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What is beyond the hyperspace

What is beyond the hyperspace that contains our Universe?

Our Universe in a 3-D space of floating iceberg in a 5-D ocean of Hyperspace. But what is below the Hyperspace? This is the question scientists are trying to answer through contemporary physics.

Below our universe, there is a 5-D world (hyperspace). The particles in that hyperspace cross our universe only from time to time. In the hyperspace, there are only quantum waves and Zero Point particles. Beneath the hyperspace, there is an absolutely flat universe that represents the, so called, “Big Chill,” since at this mysterious stage, there remains no energy of any kind at all.

This Big Chill flat Universe or super-hyperspace is the major topic of research among modern physicists. We can explain with Physics what hyperspace is. But we canno0t explain with modern science what this super hyperspace is that contains the hyperspace.

This are is a void where knowledge of science especially physics and quantum mechanics fail. The zone represents a state of tranquility and a total infinity where time and all other dimensions have completely frozen. This is the foundation of all universes and civilizations.

Think about beings, they born and they die. Think about planets, they are formed and the supernova of stars destroys them. Similarly, stars, galaxies, constellations and even Universes are formed and destroyed in natural course of time. In the hyperspace, new Universes are born with big bang and matured Universes are destroyed when two universes claim the same spatial positions in the hyperspace.

But in the chilled tranquil super-hyperspace that forms the foundation of the hyperspace nothing is created or destroyed. It is in state of calm with no quantum waves or any kind of particles that we can describe with Physics.

Then what is it? According to some scientific think tanks, here the laws of Physics are different. Even our mind cannot access the super-hyperspace. The time is completely frozen and the dimensions are infinite. The energy is zero and there is no particle disturbance. And research is still going on as to what can there be in that chilled super-hyperspace!


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