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Using wormhole subways

Extraterrestrial UFOs tipped with “exotic matter” using wormhole subways all around the Universe

Scientists are getting early indications that the whole universe is a network of wormhole subways interconnected for instantaneous galactic travel. For example, the UFOs traveling through wormholes can travel 25 light-years in less than three months. According to new findings acceleration within worm holes can make the UFOs even travel faster – some conceive that UFOs can travel more than a thousand light years in less than a month.

Wormhole is a hypothetical "tunnel" connecting two different points in space-time in such a way that a trip through the wormhole could take much less time than a journey between the same starting and ending points in normal space. Wormholes arise as solutions to the equations of general theory of relativity as defined by Einstein when they are applied to black holes.

A journey is possible if a wormhole is held open long enough for a spacecraft (or any other object) to pass through. To keep a wormhole open would require matter with a negative energy density and a large negative pressure—larger in magnitude than the energy density. Such hypothetical matter is called exotic matter. "Empty space" at the smallest scale, it turns out, is not empty at all but seething with violent fluctuations in the geometry of space-time. At this level of nature, ultra-small wormholes are believed to continuously wink into and out of existence. Advanced alien civilizations expand these tiny wormholes to macroscopic size by adding energy. Then the wormholes are stabilized using two charged super conducting spheres in the wormhole mouths. Finally, the mouths could be transported to widely separated regions of space to provide a means of travel. For example, a mouth placed aboard a spaceship might be carried to some location many light-years away.

During the trip and afterwards instantaneous communication and transport through the wormhole is possible. Due to time dilation based on the theory of relativity, the journey need not take long, even as measured by terrestrial standards. For example, if a fast starship carrying a wormhole mouth were to travel 25 light-years away, shipboard clocks would measure the journey as taking just three months. But the wormhole stretching from the ship to Earth directly links the space and time between both mouths—the one on the ship and the one left behind on (or near) Earth. Therefore, as measured by Earthbound clocks too, the trip would have taken only three months—three months to establish a more-or-less instantaneous transport and communications link between here and a point in Universe 25 light years away.

Advanced alien races elsewhere in the universe have set up a network of wormholes for intergalactic travel. The UFOs are tipped with the “exotic matter” to access, open and travel through the wormholes. The reason why we see UFOs and then they disappear is because we can only see them when they come out of the wormhole and take an instance to apply the electromagnetic stealth.

The universe is a subway network of wormholes connected all around for galactic travel.


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