally, and that we alone possess the choice in the creation of our reality and experiences (Uranus). If we believe that physical reality exists outside of us empirically (Saturn), this recognition may be invalidated. If however, physical reality is seen as simply a focused dream (Saturn) and dream reality, or other dimensional consciousness as an expanded dream (Neptune), then the paradox that the conscious mind feels about these polarities and its "control" over them, is eased through the recognition of choice, either consciously or unconsciously at the portal marked by the orbit of Uranus.

The " unexpected" occurrences associated with Uranus by traditional "old world" astrologers, are simply forgotten choices, made at an unconscious level, that appear as "fate". The argument for determinism is destroyed by the existential recognition of another possibility. Primarily, this belief in reality and hierarchies outside of the self, comes through the expectations of conscious mind focus and judgment (Saturn). This transference of evaluations meant for physical survival as discernment, is an un-necessary restriction and crystallized ring remnant of the Capricorn power and hierarchy perspectives.

By taking responsibility for our reality at Saturn, we acknowledge our choice in the creation of our reality at Uranus, which then allows for merging with a broader reality at Neptune, transition to this new reality at Chiron (that is the "healing") and recognize at Pluto that we are one with the ALL THAT IS.
Physical reality and dream reality are the aspects of the concept of reality. The polarity pair of "dreams". We co-fuse these dreams at Neptune. Uranus allows for the adhesion of this co-fusion.

The last Uranus/Neptune conjunction occurred in the early degrees of Capricorn in the 1820's.2 Each advancing degree of outer planet conjunctions brings greater and more refined levels of the element in which they occur. The traditions, rituals and habits of societal structures deemed as inhibiting human development, are de-structurized at the quadratures of these planets. The elements of photography were beginning to be formulated during this time period, as well as theories of electrical currents. Uranus rules electricity and lightening. It should be pointed out that we cannot see electricity flowing as a current through wires, we can only gauge and use it by its effects. Also in this period, the romantic starts to become a polarity need of an increasingly industrialized economy and society (earth element). This conjunction was square the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aries. Competition for material prosperity and utility eradicated the native Americans and perpetrated the most materialistic assault on spirit in recorded history. The unacknowledged Holocaust.

The quadrature aspect between these two planets (conjunction, opening square, opposition, and closing square back to conjunction) is felt and initiated previous to the exactness of the aspect. Awareness of other dimensional possibilities is stimulated, reflected and permeates the collective consciousness at subconscious levels.

The wave of UFO sightings in 1897, known as the "Great Airships" preceded the 1906 opposition of Uranus/Neptune. Einstein's first theories of relativity were published in 1905, only one year before the opposition. Revelation is a typical effect of the developmental aspects between these two planets. Einstein's theories shattered the smugness of the scientific world, and allowed for the dimension of quantum physics 3 as the groundwork for the remaining Uranus/Neptune cycle.

The emergence of computers in 1955, the discovery of DNA, and the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts as well as one of the largest waves of UFO sightings, coincided with the 1954-55 closing square of Uranus to Neptune. Once again we see the waking up to unconscious knowledge (Uranus) of a broader reality and dimension (Neptune). These patterns imply that the level of dimension being awakened by the 1993 conjunction, will be mind boggling indeed.

Occurring in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) these quadratures of Uranus/Neptune have definitely allowed the identity/status issues of mankind to awaken to new levels of co-fusion and de-fusion. The conjunctions have occurred in the sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn. The technological/territorial perspective, (derived from our immersion in the seeing-is-believing scientifically empirically provable concrete physical dream focus) is about to experience the confusion (more positively co-fusion) of its template parent of nonphysical reality, Neptune. After the acceleration of DNA and other physical aspects of reality are "decoded", the question of what drives these functions, will lead back to metaphysics.

This will be the time when the Saturn/Neptune conflict of paradox and contradiction occur. We will begin to real-ize that the physical dream is, and has been, what we imagine it to be. That there is no empirically existent reality per se. There is no one truth except that the truth is composed of all truths (Neptune). The physical reality we experience predictably, will fade as its malleability becomes apparent. Each conjunction and quadrature to these conjunction points, will reflect a destructurizing of strongly held beliefs.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, embodies the archetype of creator interaction (Aquarius in the natural zodiac or template is the fifth sign of the seventh house). Neptune rules the natural twelfth, and the sign Pisces. The self limiting perspectives that propel an idea with momentum into incarnation and re-incarnation. These momentums are crystallized through fear and negative beliefs at the planetary orbit of Saturn.

At Saturn the belief in empiricism allows the identity to believe in physical reality being outside the self, hence directing the self and moreover, creative power is placed in things outside the self.

