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The period beginning in the year 2013 seems to be shaping up as a major point in Human history. Let's spend some time on the various events involved here.

As everyone knows, the ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 - the Winter solstice. And, of course, the end of the world groupies would like to argue that this might be it.

It just so happens that this date [2012.12.21] is the date that the Photon Belt - which runs through the physical universe like a river - will cross paths with the Planet Earth.

The Photon Belt is supposed to have specific effects - some of which are already noticeable-as it approaches. The effects are temporal anomalies and psychological effects upon Humans.

The temporal anomalies have already shortened the "effective length" of a day - although it is hard to notice changes in time when time is your reference. Psychological changes are in the general area of mental confusion and short term memory problems. Situations usually seen only in older people are now being seen in younger people and even children.

The full force of the Photon Belt is supposed to result in a dramatic acceleration in consciousness. Because Earth humans use very little of their mental potential and stay closer to "animal consciousness" than to legitimate "human" consciousness, it is projected that many will not be able to handle this acceleration and will die as a result. About 66% of the Human population will not make it.

No one is pre-destined to die from this event. The fifteen years or so that is left is plenty of time for anyone who wants to take steps to elevate their consciousness to a level where they will not be adversely effected. However, since Earth humans never pay any attention to warnings, it is presumed that they will simply not do it.

Government planed to detonate nuclear bombs on the Planet Jupiter in December, 1999, in the hopes of making it a second Sun and making our star system a binary system, appear to have a connection to the Photon Belt approach.

Causing dramatic changes in the gravitational fields associated with our solar system may be an attempt to divert the course of the Photon Belt. It is known that the lighting up of Jupiter is supposed to be associated with a secret project to "make corrections in the time stream" Blowing up or lighting up planets for the purpose of re-directing the path of such a "flowing river" type event is the basis for one of the latest "Star Trek" Movies. It should be noted that such movies, including the classics such as "Star Trek", "2001" and "Close Encounters", are done in co-operation with Government propaganda and programming plans and are more than just science fiction. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a Government employee and actually was the author of parts of United States Space Law.

Data from many diverse areas continues to suggest a significant drop in the human population of the Earth in the 21st. Century.

Here is a short list:

1. Data from psychologists who do "past life I future life" "regression/progression" reports show that their patients say that their next life will be in the 22nd century - indicating a shortage of available human bodies in the 21st. century.

2. Psychics who routinely 'look" into the future report a "barrier" of some type which they cannot penetrate located about the year 2012. This supports temporal distortions that are supposed to accompany the Photon Belt as it draws near.

3. The Mayan predictions call this a "new age" and say it is the "fifth age". It is not a new age [we will still be in the Iron Age], however, their description of it as being a "more enlightened age" would be correct if the non-enlightened people die with the passage of the Photon Belt as it is anticipated they will. Also the use of "fifth" may refer to the fifth vector - the first region if spiritual enlightenment. Consciousness of Earth People is presently centered on the fourth vector - the mental level. The next "step up" for them is the "big step" to the 5th, vector and spiritual awareness.

It should be noted that Government plans to make Jupiter a sun are old plans. The plans themselves were drawn up before there was a space program and before giant space centers and huge rockets were built. If it represents a plan to do corrections in time and/or perform a course correction on the Photon belt as it is reported to be, it should constitute proof of how sophisticated the Government people really are in their knowledge of what "is out there" and their engineering skill to calculate gravitational forces and program changes in the fabric of the universe and space-time. This is reasonably sophisticated procedure and the "average citizen" might do well to wonder what else the Government scientists and their secret space program are doing and are capable of doing. And, why are they being "left out".


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