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The Vegans

The Vegans

There's less variation in the Vegan genotypes than in the Lyran. The primary subgroup of Vegan genetics is what we would call standard Vegan, averaging approximately six to seven feet tall (males and females), darker skin, non-Caucasian type. Generally speaking, the skin layers are thicker with fewer layers. The skin is not as soft as human skin, is much tougher, able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat as well as cold. A much sturdier and more durable humanoid being. Generally, the hair of any Vegans who have hair will be primarily black, and the range of shades will be standard black as a midpoint to a light to dark brown (which is unusual) and an even darker black with a greenish tinge. That range frequently varies. What is interesting to note is that, depending on the various Vegan race, some have no hair at all, some have very little hair and some have full heads of hair, depending on the individual race. The skin tone will be anywhere from light brown (almost beige) to very dark brown - what you would call on your planet (using your own terminology) either negroid or Indian (your native people) - anything in that shade range.

So some of the Eastern Indians are extremely dark brown in contrast to the skin color of some of the African groups that are very black, almost coal black?

Yes. Generally speaking, the coal black is a quality of your Earth that was bred here. It is very unusual out there. Also you will find that the skin will have more of a wrinkled quality - not always, but some will.

Humanoid-Type Vegans

We're basically going to break up the Vegan genotypes into only two categories. One is humanoid and one is nonhumanoid and these are appearances only, not genetic structures. What we have described to you previously as Vegan is of the humanoid type. Generally you're going to find in the humanoid group that the eyes are very striking. The average eye of the standard Vegan humanoid group has a very large, dark pupil and iris. The eyes are generally a little angled but still large, and they retain a lid. So it's not like the Zeta, who appear not to have a lid. If they walked down your street they would be very unusual looking, but you would not necessarily think they were alien. They would definitely attract your attention; you might think they had some type of birth defect.

The eyes of these Vegans are very striking, and were even more instrumental in getting the attention of the humans than the Lyran's eyes. It was simply the contrast between the darkness of the skin and the whiteness of the eye outside the pupil and iris that made it more striking. Of course, those with darker hair and eyelashes seemed to have a black outline around their very large eyes.

Many of the other groups we will talk about stem from this Vegan group, most notably the Orions. It is a very broad category we've been describing, the human-type group in the Vegan genetic structure.

Nonhuman-Type Vegans

The second group - nonhuman-type Vegan - is still humanoid, still mammal. When we say nonhuman we are talking about appearance. The appearance of these particular entities can either be insectlike or reptilian. (These are your labels that we apply to the physical appearance of these particular entities.) Generally speaking, you will find that the range of skin color will apply the same as the human type. However, there are some groups who not only have a greenish tinge to the hair but also to the skin. It's not very pronounced; we don't want you to think we're talking about some type of green monster. We're talking about a basic humanoid entity with a copper base in the skin and bloodstream that gives it a greenish tinge. The eyes are very large and may or may not have a second lid, depending on the planet of origin. They have a very small nose and a pronounced jaw in some cases. The jaw can either be thrust forward (which would give it a reptilian look) or downward (which would give it an insect look). We are talking about humanoid-type entities. We call this group nonhumanoid type only because of the appearance - they are still mammals. These entities have had communication on your Earth plane with you and have been responsible for some of the stories that circulate about reptilian monsters or cold-blooded aliens, etc. (When one is in fear, when one encounters the unknown, one often exaggerates the experience.) These entities are genetically connected to you. They still procreate as mammals. The base genetic structure is reflective of the template from which your galactic family expresses itself, so they are still part of your family.

There is more to say at some point about these particular entities, but for now we simply want to present this idea for those of you who have had a curiosity about what this reptilian stuff is about. They are not insect; they are not reptilian; they are humanoid and mammalian. They simply do not look the same as you do.

These two groups, then - the Lyran and the Vegan genotypes - are instrumental in how the rest of your galactic family expresses itself genetically. We will now mention the other primary groups of the galactic family and show you where their genetic heritage lies.


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