The Uranus/Neptune conjunction on February 2, 1993 is calling for the transformation from powerlessness (Saturn), to powerfulness through the recognition of choice (Uranus) in the creation of the external reality scenario (Capricorn) and merging with the more expanded aspects of the self (Neptune). Simply put, we must begin to recognize that we are the realities, and/or dimensions that we believe we exist within. That our consciousness in not in our body, but that our body moves through our consciousness and is the physical version of spirit. That we have 100% control over our experiential reality even when we use 90% to create the illusion we only possess the other 10%.

We will use the natural zodiac or template as the template for the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, as this will allow us to understand what this conjunction (or rather conjunctions, as there are three) means psychologically, physically, and spiritually for the world at large.

Primarily, taken alone, the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune signifies sweeping political, religious and sociological reform through individual applications (Uranus) to collective mores (Neptune). In Capricorn it reflects that the primary area of reform will be in governmental structures and science. Physics will become metaphysics and governmental structures will begin to dissolve because the belief in hierarchies and Saturnine perspectives is dissolving.

The initial conjunction on February 2, 1993, the retrograde one on August 19, and the final conjunction on October 25, all occur while Saturn occupies Aquarius, the dispositor of the conjunction, and is in mutual reception with Uranus. This reflects a powerful tie with the conjunction. We start with the first of three.

The initial conjunction on February 2, 1993, is the initiator of the new era and new age and appropriately occurs while the Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius.

A quick element count shows that only the conjunction is in the Earth element, a powerful signal of the waning of material focus. In place of this will be the emphasis on creatorhood, and creator interaction (Saturn's placement in Aquarius, and dispositorship of the conjunction) or humanitarian concerns. Issues that occurred at Saturn's station in May of 1992 18 Aquarius brings powerful new direction to the world in general, and the U.S. in particular (a letting go of the "no pain no gain" perspective, as has been evidenced by stock market and other overnight millionaires). This connection of Saturn to the conjunction is then in opening square to another accelerative placement, Pluto in Scorpio. This combination reflects the peak of transformational energy upon the planet. The transformation from self oriented ego focus, to broader humanitarian concerns, and the waking up of unconscious knowledge. This is corroborated by Mercury's conjunction to this all-important Saturn at time of conjunction . And if you will notice Mercury is conjunct Saturn at the first conjunction of Uranus/Neptune, opposition Saturn at the second, and in closing square conjunct Pluto at the final conjunction. Insistence on empiricism, only reinforces that conscious mind focus and illusion of "fact" must be a casualty. Refusal to awaken to unconscious aspects of ourselves, promotes the catalyst of earthquakes. Earthquakes are reflective of resistance to this awakening by conscious mind focus. Refusal to "wake up", ensures being "shaken" awake. It is much more of a choice, determined by our consciousness, than many individuals may be willing to acknowledge.(The Northridge quake was triggered by a new moon conjunct Mars conjunct the conjunction. On January 17, 1994, the California quake or Northridge quake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, followed the new moon which was sandwiched between the Uranus/Neptune conjunction).

The moon at the time of first conjunction, is precisely inconjunct the conjunction, conjunct the nodal axis, and rules the natural fourth. Another indicator of past conscious mind habitual-rituals (the fourth, and conjunct the south node in Gemini). The idea of having to endure some rethinking with regard to; having given our power for so long to parental and governmental structures, the occult and other dimensional subjects, and scientific thought in general. Family values completely destructurize from the security oriented Pluto in Cancer generation, to one of more freedom and choice orientation.

Mars in the fourth retrograde in Cancer adds conviction to our discernment that traditional security focus may experience a defensive stance. Venus at 0 degrees Aries indicates a whole new beginning in the way that we see ourselves and relationships. More comfort with self-orientation. Leaving 29 degrees Pisces; the time for religious following and playing victim has come to an end. Venus is the symbol for the mind/matter mirror. At this critical initiating degree, we will now re-cognize the idea that mind and matter are one thing. I perceive this as a general identity/status crisis for mankind through the introduction of until now unrecognized elements of other world existence and the philosophical implications of genetic decoding.

The Grand trine between Sun/Saturn/Mercury in Aquarius, Moon/nodal axis in Gemini, and Jupiter in Libra (dispositor of the north node point, the new direction), reflects an opportunity for self-empowerment of the populace. And, perhaps, some defensiveness of this populace against the recognition of having given their power to governmental structures and not been too happy with the use of that power. A new era of social and intellectual appreciation of the individual and his/her capability of contribution to society at large. We will not lose the power of identity, it will just be more evenly distributed. The science of following (religion, science, and politics) will begin to give way to individual creative application. Not one truth enforced paranoically, but rather all truths blending in harmony.

