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The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame meditation is non-denominational
And, it can be used by anyone regardless of their religious affiliations.

It was known to mystics and alchemists through out the ages, the violet flame is the transforming aspect of God's sacred fire. References to God as fire abound in the scriptures of the world. The Bible says, "Our God is a consuming fire. "The ascended Master Saint Germain, is the adept who shows us how to use this fire to free ourselves and the world. This is a Divine gift.

You can make heartfelt calls to God to release the violet fire from your higher I AM Presence, to literally burn up the bad karma that blocks your progress both spiritually and materially. Using the science of the spoken Word, you can use voice to invite the violet flame into psychological problems that go back to your early childhood hurts, or even your past lives. You can apply it to your troubled relationship, family problems, or use it on any health condition in your body that needs healing. As these conditions are cleared, you'll be able to more freely express: love, forgiveness, and attract the good to you. This includes a greater ability to attract prosperity, healing, and more peace of mind. The Violet Flame, is also grounding, and helps you to create more inner balance.

The Violet Flame Meditation Helps To Remove Your Karma
Preparations For The Violet Flame Exercise:

Pick a quiet time when you will not be disturbed. Late at night or
early morning are often good times for meditation. It is best to do
your meditation at the same time every day. In this way, the mind
gets moved to the side, and 'allows' the meditation to take place.

The Basic Violet Flame Meditation:

- Find a quiet place, that is free of distractions.
- Adjust the lighting in the room, so that it is soft.
- Adjust the temperature, so that you are comfortable.
- Loose clothing, or comfortable clothing, is best.
- You can either sit in a chair, or lie down.
- Make yourself as conformable as possible.
- Take several deep breathes, gently breathing in and out.
- Close your eyes and look gently between the eye brows and up.
- Think of something, or some one that you loved as a child.
- By thinking of some one that we love, our heart center opens.
- You will start to consciously relax your body.
- Feel your head, and face, and relax them.
- Feel the expression on your face, let the tension go.
- Feel your neck, and release the tightness there.
- Feel your shoulders, and arms, and allow them to relax....
- Feel your chest, and torso, allowing them to relax....
- Feel your buttox, thighs, and relax them....
- Feel your knees, legs, and feet, relax them....
- Now visualize a gentle waterfall of the Violet Flame drifting
into you, as you gently accept the loving Violet Flame. Stay here
for as long as you wish....

You are now in a physically relaxed state.
Breathe gently in through the nose, and out the mouth...

Meditation #2
Standing Before The Violet Flame

Visualize yourself standing before the beautiful Violet Flame. This flame is a piece
of God, and of Spirit. As you watch the flame, it becomes more pure, and more beautiful. It has a wonderful calming, peaceful affect on you, as you watch it. The Violet Flame, is intelligent, and has consciousness, and it comes directly from God. Inwardly, you stand, and move towards the Violet Flame, and feel its energies. The energies of the Flame, resonate with your own energies, and consciousness. You are safe here. The Flame gives you Love, support, and protection. You have come here to release karma that has been holding you back. You carry life times of karma that have stopped you from the Journey back to God. Inwardly, you look for the ribbons, of karma that you can now release in the Violet Flame. You as Soul, being to release these bands, one at a time. You might see pictures of what each band represents, and the people that were associated with each one. You start to feel lighter, as each one is released into the Violet Flame. You also might experience a sigh of relief, or yawn, as your conscious mind, and body relax from the karmic removal. Your face might feel more gentle, softer. Your shoulders might feel less tense. Allow yourself to receive the Love from the Violet Flame, at this time. Allow the Violet Flame to be a new part of you, and to take the place of the karma. Stay here for as long as you feel comfortable.

When you are ready to return to the body, wiggle your toes, and stretch your arms, and breath deeply. Open your eyes, when you are ready.


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