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Virtual UFOs

Virtual UFOs from advanced Extraterrestrial alien civilizations in the 5-D Hyperspace that contain our Universe

It is a quantum vacuum in 5-D the Hyperspace that contain our Physical Universe and many other Universes. It is in that Hyperspace where the super advanced alien civilization prospers. Every intelligent civilization in all Universes try to get out of their Universe and prosper in a colony in the Hyperspace before their Universe collapses after spatial collision with another Universe giving rise to another big-bang. A very few intelligent civilizations have ever made it to the Hyperspace. Those who did soon find that it does not make any sense to colonize the Hyperspace because all the life forms in all Universes really consists of Zero Point Energy Modules (ZPEM) and they all belong to the Hyperspace anyway.

Some very few advanced alien civilizations have made it to the Hyperspace. Those who have to make a trip to our earth from another universe or even 100 light years away from another galaxy must come through a wormhole from the Hyperspace. In other words, if we do not find any intelligent life forms within 10 to 50 light years from (probability very little), the UFOs we see come through wormholes from the Hyperspace.

The UFOs come from advanced alien civilization that has colonized the Hyperspace. The alien civilization in the Hyperspace are so advanced that they have adapted to the 5-D quantum vacuum and are able to live in that environment. These UFOs are real in the 5-D Hyperspace but are virtual in our 3-D Physical Universe. We cannot detect directly virtual photons of the ZPE; they are not inside the same space as our detectors, or ourselves and we can detect them only for fractions of seconds when crossing our 3-dimensional space before disappearing again in hyperspace. For the same reason, we cannot detect and observe an UFO for long from 3-D perspective of space spatial. Because these UFOs exists in 5-D, we just cannot see them for long in 3-D. That makes UFO phenomenon suspicious. But they all exist just a fact they are so advanced that we just cannot see them with certainty and clarity. The situation is similar to why an ancient tribe will not be able to see incoming aircrafts like we do with radar. Just because theses ancient tribes do not have radar does not mean the incoming aircrafts do not exist.

All UFOs that visit the earth are most likely from the Hyperspace and they belong to a 5-D spatial. That may be the reason why our age old radio receivers can never hear them. However, being at a higher dimension they can observe us very well. If ever they communicate us or visit us, they will have to transform themselves into 3-D space unless we ever catch up to them to break into the 5-D Hyperspace.


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