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All life forms in universes all over the Hyperspace are ZPEs – Zero Point Energies racing towards becoming part of Chilled or Flat Universe below the Hyperspace

Scientists for a long time have struggled to understand what the life forms are. Quantum vacuum research reveals that the so called zero-point-radiation ZPR or ZPE (an energy that exists even at 0sK) is composed mainly of virtual electromagnetic waves and virtual particle pairs that cannot be measured directly. That is the essence of all life forms or souls of living beings.

There are innumerable universes coexisting in the Hyperspace. There are zillion life forms in these universes. Some of these civilizations are advanced. The race for all civilizations is to get out to the Hyperspace and set up permanent colonies and shift the civilization out there. The human civilization will attempt to that in the next 50 years if not earlier as it becomes clear that our physical Universe can collapse any time when another Universe with one of the common dimension challenge our Universes in Hyperspace with common spatial dimension.

The ZPEM – the zero point energy modules form what we know as life. It is indestructible and belongs to the Hyperspace. It neither can be destroyed nor artificially created. There are many alien civilizations that are capable of creating artificial living beings but they cannot create ZPEs. What they do is create apparatus that can be used by ZPEs to manifest their life forms. ZPEs are always available that can take life forms and manifest life.

All the ZPEs try to become totally indestructible by becoming part of the Chilled or Flat Universe that lies below the Hyperspace. They try to achieve an unknown status by which they can exist in the tranquil Flat Universe void of any energy and quantum waves.

The Chilled Universe is the final controller of the Hyperspace and all other innumerable Universes floating in it. The ZPEMs become part of the controlling group as they qualify to become part of the Chilled or Flat Universe.

Although ZPR/ZPE has been called also ZPF (ZP-field), it is not really a field of force as the gravitational or Electromagnetic (EM) field. ZPE resembles more EM radiation than an EM field, although it is as “virtual” as a field of force. The existences of all ZPEs or life forms are virtual in our Physical Universe and real in the Hyperspace.


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