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Witch Candles

Witch Candles

To make homemade Witch Candles, you will need the following items which are obtainable at most hobby and craft stores as well as candle shops: candle wicking, wick tins, fireproof candle molds, wire rods, equal parts paraffin and pure beeswax (amounts depending upon how many candles are to be crafted) and a double boiler for melting the wax.

Place the end of a metal core wick (pre-cut to fit the size of the mold and allowing at least one extra inch of wick above the top of the mold) through the star-cut stamped in the center of a wick tin and then bend the tips of the star down to hold the wick in place.

Place the wick tin and wick in a candle mold with the wick centered by a loop in a wire rod placed across the top of the mold. (Candle molds, plain and fancy, are also available in most of the shops that sell crafts and candles. Ordinary household things such as empty waxed milk cartons, plastic bottles, paper towel rolls, paper cups and metal cans make wonderful molds that are inexpensive and disposable.) Non-disposable candle molds such as muffin cups and fireproof tumblers can be made stick-proof with special candle spray, silicone sprays or non-stick sprays for frying pans. Another (and more old fashioned) method to prevent candles from sticking to the molds is to grease and then dust the mold with flour or talcum powder.

Cut the paraffin into small pieces with a sharp knife and place them inside the top of the double boiler. (A large tin can placed in a pan of boiling water may be used in place of the double boiler.) Partially fill the bottom part of the boiler with warm water and then place the top part with the cut-up wax inside of it. Add the beeswax to the paraffin and place the double boiler over low heat to melt the wax. (Never attempt to melt the wax directly over fire!) Scent the melted wax with an aromatic herb oil appropriate for the type of magick spell the candle will be used for. For instance, scent the candle wax with oil of cloves if the candle will be used for divination, exorcism or rituals involving spiritual purification; frankincense oil for love spells, consecration, healing, protection and rituals to banish evil and negativity; lavender oil for love spells; lemon oil for healing rituals and spells involving clairvoyance and prophetic dreams; mint oil for exorcism and healing rituals; musk oil for love spells, sex-magick and fertility rites; patchouly oil for love spells and invocations of elemental powers; pine oil for spells to attract money and success; rose oil for Goddess invocations and spells to increase good luck, courage and love; sandalwood oil for purification rites, healing and protection against evil influences.

To make colored candles, melt a colored wax crayon in the paraffin.

After the melted wax has been scented and colored, remove the double boiler from the heat and slowly pour the wax into the mold. Allow it to solidify.

After the wax has cooled, a conical cavity may form on the top surface around the wick. Pour enough melted wax to fill the cavity and provide a level surface to the candle.

Remove the candle from the mold only after the wax has cooled and hardened thoroughly.

Before burning the candle in a magickal ceremony, anoint it with a small amount of oil to put your psychic vibrations into the candle, magnetize it and transform in into an extension of your mind power.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are tapers fashioned from the honeycombs of bees and used in special magickal spells and rituals that require that no tallow (animal fat) be burned.

To make beeswax candles, wrap or roll a honeycomb sheet of beeswax around a candlewick. (Artificial honeycombs of beeswax are obtained from beekeepers, waxchandlers, honey wholesalers and hobby shops.

Cut the wax sheet to the size you desire (for a 6 inch long candle, cut a 12 inch wax sheet in half.) Place the wax on a smooth surface. Press the wick vertically against the shorter side of the wax sheet and begin to roll the sheet around the wick. (If the wax is cut on top at a slanting angle away from the wick, the candle’s shape will be enhanced by its tapering conical contour.)

Anoint the candle with oil to consecrate it and charge it with power before using it in spells or magickal ceremonies.

Rune Candles

Runes are letters of magickal alphabets used to spell words containing powerful mystic meanings. There are many different forms of Runes, including the Druidic Ogam Bethluisnion, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Theban Script, Pictish, Celestial, Malachim, etc. To make Rune Candles, heat the tip of a consecrated athame and use it to carve the magickal designs into the wax of smooth tapers or jumbo candles. (A heated steel knitting needle or nail can also be used just as effectively).