Jupiter in Libra (higher self reflection through the mind/matter mirror) is in closing square (completion of a cycle) to all three Uranus/Neptune conjunctions. This reflects the developmental tension to integrate higher mind functioning into the social arena, and blend it with broader concepts of the direction of mankind as a whole. The power is with the people.

It is with this basic foundation of the initial conjunction that we must interpret the final two. The second on August 19, 1993 is the reassessment of the first, as all planetary positions retrograde reflect the reassessment of the archetypes (signs and planets) involved. By the looks of this one, there will be developmental crisis indeed.

Two t-squares contain almost every planet in this second conjunction. Venus is now in awareness tension (opposition) with the conjunction, and this awareness is squared (requiring integration) by the planet it disposes of, Jupiter. A t-square forms a bow-and-arrow, with the planet representing the arrow flying into its opposing house. In this case we see that religious, philosophical constructs, and legal structures (Jupiter) is the arrow being lodged in our concepts of identity (Aries), by the bow of value judgments about status (fourth and tenth houses), with the introduction of our relationship (Venus) to other dimensional recognition (Uranus/Neptune) and the power and consequences physically (most notably genetics) of co-creation innovation (Saturn, the dispositor of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, opposes Sun).

The second t-square corroborates the first. Here we have the bow of physical testing through the awareness of conscious mind fears with regard to creator/creation interaction, lodging the arrow of transformation into our subjective value judgments in the second house (Pluto, Sun, Saturn). Fiscal destruction can be transformed into value judgment de-structurization. This is the primary resolution to this more than obvious economic crisis (the conflicts between new and old economies).

We also observe that both planets of identity definition, Mars and Venus, have now moved to the next angular houses in sequence. Women's issues are again at the forefront. With the moon in the sixth, fair employment and issues of sexual harassment may again be powerful topics. The moon's inconjunct to Saturn reflects the administration losing control over the situation (The Monica Lewinsky affair!, Written in 1991, This was a powerfully accurate prediction!). Once again Mercury is in developmental aspect to both Saturn and Pluto, indicating negative ego rearing its ugly head. However, its inconjunction to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction and sextile to Jupiter, indicates that we are all getting an education in the integrative application of creative extension (and sex!). This and other "demeaning" events regarding public officials, demonstrates how the hierarchy idea is being destructurized.

Each conjunction reflects the 3 phases of the unfolding of this conjunction before the next quadrature (in 2039, please see my "New Millennium" page). The third and final conjunction occurs on October 24, 1993.

All of the planets are now in externalized signs (Libra through Pisces). The signs above the identity horizon line of Aries/Libra, indicates the culmination of acceleration associated with the transformation of perspective. The stellium of Scorpio planets is the logical final step integrative challenge to the limited focus of mankind. Before we can experience the ease of expression that goes with higher-self functioning in Sagittarius, we must transform any remaining e-motion or energy motion (beliefs) connected to the idea that physical reality exists outside of ourselves, and that it must be manipulated, coerced, dominated --or any other idea associated with the limited perspective that is the bi-product of the technocratic/territorially oriented id. In this chart configuration we see that Mars, the embodiment of the need to prove and validate the singularity of the self, involved with the powerful square to Saturn, the dispositor of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction--Saturn, the planet that tests our ability to consciously perceive, what our beliefs about reality have created. In this final conjunction the moon is in Pisces creating a bow-and-arrow t-square with the nodal axis. Information inhalation and exhalation forms a bow that lodges an arrow of the perspective of other world or dimensional consciousness into our capabilities for analytical discernment (Virgo and the sixth). The trine between Jupiter and Saturn is the way out of this transformational crisis: To change our direction and incorporate the higher self aspects of our identity (Jupiter) through the self-empowering recognition of the equality and validity of all beings in the Multiverse as co-creators (Aquarius). The second part being self-evident, that along with this recognition there are inalienable rights. The only planet in the reassessment state (retrograde) is Saturn, ruler of the natural tenth of physical manifestation, and its square to the midpoint of the Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio is the reason why.

The Mayans re-cognized that 1992 would mark the beginning of the last 20 year cycle of a galactic cycle of 5125 years in length, during which we will totally transform into a whole new dimension. It seems that our solar system and its planetary configurations confirm this. Perhaps an awakening into the association of worlds? And if physical reality is simply a focused dream, and is as malleable as our unconscious dreams while we sleep, then in an overall sense, I would submit that the Uranus/Neptune conjunction was the signpost for mankind to wake up, and dream the dream it prefers to dream.


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