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Are we experimental robots ?

Are we experimental robots of super intelligent extraterrestrials in M15 Globular Star Cluster? Are extraterrestrial UFOs data gathering mechanisms?

Star Cluster called M15 was discovered years back by Hubble Telescope. This mosaic of the globular cluster M15 (fifteenth object in the Messier catalog of star clusters and nebulae) contains over 30,000 stars. The Hubble Space Telescope probed the core of M15, the most tightly packed cluster of stars in our galaxy, to look for evidence of either a massive black hole or another remarkable phenomenon: a "core collapse" driven by the intense gravitational pull of so many stars in such a small volume of space.

Many researchers now believe that extraterrestrial UFOs regularly visit the earth from this star cluster. A new theory gas emerged. According to this theory, earth and all its living beings are experimental advanced robots of the super intelligent beings in M15 Globular Star Cluster. The theory also suggests that there are multiple Universes, which makes a Mega-Universe. Within the Universe there are Galaxies. Within the Galaxies there are stars and solar systems. With in the solar systems there are planets and moons. Similarly the life forms are hierarchical. There are super intelligent beings somewhere in the Mega-Universe. They control super intelligent robots at the Galaxy levels. And these in turn control intelligent robots or life forms in stars and planets. The modern physics provides early indication that the Universe and Mega-Universe can be infinite and the “creation” can never be comprehended using conventional terrestrial science because of the effects of time and other dimensions.

It is very probable the super intelligent being in M15 Globular Star Cluster control our solar system, the earth and all the beings in the earth. They have most likely created the earth as an experimental base for harnessing intelligent life forms. Their experiment may be failing because of massive destructive forces wiping out evolution every so many million years in the earth. They are trying to protect the intelligent life forms in the earth.

According to this theory, the extraterrestrial UFOs are visiting the earth for millions of years to gather data about evolution of life forms in the earth and the general conditions of the solar system in general. We may not find other life forms so easily in the solar system. But there may be plenty of controlled experiments in other solar systems.

The theory argues that the way the planet earth was created and maintained just fits the requirements of life forms on the earth. If Universe is random in nature, then that is quite unlike outcome unless caused by the intervention of intelligent beings of higher orders.


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