Crystal Candles

Materials needed, bag of wax crystals (can be obtained at WalMart in the crafts section), boiling bag, candle mold (can either be made or bought).

candle crystals can be used in one of two ways, either you can pour the crystals directly into a jar or candle holder, and place a wick inside and light it. As you do, the wax crystals will burn, and it is a "lose crystal" candle. The crystals can also float on top of water which is how I have made a lot of my floating candles.

to make real candles from the crystals, place the crystals in a boiling bag, and place the bag in boiling water. (make sure the pot you are using is one you are willing to sacrifice being ruined, in case the bag opened and wax covered the pot). wait until the crystals are melted down, once they are take the bag out of the water, and pour the hot wax into a mold, or some people pour it directly into a jar.

While the wax is still hot, place a wick in the wax and let the candle harden. If useing a mold hold the wick in the center of the mold as you pour the wax. If using a mold with a wick hole, pour the wax into the mold and then place the wick in the wick hole. it is best to use a waxy wick rather then string. Let the candle harden, and you've got a candle.

To add scent to the candle, simply pour a few drops of scented oil of your choice into the wax after you pour it off and before it hardens.

"Crayon" Candles

What you need: Coffee Cans (one for each color you want) Bigger Coffee Cans (one for each smaller cans, remember they need to be wider than the small cans, and only an inch or so taller) A bunch o' Crayons (whichever colors you want, obviously you need the real wax kind, fortunately they're common enough) String

Rig the cans up like double boilers, with the large cans full of boiling water to a height about an inch below the top of the the smaller ones, which you fill with crayon fragments (solid colors work best, but mixing is okay)Heat the cans until the wax melts, then simply dip the string in and out until the candle has accumulated the desired mass. For multicolored candles, simply change colors every five-or-so dips. It sounds simplistic but it does in fact work.

Container Candles

1 fire safe container (glass) wax of a chosen color, wick (enough to reach the bottom of the container to the TOP), Pot to melt the wax (preferably a double boiler, dont plan to use it for food again), Pencil (to hold the wick up), Penny (to weight the wick down)


you can use stubs of old candles or cheap new ones. While the wax melts we will prepare the rest. Secure wicking to the penny> Drop into the jar(container) and secure the free end to the pencil. Make the wick taute as possiable. A crooked wick produces a crooked candle. When the wax is melted, pour into the container. Be sure the wick is centered. The wax will shrink, as it hardens. When the candle has cooled you may wish to add more heated wax to top off for a more professional apperance.

CheapPillar Candles

Take a heavy piece of cardboard at least nine inches square (for balance) and tape a long piece of wick right in the middle. Then take the cardboard center from a paper towel roll, string the wick up through it and then use masking tape to firmly secure the bottom of the roll to the square, making sure the wick is centered. Secure the loose end of the wick around a pencil and tape the pencil horizontally across the top open mouth of the roll. Proceed to pour in your prepared wax, and when it is completey cool, just rip off the cardboard.

Pillar Candles

-parifann (craft shops), -molds (home made of bought), -colouring ( crayons, dye,bees wax, or bought colouring), -large pot, -Wicks (very cheap), -Melt proof bags (you can buy these in craft stores) If you prefer you can use a double broiler


1) Pick a mold (you can buy these in stores for little $ or make them containers jars ect) and poke a hole in the bottom for the wick (this well be the top of the candel) 2) Slip the wick through the hole and secure at top with and sort of rod (pen or pencil) 3) Now get a large Pot and heat the water (dont boil) 4) Now take the parrifan and put it in the melt resistent bag 5) When it starts to melt add whatever colour and /or smell you like 6) When it seems well mixed pour it carefully into the mold and let sit depending on the size of the mold for 12-24 hours 7) After that the candle well just slipout of the mold

Votive Candles

-parifann (craft shops), -molds (home made of bought), -colouring ( crayons, dye,bees wax, or bought colouring), -large pot, -Wicks (very cheap), -Melt proof bags (you can buy these in craft stores) If you prefer you can use a double broiler


