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What is Karma?

What is Karma?

Message from Maitreya

I have been asked many times about karma. What is karma? For every action there is a reaction. There is no good or bad about karma. The soul knows when it has stepped over the boundary of life. Each soul has a path to take in its incarnation, and often, that path can become more than it seems. Take for instance the soul who comes back to assist a soul to remove its ego. Before they are born, they see their life and choose how they will do this. Once in the incarnation though, the soul can choose to do it differently, and that choice can create hurt and pain for the one who the lesson is intended for. Yes, they do have to learn some lessons, but not as seriously as they receive. This is because the one teaching the lesson chooses to be a lot harder than they should, they cause more pain than they choose to do. This incurs karma.

Why does this happen? Why does a soul go overboard and take it to extremes? This can be caused by soul memory or by the Self wanting to make a statement, wanting retribution, perhaps for a past life transgression, but whatever the reason, if more is meted out than should be done, this incurs karma. YOU the soul are the only one who knows what you have done, and whether karma has been incurred, and this does not occur until YOU the soul returns home to the spiritual realms. Then and only then do you see the result of your actions and choose whether you did more than you should have, and incurred karma. Only YOU decide this, not your spiritual guide or Guardian, or the Masters, only YOU.

I have spoken before about my channel's father, who chose to come and assist with her ego destruction. In many incarnations, Margaret's ego had created many problems and stopped her from doing her spiritual work. In this incarnation, she said, "I need the assistance of the Masters to help me with removing this from my soul patterning." So we, the Masters, assisted in setting up the teaching which would assist her with this. However, Margaret had the final approval in this plan. Soon after she was born, the ego destruction from her father began, but he in his exuberance, chose to be really severe in his teaching. Instead of assisting with this issue, he actually created destruction because there was no middle road, and he became so enthusiastic that he became like an oppressive figure, rather than a fatherly teacher. This went on for many Earth years, over 30 to be exact. When he returned to his spiritual home and stood in the Hall of Mirrors, he saw that although he did what he had chosen to do, to help Margaret with her ego removal, he had also almost destroyed her. He chose to stay close to her on the Earth plane and assist from the spiritual realms, even once appearing to her to assure her all would be well. He still helps her today with her spiritual work. He chose to work with her from the spiritual world to repay the karma he created on the Earth plane in this incarnation.

You will not know until you return home to the spiritual realms, whether you have incurred karma. Even then YOU and only YOU will make that decision, nobody else. Had Margaret's father taught her with love, karma would never have been incurred. But he did not, he became in a sense, like a dictator! Remember always to have love in your heart, and always to allow that love to come forth. For love will always over ride any desire for ego, and for pain!



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