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How To Understand and To Build Anything With Zero Point Physics


How To Understand and To Build Anything With Zero Point Physics

You will have to revisit this site, if you are impatient and wish to follow the progress of this presentation of the subtle and somewhat tricky subject of zero point physics. It will be enhanced incrementally. For your convenience, the completed link with its images, etc, will be zipped into one file and located at the ftp site for your convenience, as well as available in the normal manner.

Hyperspace and dimensionalities are actually quite simple and straightforward, easy to comprehend. However, there is a cultural reflex to dumb one's self down to deal with something that is "very hard". It is the province of the academic to pride himself on knowing more than anyone else in the various disciplines of physics, but any one of them will tell you that no one knows the full truth of the matter of the structuring of reality; only they proclaim to be able to state with authority the nature of their own consternation!! A dimension always has three curvatures and a parent space and a daughter space which have in turn three dimensional structures. Above the level of the galaxy, this is not apparent since the contexting space is not completely unfolded, nor the superordinate space within which the universe is. This is to say that the actual universe, a "black hole" centering the space containing galaxies, is a two dimensional body. Not being a complete actualization of the potentials of the Prime Mover, the galaxy has pronounced hyperspatial qualities, such as: the "speed" of the rotation of the edge of the galaxy being the same as the "speed" near the hub. The galaxy stands the place of the universe in articulating the curvatures of the dimension it locally defines. The third dimension/curvature of the cosmos is the biosphere where the phase states of matter are the curvatures, with air being toroidal and the three forces being noumenal and distributed as the frequency ranges of the rainbow. The next nested dimension is the space decoupled from the cosmos. This space is comprised of organic lifeforms. This space is where the balance between the quantum and the relative is found.

It is of value to have command over the vocabulary and the parts of speech of those facts of reality by means of which one would become able to understand extant devices on the one hand, and to be able to generate one's own contributions on the other.

It is not to be ignored that the substance of this science treats the mind-body relationship, including the ability of mind to affect, with or without machinery, the physical-actual world directly. This is to say that the "days" of the bible are dimensions down through which one enters a biosphere. One has only to emulate the "shape" of reality and charge it with a magnetic environment, though in certain applications, a voltage drop will do.

It is a fact that some of this technology has actually been in the service of the USA military since World War I. The greatest crime of all time has been the secretiveness of USA and others with this knowledge, its suppression and the suppression and more often than occasional murder of those not sharing the orientation of the military that has used this science to the impending destruction of the planet, believing it is doint just the opposite. All the problems we have on almost any account are seen as reasons why the secrecy must be sustained; but in fact the problems are the consequence of secrecy and suppression. This is a subject that will be developed elsewhere. France is begging USA to stop the secrecy. France has mind-control technology that appears to be used every now and then to interrogate captured tribulationists of Al Qaeda.

This file will very much help to explain the nature of the generation of and the dynamics of the
toroid. The nature of the quarks themselves, their own substructure, can be understood in terms of scalar
charge. The scalar charge of the quarks is fundamental to the effect of both charge separation and the
rotation of the "vacuum lattice structure" (the anatomy of hyperspace,) and the bodies of various scale
possessing electrodynamic qualities. These scalar charges require no pairing .

One should understand the boson (zero point or "singularity") as the point of origen of the vacuum
lattice structure. The vacuum lattice structure is the template for the cartesian grid system tilted 45 degrees
so that the all positive octant is the north pole and the all negative is the south pole. The charge gradient
from the base of the tetrahedrons or octants toward the center of the structure do coincide with the letters
of the original Hebrew, Arabic and possibly the Assyrian alphabets as well. The shapes of the letters
onform the scalar charge gradient of each quark and are themselves, in the hyperspatial context, not a
drawing or model, neutrinos.

The Z particle is the fracturing of the vacuum lattice structure; and the repair of itself in short
order. The various permutations of the parts and relationships of the vacuum lattice structure are those
various particles which comprise the Dirac Sea.This Sea can be understood as the ether. The entire
concept of such a "Sea" is an artifact of the fumblings of high energy physics. Except for the quarks, the
zero point, the neutrinos and the curvatures all the so called "particles" are artifacts of scientific
exploration, much like the microsomes of biology which were found to be the reticular formation after its
being shattered by the process of preparing the slides for viewing under a microscope.

The nature of the "folding" of space is the progressive regression of the tetrahedrons through the
surfaces comprising them to the planar (two surfaces), then to the axes (just one), and then into the boson
(zero point), through which the folding progresses into other dimensions closer to null space or the Prime
Mover. The extent of the tree of declensions will not be stated here. It is the stumbling block of
astrophysicists that they do not perceive that the galaxy is a dynamic entity giving answers to the
presumed density between them and within them each. There is no such thing as "dark matter."

The egression out of the boson into the toroid is the reverse of folding. The decoupling out of the
vacuum lattice structure (the hypersphere or singularity's structure) into the torus (daughter space) is
described by the Sierpinski Fractal and is effected at its "gasket". The gasket is the limit of pi or three and
little bit diameters. On the cosmic scale, the diameters are the first three days. The second curvature
initiates the geometry of the next fractal iteration or day or dimension. After the sixth day, the process is
back where it started, but is "present"as an Elohim, within the biosphere, in its seventh day of rest or
stasis or stability or without flux.

If the north pole is flattened, as on the surface of the top of a levitating device and charged with
beta particles, the particles will be seen to express the Mandelsun Fractal. Gravity wells are effected at the
north pole, gravity hills at the south pole, owing to the histeresis effects of a highly variable array of
approaches to fabricting pseudo quarks in artifacts. A device of appropriate design can express itself in
terms of the function of decoupling, effecting the perpetual creation of electrons as nascent toroid structure
or a ring current. Technetium or Berkelium 97 has an atomic structure satisfying the ordering of the
vacuum lattice structure and can be used as fuel for perpetual electron generation without itself being
consumed. The best such metal/fuel, called "stargate" metals is ununpentium 115

Electricity is expressed magnetism, magnetism is folded electricity. Gravity is folded magnetism.
The strong force is folded gravity. These comprise the three curvatures with varying quality depending on
the order of magnitude being examined. The lunar, planetary, (Jupiter) and sun are not dimensions but
orders or magnitude. Each of the above is however a curvature of the ninth dimension.

All stages of creation are perpetual (i.e., steady state and are accessible through progressive
division toward and beyond the Planckian length. The physical diameter of the vacuum lattice structure is
a functional circumference. I.e., what appears to be the radius of a black hole is actually a circumference.
(black holes have no surface.)

The Philadelphia Experiment originated a boson in the planet. The boson extended as axes in
1983. The "surfaces" will complete in 2003. The vacuum lattice structure will complete
the conditions of vacuum genesis in 2013. This process and its consequences are not grasped by the US
government which been rendered pathological with its concerns and anxieties over the "accident" of that
experiment. These axes are mirrored into the past from 1943. The spraying of humanity through the
cosmos with that experiment introduced ourselves to other peoples (men) in the galaxy as mature enough
to at least approach. The visitors waiting at Montauk in 1983 could not talk with us. By 1947, they could
say, "be more spiritual." Reptiloid groupings have come back in time to 1982 to say those words, coming
back from what is biblically called the "bottomless pit" or from terminal entropy.


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