1) Pick a mold (you can buy these in stores for little $ or make them containers jars ect) 2) Secure the wick at top with a sort of rod (pen or pencil) and the other end with a piece of metal (apenny or a ring like in store bought candles). 3) Now get a large Pot and heat the water (dont boil) 4) Now take the parrifan and put it in the melt resistent bag 5) When it starts to melt add whatever colour and /or smell you like 6) When it seems well mixed pour it carefully into the mold and let sit depending on the size of the mold for 12-24 hours 7) After that the candle well just slipout of the mold You don't necessarily need a candle mould unless you're making tapers-you can use the holders from burned out tea lights if you need small candles. You can use a small "grenade" balloon or water balloon, cool the wax until you can touch it with bare hands (but still liquid) and cover the balloon in it, leaving a 1" diameter opening at the top. Dry, and repeat three times. Hang the balloon to dry until set, then set on a plate to shape the warm wax into a flat bottom. Put in the freezer until completely hard, then pop the balloon for a base for a round candle. To finish, pour warm wax into the mould, stick a wax- coated wick in, and allow to dry. You can also use glass or plastic votive holders, but they usually need a light greasing with crisco or other vegetable oil, if you intend on removing them from the holder.


Regular paraffin canning wax that you can get at the grocery store works fine, and it's cheap. I usually buy it in quantities of a pound or more, usually a dollar or two a pound. Beeswax is better, although often expensive. Waxes that come in a box can be scored with a knife and broken and melted in a soup can (washed out, with the label removed). This is usually melted by sitting the can of wax on a hotplate or in a pan full of boiling water on the stove.


Buying colouring at a craft store is often expensive, and you usually get only one colour per package. I personally haven't had success with food dyes. Everybody has a box of old crayons laying around the house. Break off a piece (about 1/2" long, for one votive ) and stick it in there along with the wax and stir. If you don't have any crayons, you can usually buy a 6 colour or 10 colour pack of them at the grocery store for something like 60 cents.


For me, the wick you buy at the craft store works best. Buying it in quantity (about 30 yards or so) is cheaper, and you won't need to make as many trips to the store. If you want, you can use those little wick anchors, but dipping the cut wick in wax, cooling it slightly, and rolling it straight works just as well (put it in when the wax is turning solid.) According to Rowan, braiding embroidery floss and dipping it in wax works well also.


Whether you're using the candle for aromatherapy or for spells/rituals, use only pure essential oil. Add it *after* you've poured the wax into the mould. Herbs can be used crushed fresh, but dried works ten times better. It's better to use and odd number of herbs/oils.


Another way to make candles which is easier and quicker is "Hippie Candles" as they were called in the 60's. You need to first obtain the sand - either the beach, sandbox or you can make a box and fill it with sand just for this purpose. Size, of course will depend on how large your candle is and how many. First, moisten the sand enough to where you can make holes in it without the sand falling back down into the hole. Then Dig your hole in the sand the shape you want it. The easiest to start with are tapers but pyramids and cauldron aren't much harder. If you want legs on your candle - take a pencil (unsharpened) and poke hole for the legs in the sand.

When the shape is finished - hold a piece of wick over the approximate center and gently pour the wax into the hole, making sure the legs (if any) are filled.

Allow the wax to set, which can take a while. After testing wax to make sure it is ready, slip fingers into the sand under the candle and gently lift it out. Brush off any excess sand. If the legs are uneven, you can even them by sitting the candle in a hot frying pan. You are done!

Cauldron Candles

Items needed:

wax (left-over candles will work fine), candle wicking (wicking from broken candles work fine, too) bucket, sand, coffee can and pan, pencils or chop sticks, small cauldron (optional)


1.Put the sand in the bucket and wet with water until it holds its shape when pressed. 2.If you have a small cauldron, press it into the wet sand. 3.If you DON'T have a small cauldron, use your fist to make the impression. With a pencil (eraser end) make three indentations at the bottom of the impression - these will be the cauldron legs. 4.Insert the candle wick into the bottom of the impression. Lay the chop stick over the top of the impression and set the wick against it so it will help support the wick once you pour the wax 5.Put the wax into the coffee can and set the coffee can in a pot of boiling water until the wax melts. DON'T EVER LEAVE THE STOVE. Wax can catch fire 6.Wearing oven mitts, pour the wax into the impression in the sand. 7.Allow to cool throughly. When cool, scoop the candle out with your hand.

