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ZPE – the basic forms of life

Zero Point energy (ZPE) – the basic forms of life in the Hyperspace responsible in production of gravitational and electromagnetic forces

Scientists are busy in understanding the basic ingredients of gravity that controls the Physical Universe. It is clear that Fermions – the microscopic openings to the Hyperspace and large openings like Blackholes and Neutron stars are the source of very strange suction forces that cause the gravity and electromagnetic forces.

It is also very obvious that a very delicate balance between the aggregate gravitational and electromagnetic forces together keep the 3-D physical universe in balance.

Then the biggest question is what forms the basic elements of the Hyperspace – the quantum vacuum? The answer again comes from ZPEM – the Zero Point Energy Modules. The ZPEM, which are indestructible, are the main sources of energy in the Hyperspace. And the ZPEMs those eventually get elevated to the sate when they can strive in the underlying flat Universe control the ZPEMs in the Hyperspace.

These ZPEMs actually provide the necessary suction force to control, manipulate and maintain the Physical and other parallel universes. Thus the mechanisms by which the Hyperspace as well as the countless individual Universes is maintained are really composed of a complex structure of the ZPEMs.

These ZPEMs are the life forms all over the Hyperspace, individual universes and even in the chilled or flat universe that forms the foundation of everything.

If you try to visualize the intensity of the ZPE – Zero Point Energy, consider the following :

Radio waves, light, X-rays, and gamma rays are all forms of electromagnetic radiation. Classically, electromagnetic radiation can be pictured as waves flowing through space at the speed of light. The waves are not waves of anything substantive, but are in fact ripples in a state of a field. These waves do carry energy, and each wave has a specific direction, frequency and polarization state. This is called a "propagating mode of the electromagnetic field."

Each mode or module is a tiny amount of energy, but the number of modes is enormous, and indeed increases as the square of the frequency. The product of the tiny energy per mode times the huge spatial density of modes yields a very high theoretical energy density per cubic centimeter. The zero-point energy density would be at least 110 orders of magnitude greater than the radiant energy at the center of the Sun.

The really provides an idea of the level of energy we are talking about! The ZPEs collectively control the gravity and electromagnetic force fields in the 3-D Physical Universe. Similarly they also control the spatial structures of other Universes.


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