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The Wisdom Of The Universe

The Wisdom Of The Universe

Just where do humans get their information from? Who gave Einstein his theories? How did humans discover electromagnetic force field? How did humans find ways of sending pictures though space and into our homes? Could it be the same Intelligence that built the pyramids thousands of years ago? Just what is a human? Lets dig a little deeper and explore a little.

The human body is a mass of trillions of particles. Each particle has it's own intelligence and energy source. When we see a particle under a microscope we find most of it is empty space and all the parts are linked by strands and threads. Each particle bonds to its neighbor and together they make a human body.

All the solid things we see around us are all made in the same way as a human. Particles of matter bonded together to make a shape or form. The different mix of matter particles makes each component different to the touch and sight. It is the invisible intelligence within the emptiness of each "thing" that gives it substance and a solid appearance. A rock looks and feel solid but most of it is empty space containing intelligence. If it was not smart it would fall apart. Trees, grass, flowers, mountains, soil, everything contains intelligent energy.

When that intelligent energy can move and think, we refer to it as an animal or an insect, etc. But everything we see, touch, smell, feel and taste contains strands of intelligent energy.

Now the big question is what is this invisible energy and how can we use it to better our existence here on earth. Our brains are made up of the same stuff as everything else that has been described here.The distinction of a human brain seem to be the fact that we have more intelligent energy in the gaps between our thoughts. Throughout the universe, dark matter glues together all the planets, stars and other particles, floating around in space. The electromagnetic forces is part of that glue. It shapes and helps to bond the particles into shapes and solids. The intelligence that produced electromagnetism is the same intelligence that created our minds. Just as we have billions of particles bonded together in our bodies, our minds are a multifaceted dimension of intelligent energy. During our evolvement, we have been able to harvest vast crops of thought and as we increase our wisdom, our capacity to learn additional information continues to increase.

To describe the imponderable is no easy task and yet it really so simple. For sure the human being is a complex entity and the more sophisticated we become, the more complex we make our lives. We are now at the point of transmitting information at the speed of light and running faster and faster to a destination with no name. Mankind's curiosity will always lead it on a merry dance, but our dance is losing it's merriment.

The latest studies have produced statistics to prove we are unhappier now than at any time since record keeping began. More means less in modern living standards. More worries and woes and less happiness and Joy. This translates into more wealth and less health. More money to buy pills that will contain our sickness, but will seldom cure.

We all have the ability to find the answers to the imponderable. We may not understand how it is all put together and we may never be able to read the mind of the creator that engineered our existence, but we can tune into the intelligent energy that is all around us. Once we start to understand this energy exists, we begin to realize that the intelligent energy is actual who we are. This is our true identity. It is this intelligence that keeps our bodies functioning and it performs millions upon millions of actions in our bodies every second. If we don't grasp this knowledge then we end up living just with the intellect of learning, dominated by an out of tune society and culture.

To rely on intellect alone leads us to swim alone in the Quantum aquarium of darkness. It will not be long before a large wave of negative energy consumes our existence. Oh yes, there is also a negative energy. Everything has a positive and negative charge. The opposite to intelligent energy is ignorant energy. When humans behave in a chaotic manner they are tuned into ignorance. It could start out as just a simple lie or unfeeling word and many times it could and does end up as a crisis of one sort or another.

On a larger scale propaganda by ignorant governments leads to wars. This primitive action happens because we have cut off our source of intelligent energy from the part of our being that needs it the most; Our Brain.

Food for our brain comes from the gaps in our thoughts. We need to be fed intelligence continually or we expire out of ignorance. That is the reason mankind has been destroying it's own kind for thousands of years. That is the reason mankind has been destroying mother earth for the past few centuries. We are unacquainted with our true identity and if we do not acknowledge who we are, then how can we function properly on a day to day basis? We become lost sheep who have gone astray.

If we could read the intelligence inside a rock we would be amazed. It would tell us weneed a solid foundation in our lives. We need to keep ourselves grounded to mother earth.

For if we should lose our connection, then we would become a rolling stone that would cause an avalanche of useless actions to crash into the face of oblivion.

If we could hear a tree talk it would tell us we need to be able to sway with natures forces. We need to bend a little or else we will snap in half with all the pressure of modern living.

If we could listen to a flower it would tell of all the beauty there is in this world and if we let it pass unnoticed then we would have lived a wasted existence.

If we could pay attention to a fruit or vegetable's information, we would understand that it tells each molecule and cell in our bodies how to retain good health. We would hear them whisper to our cells that they need wholeness to achieve goodness.

It would tell of other foods that are refined and have all their intelligence taken out of them, so we are eating dumb, ignorant foods. Foods which have no real meaning to our bodied other than distorting it's well-being.

Oh!! there is so much intelligence around us to tune into. So much information and so little willingness to take time out to listen. If we could listen into the voice of time itself it would tell us we have such a short season. That to waste a second in worry is foolish behavior fed by our ignorance of not knowing the genius that lives within us ALL.

Intelligence and Ignorance Are Both Seeking The Same Home in our Minds. Both wish to fill the same space. Which one are we going to allow to enter?


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