Hand Dipped Candles

You need to obtain the following supplies: 2-4 pounds of Paraffin Wax (the kind used in canning) or beeswax (which is usually expensive). Candle wick (available at most hobby and craft stores) oils and herbs (for scent and magickal goals) candle dye (also expensive) or crayons (for color) wax paper, a wooden spoon, a double broiler

Begin by melting the wax in a double broiler. If you don't have one, you can use a large pot filled half full of water and a large coffee tin with the wax in it, sitting inside the pot. Heat the water to boiling first and cut up your wax so it will melt quickly. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down and place the tin of wax inside of it. Keep the water hot enough to keep the wax melted but not so hot that the paraffin catches fire (which it has been known to do over high heat).

While the wax to melting, stir with a wooden spoon (never use metal) & make sure it all is completely melted.

Also, while the wax is melting, mix the herbs (if more than one) in a small bowl. After the wax is completely melted and been checked, break the crayons up and put them into the wax. Keep stirring until all of the crayons have melted and the color is even and smooth, with no streaks. Keep in mind that the candle will be a shade or so lighter when dry. The more crayons - the deeper and richer the color, so experiment.

Next, add the herbs to the wax. Empower with your energy and magickal intention while mixing the wax. Stir with the wooden spoon until it is thoroughly mixed. Next add 10-20 drops of essential oil (please, no synthetics when making candles for magickal or ritual use) to the wax until it smells strongly of the fragrance intended. Now your wax is ready.

Start with a long piece of wick - twice the size of your desired candle length plus 3 inches (you will be making 2 candles at once). Bend the wick in the middle and hold it by the bend. Dip the wick into the wax and then lift back out. Getting started is the hardest because the wick will float on top of the wax until it has enough wax on it to weigh it down. Allow it to get completely cold between dippings when you first start. After your candle has started to take shape you can speed up the process a little. I keep a pan of cool water nearby and dip the candles in the water after each dipping in the wax. While this speeds up the process a little, candle making is a slow process but very well worth the time and energy you put into it. Keep dipping the candles and allowing them to cool & then dip again. When you have achieved the proper size, hang them to dry until the wax has set but the candles aren't too hard. Then roll them on the wax paper to smooth out the shape. Once the candle shape is too your liking, dip 1 or 2 more times to make sure your candle is smooth. Trim off any excess wax to make a bottom with a sharp knife. Cut the wick and hang your candles to dry. You are done!

Scented Candles in Containers

clean and dry large sheets or heavy-based glass tumblers , cotton wick, depending on the diameter of your containers , white candle wax granules , pure beeswax , double saucepan or a bowl over a pan of simmering water, modelling clay or floral putty , pencil , essential oils of your choice

1.Once you know the diameter of your container, you can buy the correct size of cotton wick, simply by matching your measurements to those on the packets of cotton wick. A wick of the wrong size will not burn properly, so read the information on the packet carefully. 2.Gently dissolve some white wax granules with a small portion of beeswax in the top of a double-saucepan; use about ten parts white wax to one part beeswax. The beeswax will add a little colour and scent to the candles. Be careful not to overheat the wax. 3.Cut a piece of wick about twice the length required for the container. Dip the wick into the melted wax, and leave to dry and stiffen. Now attach the waxed end of the wick to the base of the container with a small piece of modelling clay or putty, and hook the top end of the wick over a pencil lying across the container top. 4.At this stage, scent the candle wax by adding several drops of essential oil to the molten wax. 5.Gently pour the melted wax into the container, and leave to cool. You may need to add a little more wax if the cooled candle shrinks too much. Any spare wax can be cooled and re-melted for other candles.


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